My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 7


Me: w..hat are yo..u doing here? *i stammered*

Cynthia: *smiling* is that a good morning?..don’t tell me you are just waking up?

I scratched my head and she bursted to laughter,,I can tell she was staring at my 2packs chest the whole time..she claded in a very short and tight skirt the one we could categorized as “village bum short” revealing her toyin aimaku round big bumz(no be me talk am o) and a pink tank top on her over-packaged large boobs..choi..the chairman underneath already wrestling with my boxers and I stylishly covered it as it was more than visible..

She smells like a sweet rose as she walked inside to my surprise even though I didn’t usher her in..I closed my door staring at her bumz that was swaying left and right..see temptation o..she later sat on my bed while I just stood in awe as silence occupied the whole room(still covering my rod though)..I don’t dare sit beside the temptation..

Me: *clears throat* sharon??

Cynthia: papa sent her on an errand..

What is she doing here then?..just to torment my life I guessed..what to do now??..judging on the chairman that never rest but doing it best in wrestling my boxers and I fear he might finally tore the boxers,,its a matter of time before I do what I wasn’t planning to do..

Me: so what are you doing here??

She stood up and cartwalked to where I was standing like a pillar and planted a kiss of life on my lip

“I am here to claim what’s mine” she said with a wink..oh,,it was all in my thought,,choi..”Hmmm” she finally said jolting me off my thought..

Cynthia: I have failed my waec twice.. I don’t want to fail this year and I hope you will be able to help me..please don’t tell me you won’t..

Me: hmmm..*for my mind-“so na olodo you be”*

Cynthia: ..and let’s start with biology,,that’s my main problem..

I haven’t even agreed to her proposal..I scoffed then wore my black top,,pull out my biology textbook then sat on the bed with a little gap between us..she smiled with her over-painted red lips and shifted closer hitting my holy arm with her biggest boobs while my rod was dancing to the beat underneath..

My whole body was trembling and my heart kept pounding loud..see temptation oo..we started the lesson though I barely concentrated as my eyes kept on visiting her fair and fresh lap..chaii,,my rod already spiting fire underneath..

Cynthia: why are you been so hard on yourself jason?? *smiling*

Me: what do you m…ean? *i stammered*

Before I could process what was happening,,a lip has already been locked with mine..I couldn’t resist as I kissed it passionately..cynthia was a master kisser..french kiss,,dutch kiss,,9ja kiss..she knew them all..

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My hand already found it way to her full and firm big boobs caressing them gently…she withdrew her lip staring into my eyes as silence occupied the whole room..she was like that for few seconds before breaking the silence..

Cynthia: I don’t know how you do in love with you jason..

What?..she didn’t wait for my reply as she pull my head close to her’s and we engaged in another passionate kiss..she began rubbing my robotic rod through my knicker while my hand was dancing all over her bossoms..

I suddenly withdrew my lip then stood up..I don’t know the actual force that triggered the move..but thanks to the force,,I would have bleeped the girl..

Me: am sorry I can’t do know this is will sharon feel when she finds out??

I can see the suprise mixed with dissapointment visible on her face as she drew back in shock..

Cynthia: you think of me as a s–t?..jason am in love with you and God knows its the truth *about to cry*

See wahala oo..I was just staring agape as the girl stood up..”Am sorry” she let out with a shaky voice and bursted to tears..I felt bad and started regretting..I quickly held her hand as she was about leaving…

Me: am sorry cynthia..that was not what I mean??…how can I dare think of a beautiful girl like you a s–t?..

I can see her smiling as she wiped off her tears..

Cynthia: so what do you think of me?? *still smiling*

See gobe oo..”I..I.I” I was stammering when she shut me up placing a finger on my lip..

Cynthia: sshh..that could wait till later..right now,I need you inside me..

She grabbed hold of my rod that have recently ressurected while we were kissing..I lost it,,I placed my hand on her bossoms squeezing them roughly..I don’t know how I’v come to reject this girl in the first place…

We later landed on the bed naked…I forced my metal rod in her so tight kitty while she let out moans…we went three rounds then laid side by side on the bed both exhausted..

Cynthia: this will be the second time I’ll be doing this..

She said clutching her hand with mine..she expected me to believe that,,despite the kind of styles she used on me..for my mind “ah no be mumu na”..

Cynthia: I lost my virginity to my boyfriend that ended up dating my bestfriend when I was in secondary school..

We were still chatting nakedly laid side by side on the bed when knocks landed on my could only be one person..sharon??..chaii..ah don die..