My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 13


Previously On My Personal Life Experience.

‘oh My God i am late for work’ I rushed to the gate and opened it.

‘Sorry to disturb you sir’ Dorcas started

‘good morning we are bringing you your breakfast’ Nana Yaa continued.

I knew they were trying to ridicule me by making me remember what Dorcas’s father said…

‘never serve me food in my bedroom also my daughters are not supposed to serve me. Where are my servants in this house?’

we all laughed.

‘sir please what would you guys take for lunch.’

‘jollof with beef would be cool’

I said and he left. Nana Yaa mockingly said

‘bossu baako p3’

‘so far as you remain a good girl, you wont have trouble with me. I heard Nana Yaa calling from afar.

‘where are you guys’

Dorcas told me to go out and meet her because  she might suspect something if she comes to see us here.

‘im taken you guys out there to meet my pals in the hood’

We had dinner and later retire to bed. I was in my room when i heard a knock. I checked the time and it was 1 am. I opened and there stood Dorcas. I asked her what she wanted at that time of the night and said she wants to talk to me.

What do you think she wants to talk about with me? The next episode will tell.



When i saw Dorcas after opening the door, i tried to avoid her from entering but the emotion on her face melted my heart and allowed her in. She told me she wants to talk to me. I made her sit on the
sofa and i on the bed.

Dorcas’s POV

‘My father is a business man who trades in goods and services in other part of the world and my mum is a medical doctor at korle-bu teaching hospital

According to my mum, i started school when i was six month old cos she didnt have time to care for me because of her profession.

Its the maids you see around who took care of me till date. Sometimes i feel no one actually cares about me. If it wasn’t for you guys coming over this weekend like i would’ve been here feeling very lonely.

Though there are maids here, i feel im the only one living. My place of happiness is school. Where I get to meet my friends as well as Nana Yaa,

I felt jealous anytime she talked about you. The kind of care and love you showed her made me wanted to have you for myself.’

Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she spoke, she just needed someone who would make her happy.

Someone who would care about her. I felt pity for her and joined her on the sofa. I made her lie on my laps and told her how wrong her approach to catch my attention.

Trying to snatch your best friend and school daughter’s guy from her was so wrong. I told her i will be her best friend only if she is willing to be a good girl.

Also she should not try any stupid approach towards me. She told me how sorry she was and that she promise to be a good person towards Nana Yaa and me.

After the talk she pleaded with me to let her sleep in my room. I didnt like the idea but not wanting her to get sad, i agreed.

I told her to sleep on the bed whiles i sleep on the sofa. As i lied in the sofa, i kept an eye on her to see if she would make any funny move but when i looked closer at her face, she looked happy and peace in a very sound sleep.

‘she has unburdened her soul by confiding in me.’

I muttered to my self and slept. It was Nana Yaa who woked us up complaining bitterly that we left her all alone in the room and slept together in one room.
It is then that i realized how deep Nana Yaa’s trust for Dorcas was. I thought she would complain of we cheating on her but never did that. Too much trust can kill sometimes.

I stood from my bed and went to hug Nana Yaa.

‘baby i have really missed you.’

i said. She smiled and mockingly said

‘sir please go and have your shower.’

i laughed and left them in the room. After breakfast, we were driven to light house chapel international, Quodesh at North Kaneshie.

After church, We were driven again to Mikklin Hotel at East Legon to enjoy lunch and also cool down our bodies in the swimming pool.

Whiles we were having fun at the hotel, a fresh Toyota tundra came to park at the hotels car park. A man and a woman came out of the car. I was somehow shocked to see Theophilus too.

I asked Dorcas if those were Theophilus’s parents. She confirmed and told me this is where they always come on Sundays after church.

After they had settled and taken their lunch, i asked theophilus to Join us have fun. He reluctantly did. In the course of discussion, i asked Nana Yaa to go for four cups of ice cream from the bar.

Theophilus told Nana Yaa not to worry. He went to their car and brought a small ice chest full of ice cream. He gave us one each.

When i realised he was getting along with Dorcas, i stood up and signaled to my baby to follow me. We went to the pool. The water was so lovely.

Nana Yaa joined me in the pool and we had real fun. I glanced at where Dorcas and Theophilus were sitting. They were talking and laughing at the same time. I told my baby to look at them.

She told me she wanted to see her friend happy. Also she is praying they get along because Dorcas has been lonely for so long.

That was when i realised she knew her friend�s story. They later joined us in the pool. We played handball in the pool. Fun time was over.

We exchanged contacts with Theophilus and bid them bye and entered our car. Dorcas was so happy to have talked to Theophilus. She talked about all the nice things he said to her when they were alone. She thanked us for coming over.

I told her we will do this again when they vacate again. She was happy. Nana Yaa’s driver was already in the house when we got there. Dorcas’s parents were also in.

We joined them in the hall. We welcomed them and Dorcas asked why they have come on a Sunday evening instead of Monday.

They explain that the meeting came on yesterday and since they had business’s to attend to, They asked me if everything went well. I answered positively.

We had diner and we were told by her dad that everything we used was for us. We parked the clothes and shoes.

Dorcas was in tears when our car took off. Dorcas and Theophilus, what next? Watch out for Episode 14 After 50 share