My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 4


I dashed inside on getting home and quickly uncladed the heavy load I put on..I went outside to fetch water from the tap thinking I would see that boy that helped me the other day again..unfortunate for me,,I saw no one that resemble him except those chubby and fat cheek woman..

I laid on my bed watching film after freshen up,thanks to nepa..soft knocks suddenly landed on my door..I smiled knowing fully well it was amara..I sagged my knicker,ginger my swagger then opened the door..I stood transfixed on the same spot as I stared agape at sharon…chaii..this girl wan spoil my show…

Sharon: can I enter?

Me: oh,,am sorry..*i ushered her in*

We sat very close together on the bed..she brought an apple from her handbag and handed over to me..chaii…na the reason I like the girl..chaii…mak apple no kill me for this village…

”Thanks” I muttered smiling then devoured it..I would have hungrily ate it..but because I didn’t want to show her my other side(lol)..

Me: *breaking the silence* shall we start?

Sharon: what?

Me: the lesson..

Sharon: leave that o..I was coming back from the market so I just branched here…

Me: what do I deserved to be visited by an angel..

She smiled and puched my chest..ofcourse it hurts but I endured the pain without her knowing..I suddenly felt a warm hand caressing my left palm which I later realise it was sharon’s..she collected my phone viewing my pictures..

Sharon: is this your girlfriend?

She showed me my picture with chinyere,,I and chinyere were bestfriends since my polytechnic days..

Me: just a friend..

Sharon: really? tell me about your girlfriend..

Me: she is just somebody that didn’t exist in my life..

I can see her face lighten up when I said this..and the joy in her eyes seems to multiplied in extreme..

Sharon: I can’t believe a very handsome guy like you doesn’t have any girlfriend..*smiling*

We were still chatting when I suddenly felt a hand rubbing my chest region..this girl na temptation oo..the real jay has already turned to something else underneath as it kept hunting for food..chaii..

I stylishly removed her hand from my chest as my conscience kept blocking me from doing anything with her..the next thing I felt was a kiss on my lip..her lip was so sweet that I kept wondering if yale rented it in making lollipop sweet..I hurriedly kissed back while my un-patient hand quickly raced to her full and firm boobs caressing them gently..

Her hand found it way to my hard rock rod rubbing it through my no time we were both lying on the bed while I was half naked..I didn’t know what or who removed my singlet for me..

My hand changed it location and went under the short gown she was wearing rubbing her already wet kitty while she let out some moans..I was really loving every part of the sweet girl when knocks I could categorized as “fun spoiler knocks” landed on my door..

“Who the hell is that sef” I cursed in my mind then quickly wore my singlet though my angry rod still never calm..I walked to the door and opened it to see the surprise of my life..

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”Hi”she greeted with her angelic voice..

Me: hello..

Cynthia: sharon you should come out here..papa is asking for you..

Sharon rushed out..cynthia shot her angry look while she faced did she know sharon is here sef..chaii….her extremely big bumz showed vividly in the tight medium skirt she was wearing while her boobs stood attention in the pink top she rod nodded in agreement struggled to be release out of the dark dungeon..

She winked at me before they both left leaving me in the jungle of different thoughts and surprises…what did she mean?…I shut my door closed then sat on my bed watching phone ringtone suddenly came to my hearing..the number was unsaved..I quickly picked it..

Person: brother jay jay..

The voice belong to no other person than sister oluchi..I sabi her sweet thin voice die..

Me: sister oluchi..

Oluchi: I thought you won’t recognise my voice..

Me: how can I forget that your sweet voice?

Oluchi: *laughs* how are you feeling?

Me: feeling good..thanks for those nice views..that your big bumz sha..*i teased thinking I would receive insults in return*

Oluchi: *laughs* ofcourse I can see how hard your rod was when we were talking at the back of the church.. the hell did she know..ofcourse my rod nearly tore my boxers that time we were chatting..its only stupid if she difn’t notice..

Oluchi: anyway,,when are we meeting for the rehearsal..

Me: friday will be good..3pm..

Oluchi: prepared oo..

Me: prepared for wh…(She hung up)

Heavy knocks suddenly rained on my door..”it shouldn’t be that extremely dark skinned and ugly chubby lady” I prayed in my mind..

I quickly opened the door to see her showing her black teeth..”I was only me dey village?”..she comes to my place everytime to watch film when there is light..she even came with her brothers and sisters now..

Chaii..I shook my head then excused them for fresh air..nepa later took off the light..I was extremely happy..they all marched outside like u.s army and I entered my room to only rain curses on their head….chaii