My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 6


I was sitting on my neatly spread bed on friday afternoon waiting for oluchi as she have already informed me upon her arrival..I was engrossed in the contra game I was playing on my psp when soft knocks landed on my door..I opened the door and oluchi was standing full with smiles..she claded in a short tight jean revealing her massive figure 8 and a red designed top holding a small note..

I ushered her in, locked my door then sat beside her on the bed..

Oluchi: nice place..

Me: hmmm..what shall I offer you?

Oluchi: water will be better *smiling*

I poured her water in a glass cup then sat beside her..

Me: shall we start now?

Oluchi: ofcourse..

I brought out my small yamaha piano..she later started singing while I was playing along..her voice was really wonderful like that of beyonce..we were so close that her big boobs kept attacking my left arm which was giving me hard on..

She suddenly placed her hand on my lap caressing my lap gently while I jerked..I ignored her though the chairman underneath already turned to rock threatening to break..she began rubbing my chest through the singlet I was wearing complicating the issue more..

My mind was far away from the piano I was playing and she noticed this as she smiled seductively..our lip suddenly met placing the piano aside,,I don’t know who kissed first but I had this feeling it was me.

I started squeezing her boobs roughly while she moaned in no time,,our clothes were gone..I pushed her on the bed s—–g her big boobs from left to right…

Oluchi: brother jay,take it easy o..*she chuckled*

“No be you turn me on?” I almost said..I entered her with full force..she moaned out loud as I pounced on her like a hungry lion..we went two rounds and we both laid on the bed exhausted..she suddenly started stroking my rod and the thing stood attention again..we went another two rounds of hot bleeping and she went to the bathroom to clean herself while I collapsed on my bed exhausted..

We started chatting after we were both dressed..that was when I know she was 24..studying nursing at university of nsukka and was in 300lv..I later saw her off then returned to my place feeling like a boss..

I laid on my bed at night and thought of the super rich guy and sharon made it way to my thought..since the last two days I saw her and the guy took off I haven’t set my eyes on the girl..

”has he used her for money ritual?” I asked,,it can’t phone suddenly started ringing jolting me off my thoughts..the caller was chinyere..

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Me: chinye baby*i said jokingly*

Chinyere: your voice still cool as usual,,how are your village girls..I hope they haven’t killed you with hmm..*she clears throat*

I bursted loud laughing.

Chinyere: I have really missed you..always dreamed I s—-d that your big rod..

Although she was my best friend but that doesn’t stop us from f—–g sometimes..I later realise I have feelings for her but was scared to tell her as I don’t want to lose her friendship..

Me: miss you too..

Chinyere: am getting married next month jason..

Me: what??..

Chinyere: I want to clear my mind before the wedding..I love you jason and I have been loving you since that first day I set my eyes on you and I waited all my life just to hear you say you love me but you never did..*with calm tone*

Me: am sorry chinye..I also loved you but was scared you might not feel the same..

Chinyere: jason,,its not too late..we can still be together.,

Me: its too late chy..can’t let you stop the wedding because of me..

Chinyere: *sighed* okay..atleast my mind is free now..

We talked about many things and she later hang up..I can still remember how we met..I bumped into her the day I was searching for my department building which she showed me..I met her in the school restaurant the following week then cleared her bills..that was where our friendship began..she helped me most of the times in exam hall as she was the best in my department..

I later drifted to deep slumber only to be woken up by knocks on the door..chaii..its morning already..I quickly checked the time on my phone to see 10:36am..choi..”mtn night plan no go kill me” I murmured as I struggled to stand and put on my knicker to cover my early morning hard on..

That must be sharon,,I rushed to the door and quickly opened it to see the surprise of my life..I stood on the same spot staring agape at the figure standing before me..cynthia??..what is she doing here??..choi