My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 12


Previously On My Personal Life Experience.

‘oooo you guys will kill me with your love.’

‘This love is unbreakable and if anyone tries to break it, that person will end up losing his or her head.’ i replied.

‘oh plssssssssss’

‘you never said anything about your school achievements.’

‘oh sir please its just trophies and A’s i made in school.’

Nicho, i want you to be the man of the house, make sure these little girls don’t overcome you.’

‘no problem sir’

‘baby you are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Im very sure God knew i would be lonely that is why he created and placed you in the center of my life.

You are the best. I love you so much and nothing can separate us.’

i said on the phone. She also told me how happy she was to have me in her life. Feeling satisfied, i bid her good night and ended the call.

I made up my mind to do things just to keep Dorcas off throughout our stay in her house. Sleep was so unpredictable. I was gone… Do you think my plans will work out… The next episode  would let us know…



I heard a knock on my door and lazily opened my eyes. The sun had already risen and the room was very bright. I glanced at the clock and realised it was eight in the morning. Forgetting where i was I quickly got up from the bed and said between my teeth

‘oh My God i am late for work’ I rushed to the gate and opened it.

There stood Nana Yaa and Dorcas with trays in their hands, that was when i realised my surrounding and also remember it was Saturday.

‘Sorry to disturb you sir’ Dorcas started

‘good morning we are bringing you your breakfast’ Nana Yaa continued.

I knew they were trying to ridicule me by making me remember what Dorcas’s father said… I was supposed to be the man of the house till Sunday evening. I replied them in a mocking way

‘never serve me food in my bedroom also my daughters are not supposed to serve me. Where are my servants in this house?’

we all laughed. They took my breakfast to the dining hall. I joined them after bathing. It was hot chocolate drink with toasted bread and fried egg. We ate together. The maids came to clear the table when we were done.

One of the maids came to the table and said

‘sir please what would you guys take for lunch.’

i told him not to call me sir. The girls mocked me but I ignored them.

‘jollof with beef would be cool’

I said and he left. Nana Yaa mockingly said

‘bossu baako p3’

we all laughed. I asked Dorcas where her parents were and she told me they had already left for the trip to cape Coast.

After breakfast, we went out to play a game. Hide and seek. They will hide and then i will search them. Every part of the house was included. I told them they were cheats because  they know every part of the house which i don’t. Nana yaa said to me

‘you have to know now boy’

i agreed though not in acceptance. They vanished. I went round the house looking for them. Not finding them i decide to go to room by room. It was a fifteen bedroom house. I entered one of the rooms and there was Nana Yaa. Since it was our first time meeting alone in the house, we kissed for sometime and then she went out to where the game started. She was out of the game. The search for Dorcas began. I found her in one of the wash rooms.

She came closer  to me and begged me to kiss her. I told her the game doesn’t include a kiss but she insisted. I told her it would be the  last. She agreed and i kissed her. Unfortunately for me i got carried away and started touching things i was not to touch.

The kissing became intensive. Even though i was enjoying and she was also, i was thinking about the outcome. How would Nana Yaa feel if she gets to know about this. I pushed Dorcas away and warned her that if she ever seduced me again, I would not hesitate telling her friend as well as telling her parents and that of Nana Yaa.

I saw fear in her eyes. I felt pity for her, i pulled her close and hugged her.

‘so far as you remain a good girl, you wont have trouble with me. I heard Nana Yaa calling from afar.

‘where are you guys’

Dorcas told me to go out and meet her because  she might suspect something if she comes to see us here. I left her and went out. I went to the main hall and found my sweetheart there. I embraced her and told her nothing will separate us. She kissed me.

Dorcas later joined us. Her face showed no emotions.

‘im taken you guys out there to meet my pals in the hood’

we went out after we had had lunch. We went to a playing field which had basketball court, cocktail center, video game center and whole lot.

It wasn’t far from Dorcas’s house. She introduced us to most of her friends. There was one particular guy who kept starring at her. I went to the video game center and the girls also went about doing their own thing. At about 4pm the girls came to the video center and told me we should leave because it was getting late. I had no option than to go with them, though i was having fun.

The girls always won when it comes to decision making. We got to the house, refreshed our bodies and watched movies. In the course of the movie, i asked Dorcas who the guy that kept starring at her was,  to her he was Theophilus, a very cool and gentle guy. He has never talked to me before but keeps starring at me anytime he sees me. She said. I noted in my head that Theophilus could be inlove with Dorcas but scared to voice out. He could be the solution to my problems with Dorcas.

We had dinner and later retire to bed. I was in my room when i heard a knock. I checked the time and it was 1 am. I opened and there stood Dorcas. I asked her what she wanted at that time of the night and said she wants to talk to me.

What do you think she wants to talk about with me? The next episode will tell.