My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 2


I collapsed on my bed on getting home..I was really tired as I’ve worked my ass off….I drifted to deep slumber immediately and I later woked up..I checked my time to see 6:20pm..chaii..I slept so long.

I dashed outside to fetch water from the tap..a small boy I didn’t even recognised who described himself as my student helped me in fetching while I thank so mesef dey feel boss…

My 25k salary also waiting for me at the end of the month as if the respect alone is not okay for me..I’ll regret more if I didn’t come to this village..I later freshen up and picked up my phone to chat but was surprise to see 9missed calls from an unsaved number..I dialed the number wondering who it was..

”Hi handsome” a familiar feminine voice sounded from the phone jolting me off my thoughts..

Me: hello..please who is this?

Person: you can’t even recognise my voice..anyway its amara..

Me: oh aunty so sorry..

Amara: leave me oo..

Me: am sorry na..

Amara: hmm..okay honey..I waited for you like decades to call but you did not..nawa for you oo..

Me: oh,,am out of airtime *i lied*

Amara: okay oo..I just wanted to hear your voice before sleeping….

Me: my voice too sweet ni abi weytin?

Amara: naughty boy..see you tomorrow..

Me: goodnight..

Amara: bye *kiss sound*

I was left in the jungle of different thought as I laid on my bed..I later drifted to sleep and woke up very early the next day hungrily..I cooked myself breakfast and later had my bath..25minutes later met me on the lonely road to the school..

After many hours of working,break time bell later sounded..knocks landed on my office door 5minutes later..”Come in” I said..sharon walked inside with a black nylon and sat opposite me..

Sharon: hope am not disturbing?

Me: *smiled* its have you talked to your parent?

Sharon: yes..but my dad insisted he have to see you before he will grant me the permission but I don’t think you’ll agree..

Me: no problem..let’s go after today’s lesson..

Sharon: *smiling* thank you very much sir..

We chatted till break over bell was rang..that’s where I got to know her father was one of the village chiefs..I can see the sadness on her face when she heard the break over bell..she sadly stood up and left not after leaving the black nylon on my table..

The nylon was full of apples and oranges..chaii..see enjoyment for village oo..I took out of those red apples and I quickly devoured them hungrily..

Amara later entered in a nysc uniform..that’s when its dawn on me she was serving in the village..

Amara: jay jay..

Me: wow,,you are looking very good..

Amara: *blushed* thanks..

She later sat and we started gisting..though her big boobs was all I was staring d–k already turned rock as the picture of me s—–g them crepted into my brain..

Amara: you want to jump in my boobs??..

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Chaii..she caught me..I faced away shyly with a look of embarrassment..we chatted more and she later left..I took my time to arranged the books in the book shelf inside my office after the day lesson..

I later went outside to see sharon waiting for me..she walked towards where I was standing when she saw me full of smiles..chaii this girl with her too beautiful smiles..5minutes later we were on our way to sharon’s house gisting..she really had 2 masters and 5 phd’s in talking…

We later got to her house after 15minutes of walking….I can see three figures sitting at the front of the half clayed half cemented house..a big bellyman in his early fifties rested his big body half naked on a kutchin chair with his radio in his hands..

A too chubby woman seems to be sharon mother and a girl who almost looks like sharon sat few steps away from the man..sharon greeted the man who was her dad and introduced me as the teacher she was talking about..she introduced me to her niece,the lady I mistook for her mother and the other girl cynthia that happens to be her elder sister..

Cynthia really looks like sharon though sharon was more beautiful and cynthia was blessed with more bigger bumz and boobs..

”Nwa,bring this youngman something to sit on” the man said referring to cynthia…

She rushed inside and later came back with a small box which I quickly collected from her and thank her..I sat with sharon’s dad and we began talking though I caught cynthia many times stealing glances at me..

The man thanked me very much for willing to help his daughter and granted the permission to be coming to my place..

”I’ll trust you with my girl” he lastly said..chaii..sharon was an extremely pretty girl and so tempting that I sometimes have hard-on when together….

”May GOD help me ” I prayed in my mind..

Question of the day..
can I really be trusted??