My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 9


Previously On My Personal Life Experience

When Nana Yaa joined me on the mattress,

‘how come you didnt received any of my letters. You said you were in class anytime i called, what happened to the missed calls.. Why didnt you for a single day call back. Please tell me the truth’

I told her the issue has been solved and im sorry for all those times.

She told me she has forgiven me and kissed me. I kissed her back. She wanted more but i told her not to forget what i told her sometime ago. ‘no sex till you are out of high school’

Nana Yaa helped my mum prepare fufu and groundnut soup. I was shocked at the way the two of them got along.

They can talk about everything. I joined them in the kitchen to help.. not really to help but to join the conversation. They tried to send me away but i was unmovable.

Nana Yaa came out to tell me to go and get dressed because its a surprise. We all dressed up and joined the driver in the four wheel drive.

She told me that was her school mothers house and that today is her birthday..

When her school mother spotted us she screamed in ecstasy and came running towards us.

Most of her dorm mates were there and all around me. We were having real fun. Dorcas (her school mother) came to grab me by the hand and took me to one of the rooms.

She took me from room to room and took me to one room which i guessed was her bedroom.

She locked it and came close to me. She told me she fell in love with me the very first day she saw me in their school. she kissed me.  i felt her hand reaching for my manhood… I was falling slowly…..



Dorcas was very beautiful in the outfit she was wearing, she was very irresistible, she kept on kissing me and touching my things. The sensation I was feeling in me was too much to bear, I grabbed her in my arms and started kissing her whole body

She began moaning and begged me for more, I started undressing her. I pushed her onto the bed and climbed on top of her. She said softly

‘baby I love you please be gentle with me im a virgin’

I was about to unzipped my trousers when the words sunk deep into me. I immediately stood and was about to leave the room. I turned and ask her

‘what evil has your daughter done to you to deserve this from you, someone she trusts so much’.

She told me i was not made for anyone so they are all in the competition to have me. I was shocked at her revelation, she was annoying me so I left the room and went to sit outside.

I saw Nana Yaa having fun with her friends. I felt pity for her.
Dorcas came to sit beside me as if nothing has happened, I told her how shocked i was for that behavior she put up, I also made her understand that Nana Yaa is a virgin and that i would never do anything to harm her.

Nana Yaa later joined us and she was happy we were getting along. I left them there and joined the others on the dance floor

At about 10pm, we told Dorcas we would like to leave. She wasn’t happy but had no option.

We joined the driver in the car. I asked him if he had fun he replied in pidgin

‘oga this party dey bee k3k3’ we all laughed,  Dorcas rushed to the car and said

‘im hosting you guys this coming Friday night through to Sunday, Call it ‘sleep over’.

Before i could say anything, Nana Yaa screamed with Excitement

‘that would be awesome,  Count us in’

I didnt say anything because I didnt want to do something for my baby to be suspicious.

On our way home, i asked Nana Yaa what she discussed with her school mum when I left them alone.

According to her she said good things about me and told her to hold me well before any lady grabs me from her.

I was shocked but didnt show it. I kissed her and told her how much I love and adore her. She was happy, The driver dropped me at odorkor and they continued their journey to kasoa.

As i lied on my bed the activities of the day especially that of Dorcas came rushing into my mind. I was very shocked at what the girl was up to.

I called Nana Yaa in the early hours of Monday morning and told her i will go for class and would be busy. She was ok with that and told me she would be visiting friends. I told her to be careful of her friends.

At The Office Whiles we were working, i tried to confide in my friends and told them all that has happened in the weekend.

They told me i was the luckiest dude on earth to have rich girls wanting to have a share of me. One of them said it was nothing dating a mother and a daughter,  Just play your cards well .

I wasn’t happy with what they said because they know most of the things about Nana Yaa and me so why on earth would they advise me to go for her school mum too.

Dorcas was very beautiful as compared to Nana Yaa..Her body was irresistible. I still can’t forget her in my arms and on top, they are very rich. I was hiding my Job from Nana Yaa and her mum and now can i add her school mum to my case…… Hmmmm

Its getting hotter. WATCH OUT FOR CHAPTER 10. tomorrow