My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 11


Previously On My Personal Life Experience.

‘Dorcas please try and understand that i really love Nana Yaa and wont do anything to hurt or harm her. She trust you so much, so don’t do anything to bleach the trust she has for you’

‘You have been thinking about  that Dorcas girl. I can see in your eyes that you want her. Charlie, she has given you the free ticket to bang her so why don’t you do it.

i told him i wasn’t like him who always changes panties.

‘Oboy go for the kill’

‘Oh baby i have given you the whole week to do whatever you want to do without disturbing you or even coming to your house so please try and be with me this weekend,  I have really missed you.’

‘Dorcas and her father will pick me up around 5pm and we will be at your end by 5:30pm to pick you also’.

When we got closer to the car it was an Escalade, i felt proud that I move with people with dignity and class and at the same time i was scared with the fact that i was going to be under the same roof with Dorcas for two nights…



We joined Dorcas’s father in the car, he was a very handsome and good looking man. He mentioned my name and welcomed me on board. He told us we were going to have a nice time.  I realised where Dorcas got her good looks and beauty from…. Like father like daughter syndrome.

He drove off, at the back seat we talked and had fun. I sat very closed to my Nana Yaa and made sure Dorcas got the signal that nothing she does can stop me from loving Nana Yaa.

Even though we were all chatting and laughing, i saw jealousy flashing in her eyes. Even though i was doing something to put away Dorcas, a part of me was longing for her. I was fighting in me just to avoid that beautiful creature who wants to be a devil between Nana  Yaa and myself.

Mr Peterson, Dorcas’s father packed infront of Accra Mall and told us to wait in the car. He got down and entered the mall. I kissed Nana Yaa for sometime before parting my lips from hers. Dorcas was like

‘oooo you guys will kill me with your love.’

‘This love is unbreakable and if anyone tries to break it, that person will end up losing his or her head.’ i replied.

‘oh plssssssssss’ Dorcas hissed.

Her dad returned with ice cream. One for everybody.

‘The fun has already begun’

her dad said and started the engine. When we got to the house, a lady led us to the dining hall. The dining table was sparkling with delicacies and non alcoholic wines.

We sat round the table, a woman I guessed was Mrs Peterson offered prayer and we started eating. My guess was right. The woman who offered the prayer introduced herself as Mrs Peterson.

According to her, they have three children. Two are overseas doing their masters and the last happens to be Dorcas who is the only girl they had. It seemed i was the person her long lectures were directed to. It also seemed i was the only stranger in the house. I told them a little about my self.

Mr Peterson interrupted me by saying

‘you never said anything about your school achievements.’

‘oh sir please its just trophies and A’s i made in school.’ i replied shyly. He told me his daughter had said a lot about me especially my achievements in school.

I felt a bit proud because  i was thinking they were going to undermine me because of my background but were rather impressed with my success in high school.

Dorcas’s parents told us about their trip to Cape Coast The following day which was a Saturday. According to them it was a family meeting and they would return on Monday.

‘the maids in the house will be at your service. Nicho, i want you to be the man of the house, make sure these little girls don’t overcome you.’

‘no problem sir’

i said still in a state of shyness. I was very confused in my mind. The absence of the parents of Dorcas would be a very great disaster in the house. Their presence would at least avoid their daughter from taking certain crazy actions. I saw trouble coming.

After diner, her parents went to their room and we to the main hall. We watched some high school movies and also put on the table our expectations in the house. I told them all i want is Nana Yaa by my side every single minute.

There was a protest by both of them. We are supposed to have fun and not restrict anybody in the name of love. I lost.. There was a lot of arguments till we got so tired. I was taken to a bedroom which was supposed to be my room till Sunday night.

The two ladies shared one room. My room was so ‘cool’. It contained everything i needed. I lied on the bed thinking about what was in store for me throughout the weekend in that house.

I called Nana Yaa on her phone and asked her to put the phone on loud speaker. Knowing perfectly that Dorcas would be listening.

‘baby you are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Im very sure God knew i would be lonely that is why he created and placed you in the center of my life. You are the best. I love you so much and nothing can separate us.’

i said on the phone. She also told me how happy she was to have me in her life. Feeling satisfied, i bid her good night and ended the call. I made up my mind to do things just to keep Dorcas off throughout our stay in her house. Sleep was so unpredictable. I was gone… Do you think my plans will work out… The next episode  would let us know… WATCH OUT FOR12