My Misery Episode 9


 Just within the twinkle of an eye, the lady you use to know, who was single and not searching, who was hardworking, who was innocent, a virgin, is no more. Just within the twinkle of an eye. 
I have been staying with Amina ever since the incidence between Davidson’s dad and me. I kept it all to my self. I simply told my dad I was going to be staying with Amina but would be visiting time to time until our building is complete. 
Davidson’s dad on the other hand kept pleading with me not to tell anyone saying that he didn’t know what came over him. I was certain I couldn’t keep it a secret for ever. Or at least not from my dear friend Amina. I have told no One yet, Well, except for you reading it right now. I needed to put my life on the right track again. 
Davidson and I have been keeping in touch. I still love him. It’s getting to a month. I havn’t gone to no hospital. I have done no check up.
 I woke up One morning and started feeling my b0*bs getting fuller and heavier. I started urinating more often than usual and I started getting fatigued easily. The signs were clear to me. It was hard to accept. 
Davidson said he was coming back during the weekend so he could get some stuffs and also to say hi to his step mom. She was back to the house. I got to meet with her once but we didn’t get along so well. (As in Our spirit no blend).
 “I would go see Davidson when he returns during the weekend and tell him I am pregnant and see his reaction,” I though to myself. I was also thinking, my dad may not be that mad afterall if Davidson showed some seriousness. At least it was better than committing abortion. Then probably I could just keep the secret between Davidson’s dad and me just to maintain a peaceful atmosphere between our families.
 Life could be better again. Perhaps the sadness that has been in my heart for over three weeks now could varnish. These were the thoughts that ran through my poor mind. But I was wrong. Oh Life: One minute everything would seem as if it’s going to be better and another minute the situation goes worse. That’s where I found my self.
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