My Misery Episode 10 Final


Davidson arrived home at about 12:00pm, Friday. When he called me on phone I promised to see him On Saturday morning before leaving for work. Amina was also eager to see this guy that won my heart. She’s never seen him before. But somehow I couldn’t wait till the next day before going to see him. I was impatient. Or rather, I was really in love. 
By 04:00pm, I told Amina to close the shop so we could go see Davidson.
 “I can’t close the shop this early because of your guy,” she said, jokingly… and we both laughed, hysterically.
 We closed the shop and proceeded to Davidson’s house. It was kind of a surprise visit cos Davidson wasn’t expecting me. when we got to the house and entered the compound, I told Amina to follow me let’s tip-toe to his Room. Good enough there was music playing gently in the parlour that made it impossible to Suspect footsteps. 
We tip-toed to Davidson’s Room and I met the most shocking scene of my life. His step mom, naked. Her hands tied to his ceiling fan. Davidson was actually practising One of the styles of the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY movie with his step mom. I remember he said she owned the movie. 
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I blinked my eyes randomly, hoping that the person I saw wasn’t Davidson. But he was. With a loud scream I ran out of his room, out of the parlour, out of the compound, out of the house. OUT OF MY MIND. Amina followed suit. 
Davidson didn’t come after us. I guess it’s because he was naked. I kept running until I was ran down by a bike. I actually did saw the Bike coming but didn’t realise it was so close. I was so out of my mind. I tried not to believe that it was the guy I hoped to get married to that was doing the Fifty Shades Of Grey with His step mom, His father’s wife, my beloved boyfriend whom I was eager to introduce to Amina. She saw it with her own eyes…. She saw it. I just wonder who else he can’t sleep with if he could sleep with his father’s wife. 
The bike damaged my legs. It climbed on my legs after knocking me down. Chances that I would ever walk again is very meager. 
As you are Reading this story right now, I am still in hospital Bed. I havn’t set my eyes On Davidson so far. I am not much surprised. I know I should have waited until I was out of this situation before sending my story to you. But I don’t know if I would ever get out of this situation. And soon my stomach would start protruding.
 I am just so going mad right now. This is MY Misery. And I have come to realise that in life, ‘shits’ happen when you trust the wrong person. Your advise would help me alot. I am So Downcasted Right Now. 
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