My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 1


A Year Later.


I was happy when I was called for interview at kings international schools a year ago.. but it didn’t turn out well..unfortunate for me..I wasn’t qualifications were out of standard..I wasn’t that serious in my polytechnic days..I had no choice than to go to the village school I was employed to with the help of a family friend…

My trip to enugu wasn’t that long and was very boring except for one drunk decayed teethed hausa man that was making fuss with a pretty lady..

”Walai my thing biggi o,, if I cas u madam I go pieces you like trailer” the hausa man said murdering english..

”Go and pieces your mother” the lady fired back which made everybody bursted to laughter..I hopped on a bike with my heavy luggage to the self contained house I have already secured the other time I came to the village..

Its very true village girls were more beautiful than city girls..chaii..their back na gobe,,their front na wahala..

I later made my way inside my paintless medium plasma hung on the wall and the home theatres were properly arranged..the room was paintless as I have described but was well cemented contaning bathroom and a kitchen..

I dashed outside with the bucket I pulled out from the bathroom..I fetched enough water from the tap few steps away from the house..I relaxed on my medium bed after freshening up..I was thinking how my life will be in the foriegn village when my samsung s5 began ringing..the caller was my mum..

Me: hi mum..

Mum: my are you doing?

Me: am fine mum..

Mum: I have been trying your number but was not available..

Me: network here is bad..

She began all this mummy’s advices though she kept repeating “becareful of those village girls”..ofcourse they are very dangerous..

My alarm woke me as I laid on my bed far asleep “na me go break you last last”I cursed in my mind..its morning already..I didn’t even have a good sleep..those mosquitoes nearly killed me..choi..

I later claded in a white gucci top and a blue jean on a normal sneakers..I checked my handsome 22yrs old face in my small mirror,,my pink lips I could pass for jidenna’s showed vividly,,I smiled to the mirror to see my dimple revealing itself(you think am lieing?,check my pic na) though my body was like that of wizkhalifa..

I later got to the school(a government school to be precise) after 12minutes of trekking..ofcourse the seniors were using their power on those pitiful juniors..they pick dirts,cuts uncuttables.they all started staring at me as I applied enough swaggz heading to the principal’s office..the school compound was really big and very neat..

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“Kpo kpo” I knocked..”Come in” a gruffed igbo accent voice sounded from the office..I entered to see the big belly baird headed man arranging some files..he stood and we shook hands..”Welcome sir” he intoned which left some suprises look on my face..

Ontop that my very low gp..see how this man still dey respect me..I wonder what his own gp will be..that was even if he completed his school..coz the big big grammar he was dropping nearly killed me accompanied with his foul mouth odour..we chatted for few minutes and he later showed me my office..

I sat on the chair in my neatly swept and arranged office dawn with different thoughts..soft knocks later landed on my door waking me up..”Come in” I said pretending to be reading….

A very beautiful choco skinned lady of about 26 walked in..she was wearing a short tight mini skirt revealing her sexy choco leg..she had this big round bumz and a very big bossom..the chairman inside my boxers responded to my thoughts immediately..

Lady: hi..I am amara..*offerred her hand*

Me: jason..*we shook hands*

Lady: I heard from the principal we had a new teacher,,so I decided to check on you..

She was fluent and not seems to be local..though I can’t keep my eyes off her bigboobs which am sure she caught me staring at..we later exchanged contact and she left shaking her bumz left to right that I can swear she was doing it intentionally..

I was later called up by an ss3 heart beats heavily as I approached the class..I later entered the class of about 45 students and started the lesson after introducing myself as their new math teacher..I can’t believe the girls were ss3 students..ofcourse the matured face..too big boobs and bumz can’t make me believe..

I had an eye contact with one particular girl through out my lesson..she was very beautiful that I won’t doubt it if she said she was an angel..very light in complexion..was blessed with big gobe and wahala and also was the best in the class..

“Hello” I heard a sweet feminine thin voice on my way back to my office..I turned back..and lo and behold it was the girl..

Girl: hi sir..

Me: Hi *i replied quickly*

Girl: I really need your help sir..

Me: *smiled* may I help you?

Girl: am preparing for my jamb and am very poor in mathematics and physics..please sir I’ll like it if I can be having extra lessons with you..

Me: oh,,no have to give me your number so I’ll call you when am free..

Girl: I hav..e no sir..*she stammered*

What?..even a month old child is using phone this century…

Me: okay you can come to my place when you are free..

Girl: I’ll talk to my father..oh,,give me your address..

I quickly started describing my house for her which she even helped me completed the discription..

Girl: thank you the way..I am sharon….

She smiled and turned back with her bumz swaying left and right..choi..the school should be named gobe and wahala school..chaii