My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 10


Previously On My Personal Life Experience

I pushed her onto the bed and climbed on top of her. She said softly

‘Baby I love you please be gentle with me im a virgin’

I was about to unzipped my trousers when the words sunk deep into me. I immediately stood and was about to leave the room. I turned and ask her

‘What evil has your daughter done to you to deserve this from you, someone she trusts so much’.

I saw Nana Yaa having fun with her friends. I felt pity for her.

At about 10pm, we told Dorcas we would like to leave. She wasn’t happy but had no option.

Dorcas rushed to the car and said

‘I’m hosting you guys this coming Friday night through to Sunday, Call it ‘sleep over’.

Before i could say anything, Nana Yaa screamed with Excitement

‘That would be awesome,  Count us in’

I was hiding my Job from Nana Yaa and her mum and now can i add her school mum to my case…… Hmmmm



Dorcas In The Picture? In the course of the week whiles i was busy at the office, she called telling me how she has missed me. She asked me why i hadn’t called her since we left the party on Sunday…(she called on a Wednesday) i was about to tell her I have been busy with office stuff.

I paused immediately and told her i have been going for computer classes. That has kept me busy from calling her.

She started by saying ‘Nicho i have been thinking about you since you guys left on Sunday, I cant forget your kisses, anytime i remember that little moment i had with you, my whole body begins to long for you.’

‘Dorcas please try and understand that i really love Nana Yaa and wont do anything to hurt or harm her. She trust you so much, so don’t do anything to bleach the trust she has for you’ i replied her. She told me to try and honor her sleep over invitation on Friday night.

I was about to tell her to forget it when I heard a beep from my phone. I checked the screen and realized Nana Yaa’s call was coming through. I told her my sweetheart is calling me so she can excuse herself.

She pleaded with me not to let Nana Yaa Know she was the one i was talking to. She went off the line. I answered my sweety’s call, she asked me who i was talking to. I lied telling her a friend of mine was given me some information about I.T.

We talked about her dad, she told me her dad was going to be away on a business trip for the next 6 months. I told her not to worry because I will be in charge as her dad. She giggled.

I told her how glad i would be to see that smile on her face. She told me her mum was helping her prepare for the sleep over at her school mothers house. I tried to discourage her from going there for the sleep over but all fell on death ears. Just to make her happy I  agreed to go with her on Friday night.

We talked for sometime and i informed her I was having a class so i will call her later. Instead of thinking about Nana Yaa after the call, it was rather Dorcas who came into my mind. Her beauty, her smiles, the way she talks, her kisses and caresses….. Her eyes… Her lips oh my God, she is so lovely.

Someone tapped me on my shoulder and i came back to my senses immediately. It was one of my work mates. He asked me what i was thinking and I told him i was thinking about errmmmmmm, I stammered. He laughed and told me he knows what I was thinking.

‘You have been thinking about  that Dorcas girl. I can see in your eyes that you want her. Charlie, she has given you the free ticket to bang her so why don’t you do it. After all you wont lose anything’ i told him i wasn’t like him who always changes panties.

He laughed and mocked me.

‘Oboy go for the kill’

He said and we all went back to our duties. Friday’s were supposed to be special days because of the weekend that lies ahead but that particular Friday wasn’t in my favour.

At the office, i wasn’t really happy. I called Nana Yaa and told her i can’t make it to Dorcas’s end that night for the sleep over.

‘Oh baby i have given you the whole week to do whatever you want to do without disturbing you or even coming to your house so please try and be with me this weekend,  I have really missed you.’

She said almost in tears. I hate to see her cry because of me. I agreed to go for the sleep over. She told me not to pick any cloth because Dorcas’s parents have bought all that we will need throughout the weekend.

‘Dorcas and her father will pick me up around 5pm and we will be at your end by 5:30pm to pick you also’.

She disclosed. I told her i will be ready by that time.

Work closed early that Friday. I got home and prepared for the dreaded sleep over. My mum knew about it. It was Nana Yaa who told her  about it when i didnt want to go. My mum advised me to go with her.

At 5pm i was in the room listening to music when i heard a knock on the door, I opened the gate and what i saw was so beautiful. Dorcas and Nana Yaa. Dorcas was in a straight pink dress with white dots in it with a white slip on that matched her dressing.

Nana Yaa was also lovely. I was already prepared. I picked my laptop bag and joined them outside. On our way to the car, all eyes were on us.

When we got closer to the car it was an Escalade, i felt proud that I move with people with dignity and class and at the same time i was scared with the fact that i was going to be under the same roof with Dorcas for two nights…

This is just the beginning… What do you think will happen during the sleep over…. Watch out for
Do you want episode 11?

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