My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 15


Previously On My Personal Life Experience..

. He lost his parents when he was very young and this family adopted him.

‘they have been nice to me till now. They are such a wonderful people.’  he said.

I was somehow shocked at the revelation but kept it to myself. I wondered why he never said anything about Dorcas. The last person i called was my sweetheart. .

. ‘Nicho my mum says you don’t come here of late’ she said. ‘abi she knows of my computer class. Please tell her not to worry,  i would be spending the weekend with you.

She was overjoyed and said

‘oooooo baby you are such a darling. I love you so much’

She told me there was a very serious issue she has been hiding from me all this while and would like to tell me during the weekend. She told me it was very serious.

I was somehow worried but decided to stay calm on the phone.

‘I love you so much and wouldnt do anything to harm you. ‘ I assured her.

One thing i realized about her was whenever i told her i love her, she gets so excited.

. I picked a few of those clothes and then headed to Nana Yaa’s house….

What do you think Nana Yaa want to discuss with me.. Am i really free from Dorcas… Would Dorcas accept Theophilus as he is……



When i got to their gate, i called her and informed her i was so sorry because i can’t make it to their house. She almost cried. I told her to go to their gate and check something.

She told me not to bother her because  she was expecting me to come home. She was some how mad and didnt want to go but upon pleading with her, she went to their gate.

When she opened the gate and saw me she hugged me tight and exclaimed

‘you are such a nutty darling. So all this while you were pulling my legs. Haaaaaa’

i kissed her and told her it was a surprised homecoming. (i did that just to avoid being rebuked for not calling the driver to pick me up) the love was so unbreakable. We went inside. I stopped her when she was about to go to the kitchen for drinks

. ‘baby please let me do the serving this time’ she smiled and settled in the sofa with her eyes glowing with love for me. I went to the kitchen and brought two bottles of wine glass, a jar of home made fruit juice and one box of original Digestive biscuit.

I served her and we started enjoying ourselves. I asked of her mum and she informed me she has gone to purchase some stuffs for the weekend.


Whiles we we chilling, she asked me if i remember she told me on the phone that she has something to discuss with me. I answered positively and she begun….

‘i have tried so hard to tell you this thing but i get scared anytime i try to but this time I want to get it off my head. I feel guilty though.

There is this guy in this area. He is handsome and cute and they are very rich and classy. He once approached me with the issue of love. I didnt tell him i was dating. I just told him to give me sometime to think about it.

We used to go out and have fun during the weekdays anytime he was on vacation. (he is a level 200 student at Legon, he’s  Daniel

One day he hosted me in their house. I decided not to go but since i felt lonely here, i went. When i got to the house, there was no one home except him. He was in shorts and singlet.

I nearly melted when i saw his half naked body but i controlled myself. Whiles we were chatting, he told me i was beautiful and i would be a very good wife.

He came closer to me. I felt the sweet scent of his perfume. He kissed me. I couldn’t resist him. He took me to his bedroom and kissed me more, my body was on fire.

He started undressing me saying all kinds of sweet words. He made me longed for more. He gently pushed me onto the bed when i was completely naked. He removed his boxers and was hard on.

He climbed the bed and was about to enter me. He stopped and told me he was going to get some condoms and left the room. As i was lying on the bed waiting for him, your words flashed in my head,


i felt so ashamed of myself and got out of the bed, dressed and left the house. He called me on my phone but told him i wasn’t interested anymore. He should back off. I whatsapped him and told him i was dating.

It has been a year now and he is still disturbing me with love messages. Baby i know you will be mad at me but please i am very sorry for not letting you know from the early stages. Im awfully sorry. Please help me to stop him from disturbing me’ she said

with tears in her eyes. After she has finished speaking, i kept quiet for sometime. She was also in tears pleading and waiting for my next move. I was so hurt by what my ears heard.

I couldn’t control my temper and my emotions any longer. I screamed at her and told her she was a prostitute, a shameless bitch and said all sort of nasty words to her.

I picked the small bag i went with and was about to leave. She knelt down and pleaded in the mist of tears and wailing…. I angrily left the house….

Do you think i was supposed to have behaved that  way? Would’ve Nana Yaa behaved same way if I told her about Dorcas and me? Love really hurts sometimes… Don’t afford to miss the next episode