Agyemang Episode 7


That was the last thing I remembered. I didn’t see anything again.
The next moment, I saw myself in a different environment, a white painted room with an incredible design. Next lying to me was a teddy bear and a diary. I didn’t know where I was, but from the look of things I knew I was definitely in a lady’s room.
As I tried to get up from the bed, I noticed how injured I am. My head and hand were covered in bandage. Then I remembered the ordeal I went through. Just when I adjusted myself on the bed, I saw the same briefcase the young man left with me. There it stood right beside the bed.
A lot of questions kept popping up in my mind, I didn’t know where I was, why I was attacked and who the “briefcase guy” was. I didn’t even know how long I remained unconscious.
The major question running through my mind was whose place I was at that very moment. My head began aching because I kept thinking too much. I wanted a glass of water yet I didn’t know who to call on and I was even too weak to get out of bed. I felt pains all around.
Anytime the thought of what I went though crossed my mind, It sent chills running down my spines. Why should I be going through such things? I don’t owe anyone, I used to be a happy person yet everything seemed to have turned around overnight. That was when I realized the seriousness behind Joan’s words “You shall never know peace until you find the essence of a woman’s virginity”. Ever since she left my place in that manner, I have never had any reason to be happy. I need to look for her and probably make her understand me and then maybr go ahead to ask for her forgiveness.
The door to the room I was, opened and to my surprise, Jacky’s mother came in. Trust me, if I had the strength that I needed, I would have quickly run out of the room. That was the very moment, I realized that the room I was in was actually Jacky’s room.
How did I even end up in the house of the very people I am running away from? I really shivered but Jacky’s mother acted in an unexpected way.
“Oh you are awake, how are you feeling? Are you hungry, should I get you something to eat? She asked series of questions. Surprisingly she was acting so concerned that even made me uncomfortable than I already am. This is actually the woman who thought I tried raping her daughter.
She noticed how much her presence scared me. “Look, Jacky told me everything, no need to be scared, you should have picked my calls. You see Jacky has the sleep walking issue, apparently she was still in deep sleep while you guys were kissing, she thought It was all a dream only to wake up to its realization. Trust me, she has her own issues and I’m sorry for putting you through this.” She said.
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Wow!! What a sign of relief, there was a light at the end of the tunnel after all and even before I could ask her further questions concerning how I got here at the first place, she had already began explaining.
“I don’t see how come you got yourself caught up in all of this, a guy who was in the same dress stole this briefcase out of my car, I saw him from afar and before I called the notice of the people nearby, he had already fled , a group of guys chased him though, that was when I came in to see that they mistook you for him. Thank God he has been arrested. You were really lucky you know” She said.
I began to even feel sorry for myself that I couldn’t say anything. She went out and brought me a bowl of soup. I stayed there for about a week and all this while I never saw Jacky. I didn’t even bother to ask before her mother starts to think otherwise.
I was much better now and was ready to move out. I had to talk to Esther; they must be worried about me. Besides, now that I have been vindicated on this whole rape and theft issue, I was ready to claim responsibility of my unborn baby regardless of what Joe will think. I was just not ready to give up on that.
Jacky’s mother on the other hand was not ready to let me go. Somehow, she was very moody when I decided to go. I thought it was because of my departure, but there was more to it than I thought.
“Come on, mum, I will keep passing by like I always do, cheer up” I said.
“It’s not about that Agyemang, It’s about my Jacky’s late father” She said.
I never knew about her late husband. I was always curious to know the where about of Jacky’s father but I will definitely be a nose poker if I do, after all I was just a teacher to her daughter.
“I’m sorry, but what is wrong? I asked. She then told me to me sit right beside her, which I did.
“It was our plans to get married someday, even though I knew he had a wife” She said. I freaked out when she said that but I had to hide it. What kind of love could this be? The kind that will make you want to marry someone else’s husband.
I wanted to hear more but she had her limits of which I understood her.
“After his death, His wife has been trying to take ownership of this house because it’s in her name, as I’m talking to you I know she is on her way here” She continued.
This sounded quite serious to me but as much as I wanted to help there was nothing I could do.
“I’m very sorry about this, you must be going through a lot. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to give me a phone call” I said and got ready to leave.
“Don’t go, I can’t stand her when she comes. I need someone besides me” She said. Before I could even object or anything, I heard a big bang on the door. I saw the frightened look on Jacky’s mother’s face.
“That must be her” She said. She felt reluctant to answer the door and I on the other hand had no idea of what to do. Before we both knew it, the woman pushed the door open and to my biggest surprise, it was my mother.
To be continued tomorrow.
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