My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 14


Previously On My Personal Life Experience.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she spoke, she just needed someone who would make her happy.

‘she has unburdened her soul by confiding in me.’

‘baby i have really missed you.’

i said. She smiled and mockingly said

‘sir please go and have your shower.’

After they had settled and taken their lunch, i asked theophilus to Join us have fun. He reluctantly did. In

When i realised he was getting along with Dorcas, i stood up and signaled to my baby to follow me. We went to the pool. The water was so lovely.

We had diner and we were told by her dad that everything we used was for us. We parked the clothes and shoes.

Dorcas was in tears when our car took off. Dorcas and Theophilus, what next?



‘SLEEP OVER’ was finally over and i was very happy with myself for not allowing Dorcas to overcome me with her seduction. I was so proud that i was able to remain faithful to Nana Yaa though the battle was so tight

At a point in time, I nearly gave up but my head was stronger than my emotions.

At the office on Monday, i was happy and smiling at the least chance. My buddies came around me and were eager to know all that happened during the weekend. Especially the aspect which has got to do with Dorcas and me.

I told them all that happened. When it got to where i was in the washroom with Dorcas,

‘that is were it happened’

one of them said. They were somehow disappointed that i couldn’t ‘kill the cat’ (kill the cat is how we call sex at the office). I told them being a man is not about going around sleeping with poor innocent girls.

They teased and mocked me. Saying i was scared to see a naked girl but I wasn’t bothered at all. I called Dorcas after work to find out how she was doing. She was so happy i called. She thanked me for changing her into a better person. I told her how happy i was for her new found happiness.

According to her, she and Theophilus were getting along well. We talked about one or two things and then ended the call. I decided to test Theophilus and see if he was really in love with Dorcas or just wanted to have fun with the poor girl. I called Theophilus after talking to Dorcas. We talked on so many issues but never talked about Dorcas.

He told me he was a final year student at Accra Academy,  to him,  it wasn’t his parents we saw but his foster parent. He lost his parents when he was very young and this family adopted him.

‘they have been nice to me till now. They are such a wonderful people.’  he said.

I was somehow shocked at the revelation but kept it to myself. I wondered why he never said anything about Dorcas. The last person i called was my sweetheart.

She told me what she would be up to during the week. She will have revision on some topics and also watch movies. She told me she wont visit any of her friends that week.

I asked about her mum and she told me she was fine. ‘Nicho my mum says you don’t come here of late’ she said. ‘abi she knows of my computer class. Please tell her not to worry,  i would be spending the weekend with you’ i disclosed.

She was overjoyed and said

‘oooooo baby you are such a darling. I love you so much’

That would be the first time i would be spending the weekend at their end. They were trying to steal me from my mum, I thought to myself.

She told me there was a very serious issue she has been hiding from me all this while and would like to tell me during the weekend. She told me it was very serious.

I was somehow worried but decided to stay calm on the phone.

‘I love you so much and wouldnt do anything to harm you. ‘ I assured her.

One thing i realized about her was whenever i told her i love her, she gets so excited. The call was over. Throughout the week, i wondered about what Nana Yaa really wants to talk to me about.

Another thing that   worries me was, would Dorcas accept Theophilus if she gets to know that he is an orphan….

It was time that would have to tell. The weekend came at last. On the Saturday morning, i washed my dirty clothes and in the afternoon ironed and packed them neatly. I picked a few of those clothes and then headed to Nana Yaa’s house.

I knew she was going to get mad at me when i get to the house because she always tells me to let the driver come and pick me anytime I was going to their house. I ignored that and went in a taxi wondering about what was installed for me….

What do you think Nana Yaa want to discuss with me.. Am i really free from Dorcas… Would Dorcas accept Theophilus as he is…… Don’t get tired yet… episode  15 FOLLOWS
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