My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 7


Previously On My Personal Life Experience

One day, i received a letter from Nana Yaa’s school mother.

According to her she personally told Nana Yaa that she should be careful because  she herself will snatch me from her and they laughed.

I replied the letter in person by giving my baby a surprised visit during their visiting hours.

Nana Yaa screamed with excitement when she saw me.

some minutes later she rushed in with about fifteen girls she introduced them as her dorm mates. Everyone of them wanted to ask me a question.

I was the central point of discussion. Her school mum was part of them.

They excused themselves and i had a little time with my sweetheart.

I started working some months after completing school even though Nana Yaa’s mother didnt want me to.

When i started working, the job took all of my time that i hardly had time for my sweetheart. I ignored her letters and told myself i will explain things to her when she comes home on vacation.

I was in the house one Saturday when Nana Yaa’s number called. It was her mum who called.

After the call i realized how bad i’ve been. I dressed up immediately and went to the Konadu’s residence. When the gate man opened the main entrance, i made my way straight to Nana Yaa’s room.

My heart broke at the scene I saw in the room.
HMMMMM Im even in tears now….



A girl full of life, happiness, love etc was lying on her bed looking so pale, weak and with a tear stained face. She burst into uncontrollable sobbing when she saw me enter the room.

I nearly broke down in tears when i saw Nana Yaa in that mood. I quickly gathered her in my arms and started consoling her. She sobbed the more asking me what she has done to deserve such treatment from me.

According to her i never replied any of her letters. She used the school phone booth to call but i didnt pick. Her parents once visited her in school and she used her mum’s line to call me but never answered.

‘As if that was not enough, i have been in the house on vacation closed to two weeks now and you have bothered not to call me.

I have been in your house for more than three times but never came to meet you. My text and whatsapp messages were all ignored why Nicho, why’

she said all that still in tears. I was so down and couldnt utter a word for about a minute or two. Her mum entered the room when she heard Nana Yaa sobbing.

She was very shocked when she saw me in the room. She told me that is the state her daughter had been in about a week ago. She did all that she could to console her but her condition kept on getting worse.

‘According to her, you no longer care about her. She couldn’t concentrate in class and almost failed her exams this term.’

What she said broke me down completely and i was in tears. I wiped my face fast so she wouldn’t see i was in tears. I lied to them that i have started computer class and anytime Nana Yaa calls,

i would be in class. I close late from class and i was always exhausted. I hardly use my phone. With the letter issues too, i told them i never received any letter.

I immediately changed the topic by asking If Nana Yaa has eaten something. Her mum answered in a negative way. I told her to bring her some food.

She went to the kitchen and brought rice and stew, I took the food and pleaded with her to eat small for me. I told her  am there for her and i am also sorry for all that i did.

‘if you don’t want me to leave please stand up and eat the food.’

She reluctantly stood up and sat beside me. I looked straight into her eyes and told her ‘i love her’ she smiled. Her mum was not in the room.

She ate the food with a renewed energy. After the food, I cleaned her tear stained face and kissed her.  She was coming back to life.

We went to the hall to watch some video clips and also play games. Her mum was in the hall watching a local movie.  She told us to come and sit down.

She gave me a very strong warning telling me not to let what has happened happen again because  Nana Yaa is all they’ve got. Please take good care of your sister or else you will lose a lot of things in the nearby future.

Her parents never knew we were dating. They thought we were best friends. But for them, she was my little sister.

I told her how sorry i was and that it wont happen again. I pleaded with her mum to let her spend the weekend with me and my mum. She didnt want to agree but she did when her daughter agreed to come with me.

Nana Yaa picked a few stuff. Her mum gave us money and she asked the driver to drop us in my home. In about 20 minutes, we were in my house at Odorkor. ..

We told the driver to pick us at 3pm to take us to the mall. He drove off. We went home. The driver picked us up at exactly 3pm. He gave me a brown envelope and told me Nana Yaa’s mum said we should use that incase we run out. I took it and thanked him.

He took us to the mall. We asked him to join us. We went to silver bird and watched a movie. After the movie we went to the restaurant, had fun and left the mall.

The driver dropped us at my door step around 9pm and left. My mum was surprised to see Nana Yaa. I was so tired so i left my mum and Nana yaa in the hall and went to sleep.

She later joined me. Nana yaa’s family and mine were very close because of my friendship with Nana Yaa so she sleeping at my end was no news….

How long can i keep on lying to Nana Yaa. Don’t you guys think i was being wicked?