My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 3


Sharon surprised me with an early visit on a saturday..she did all my laundry and tidied my room..ah don dey like this girl..we later settled in my room sitting on my bed comfortably..

Me: thank you very much sharon..

She blushed and faced down shyly..I wasted no time to quickly bring out my math textbooks..the lesson was a hectic one..she was extremely poor in mathematics..after 2hrs of non-stop teaching..I collapsed on my bed hungrily while sharon just bursted to laughter..

Sharon walked to my kitchen surprising me and cooked me rice..her sweet stew aroma nearly gave me catarrh..after we both ate..she cleared the dishes and washed getting to like this girl o..she later came back and sat with me on the bed..

Me: shall we continue now..

Sharon: no,,its okay for today..

She suddenly held my left hand caressing my palm which sent shock of life to my body and the “chairman” underneath nodded to my reaction..its been long a female held me like this,not after my break up with my female soldier sugar mummy which earned me beatings of life..

Sharon: I want to know more about you..

I told her everything share-able about me..though she was surpise at my young age and was still happy at the same time..she also told me about her..that’s where I got to know she was 19 and her mother died when she was young..

Sharon: dad told me I resembled my mum so would have been better if I knew my mum..I really missed her..

She began shedding tears leaving me no choice than to hug her..that’s when my chest and her big bossom came in d–k was already racing fast and the furious underneath..”She is my student for christsake” I thought to myself trying to eradicate the stupid thoughts that have taken control of my mind..

We chatted crazily till evening..I alarmed her of the time which was 5:16pm..she doesn’t want to leave but I insisted she leave..

Me: your father would be waiting for you and if you don’t leave now,,he might think elseway and may not even allow you to come here again..

She shrugged in resignation then stood up sadly..

”I just don’t want to leave you yet” she suprised me with her outburst while I hugged her..

”Its okay” I said calmly and we later disengaged..

I decided to accompany her but she objected claiming she don’t want to disturb me..she suprised me with a peck on my cheek then ran outside leaving me in the realm of different thoughts..

I laid on my bed in the night playing games when a whatsapp message entered my phone,,I exited the game and launch whatsapp to see”hi sweetheart” from amara..following conversations ensued:

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Me: sister amara..

Amara: call me amara are you today?

Me: am very fine are your beautiful twins?*i teased*

Amara: naughty boy..they are waiting for you to s–k them up…

Chaii..seems the night will be hotter than I ever thought..we sex chatted till I realise I have cumed to boxers..she told me she will be coming to my place the nextday and I was so happy more than ever..I later slept off with my hard on though was so painful..

The rays of light that entered my room through the windows came in contact with my closed eyes..I can hear c—s crowing and the coldness was something else..

”Today will be a very nice day” I murmured to myself..

I quickly took my bath and dressed in an italian suite with a coporate shoe..I put on my rolex wristwatch ready for church..ofcourse I was not a church(y) boy,I just don’t know why I decided to go..maybe it was because of my extreme happiness..

I located the nearest church and enter sitting at the very last seat..a very faired skin and extremely big bumz lady with medium firm boobs that was singing was whom I was staring at..she was not so beautiful but her voice was wonderful..

The pastor later stepped forward asking if there is someone that can play piano,,I don’t know the actual force that pushed me outside..ofcourse I played very well that the pastor later called me out persuading me to join them and I told him I’ll be thinking about it..

I stepped outside after the service and was heading to my place when I heard “hi”..lo and behold it was the singer lady..

Singer: brother jay..

I was wondering how she knew my name when I later remembered I said my name in the church when I was ask to introduce myself

Me: sister…(She cut in)

Singer: am oluchi..

Me: sister oluchi,,angel that sings..

Oluchi: *blushed*..please I don’t know if we could be rehearsing together

Me: that’s okay..but where?

Oluchi: am I not allowed in your place?

Me: *smiled*..let me give you the addr..(She cut in)

Oluchi: don’t bother,,I know your place…

We later exchanged contacts and she walked away though all my attention was on her big bumz..chaii…

”Like say ah go die for this village” I thought to myself grinning hard..