My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 5


I laid on my bed at the night after I have re-tidied my room playing games on my phone when a call landed on my phone…the caller was amara..I picked it at the third ring frowning like she saw me…

Amara: hi so sorry for sister visited me..that’s why I couldn’t make it..I promise I’ll make it up you..

We chatted more and she later hang up with a kiss…I woke the next day,,yawned countless time without number,,I later check time on my phone to see late..I hurriedly stormed in the bathroom and had a quick bath..I dressed in a white shirt over a black trouser..I wore my rolex wristwatch and my guissepe shoe..

I was in my office after the long boring assembly when soft knocks landed on my door..”Come in” I said..amara walked in with a beautiful smile claded in a very short skirt showing her massive bumz and a white top..

She locked my door from behind and walked to me licking her lips..I knew the show was about starting..she wasted no time and sat on my lap with a seductive smile..

Amara: I dreamed of you the whole night..I can’t just wait to feel you inside me

Our head collided and we started kissing..she was so fast that I couldn’t catch up..she placed my right hand on her lap while my left hand was doing some jobs on her full and firm rod already at it peak of angriness as it was fighting for freedom underneath..

We quickly uncladed ourselves..after few minutes of suckings..she pull out a condom from her handbag..I hurriedly wore it and was about entering her when my rod busted the poor thing and we both stared in awe..

Amara: that is the only one I have with me..

Me: what are we going to do now..

Amara: just enter me now..I want it raw *she moaned*

I wasted no time and quickly slip my rod in her already wet kitty and she let out moans..I increased my pace and later decreased it when her moans was getting louder..we went three rounds and I later cumed inside her though not intentionally..

“You are so sweet” she said while dressing while I just smiled..she started describing how much she loved me leaving surprises on my face..ofcourse I felt nothing for the girl..just pure lust..she later left leaving me in the realm of thoughts..

After the day lesson,,I dashed out of the school compound heading sharon’s house to check on her as she was not in school..I met cynthia alone at the front of the house sitting on a small box dealing with some baskets..

Me: hi ma..

Cynthia: am still a lady oo..why is our great teacher here??

Our great teacher??..what does she mean??

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Me: *smiling* am here to check on sharon,,she is not in school today..

Her mood changed a bit though her sweet smile was still there..

Cynthia: I hope there is nothing between you and my sister?

Me: I d..ont understand *i stammered*

Cynthia: I trust can go..I’ll tell her you came by..

Me: okay..thank you..

I quickly freshen up on getting home..I claded in a simple cloth and hop on a bike to the bank to withdraw the 20k my uncle sent me earlier..the bank was very far from my place that the okada man collected 500naira..

I branched market to get some stuffs on my way back..I bought many lemon drinks which was my favourite..I saw a black polythene bag perfectly placed at the front of my door on getting to my place..I was a little scared..hope is not a bomb..

I carefully opened the polythene bag to see apples and oranges..I knew instantly that was sharon’s handiwork..make apple tree no grow for my head..

I collapsed on my bed immediately I entered my room and slept off..I woke up a bit late the nextday..I stretched my body then went to the bathroom..I dressed up after the long bathing then rushed out..

I was sitting in my very hot office wiping my sweat everyminute at break time when knocks landed on my door..sharon later walked in with her beautiful smile brain was really out of reach as I stared at her extreme beauty..

Sharon: hope am not disturbing?*she satdown*

Me: not atall..why are you not in school yesterday?

Sharon: I was not feeling okay..

Me: how are you now?

Sharon: I’ll be better,,I shouldn’t have come to school but I missed you so much..*faced down shyly*

I was ofcourse surprise hearing this,,my heart started beating loud and fast staring at the beauty before me..I later thanked her for the fruit which she said she sent cynthia..cynthia??

After the day lesson,,I dashed out of the school compound to see sharon waiting for me under the orange tree outside the school..she smiled and ran towards me..I don’t know why seeing this girl makes me happy..

She grabbed my arm childishly while walking..we were still chatting when a shiny black rangerover 2014 packed beside us..I was so surprise coz I have never seen such car in the village..

A youngman of about 26,,dark skinned,,not really handsome but smells of money stepped out of the car..sharon quickly released my arm staring at me with the look of dissapointment..

Guy: long time sharon..

She forced out a smile and walked to him..they said somethings to each other and he later opened the door for her..she sluggishly entered..the guy also entered not after flashing me his white teeth..

I can swear sharon was staring at me as she notice the suprise and anger plus confusion plastered on my face..”Grrrr” he ignited the car and they zoomed off leaving me in the jungle of different thoughts as I stood on thesame spot like a statue wondering who the guy was..chaii