My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 16


Previously On My Personal Life Experience..

‘You are such a nutty darling. So all this while you were pulling my legs. Haaaaaa’

i kissed her and told her it was a surprised homecoming.

. ‘baby please let me do the serving this time’ she smiled and settled in the sofa ….

‘i have tried so hard to tell you this thing but i get scared

There is this guy in this area. He is handsome and cute and they are very rich and classy.

One day he hosted me in their house, when i got to the house, there was no one home except him. He was in shorts and singlet..

He came closer to me.

He started undressing me saying all kinds of sweet words. He made me longed for more. i was completely naked. He removed his boxers and was hard on.

It has been a year now and he is still disturbing me with love messages.

I screamed at her and told her she was a prostitute, a shameless bitch and said all sort of nasty words to her.

Do you think i was supposed to have behaved that  way? Would’ve Nana Yaa behaved same way if I told her about Dorcas and me? Love really hurts sometimes… Don’t afford to miss the next episode



When i got to my house, i was still angry and furious. I thought to myself, upon all the temptation that Dorcas put me through, that lady never saw my nakedness.

How could my very own Nana Yaa do that to me. What my friends used to say is coming to pass…

‘she will leave you and go for someone who has the same class with her’

Oh my God, my head was bashing me. Instantly i felt my head ache…. Nana Yaa called me several times on my phone but i ignored it.

I was about to off my phone when Dorcas’s call came through. I decided Not to answer but an evil mentality flashed through my mind.

‘i am going to give what you want to you Dorcas. This time around i will do it.’

i said to myself with bitterness. I picked her call and she told me she wants to see me the following day after church (that would be a Sunday).

I intentionally asked her if she has heard from Nana Yaa (my intention was to see if it was because  of Nana Yaa she was calling me. I wouldn’t have gone) but she answered negatively and told me she will call her later.

I told her i would go to her house immediately after church knowing that Nana Yaa wasn’t the reason for her call. After the call, i smiled to myself and said

‘oh Dorcas im going to swim in your pool this time around. I should’ve done this a long time ago’

Sunday finally came and i didnt want to see Nana Yaa in church, i went to a different church. After church i went to see a friend before going home. When i got to the house, my mum was already there.

She asked me why i wasn’t in church and i told her a friend invited me to his church.

‘Nana Yaa was with me throughout the service. She was quiet and moody but she never disclosed anything to me. What is happening between you guys’ she said

‘mum please there is nothing wrong. She even knows a friend of mine invited me today. Maybe she was quiet because they will resume school soon and she would miss me’ I lied.

I told my mum i had a meeting with a friend at East Legon and would be late in coming home. When i got to Dorcas’s house, she was so delighted to see me.

She hugged me and took me inside. She was wearing a silky blue short skirt with a white spaghetti top which revealed almost all her boobs. She was looking very sweet that Sunday afternoon .

Lust was in control of me. I asked her about her parents and she told me they have gone for a business meeting.

She went to the kitchen, brought drinks and served. She sat very closed to me and was smiling., I said in my head

‘i am going to rock you hard this afternoon. I will take your virginity and you will be mine’.

She started by thanking me for changing her and making her a better person

. ‘because  of you im no more lonely. Theophilus is as gentle as you are. He is such a perfect guy sent from above for me. Thanks for not taken advantage of me.’

I tried to dissuade her by telling her about Theophilus.

‘Theophilus is an orphan and the family he is leaving with are her foster parents. He is not what you think he is’

she was kind of shocked at my remarks but stayed cool. She told me it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is love and understanding.

I was so disappointed but didn’t show it. It was disappointment mixed with shame for me.

She was cool. She told me how sorry she was for trying to come between her friend and me. I almost opened up to her about what her friend has done but after a second thought, i didnt.

In my trying to take a revenge on Nana Yaa, i ended up feeling guilty, ashamed and sorry for her. When I got to the house, i decided to call her. There was a message on my phone from Nana Yaa it reads

‘I have been bold enough to tell you all that happened and now that i need you to help me solve the problem, you’ve rather turn your back on me.

Please tell me to move on if you think im not good for you. Your insult were so piercing and anytime i think about it i cry… Im still a virgin though’

The message really broke me into pieces and i decided to go and see her that very Sunday evening. I left the house immediately…Hmmmm matters of the heart… Lets see what happens next in episode

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