My Life As a Teacher Episode 22 Final


I did nothing but stared agape at the figure standing at the door as loads of saliva mixed with blood fell from my mouth..I just can’t believe my eyes,,I wish I was not tied,,I would have rubbed my eyes countless time..I wish this was a dream,,I would have quickly woke up..I watched with more surprise on my face as ada handed david the documents after they both entered..

Me: also?

Ada: don’t be surprise jason..the reason I married lincoln is because of this..a very young girl like me marrying that old man..isn’t that stupid?..after we graduated,,my parent died in a car accident and I was left alone in this cruel world..after I was raped by some gangs at the cool spot I was working for..I decided to commit suicide but david saved me..he told me about how his brother took over all his parent properties and I volunteered to help him get them back..I hope you don’t resent me..coz you are also one of tge people that almost made me commit broke up with me with a false didn’t even know how many years I suffered for heartbreak..*tears trickled down her eyes*

Me: I should have known when you kept telling me to handover the documents..go on..kill me..what are you waiting for?*i shouted*

David: *laughs* take it easy gave no reason to let you live..

He nodded to scapel who concentrated more on the pistol he was dusting with a white handkerchief..he later whistle to him to let him know..he put on his usual smirk face then aimed the gun at me..he targeted my heart and later changed the target to my rod spot..he smiled when he saw my eyes grew bigger and targeted my head..

Ada: stop..we might still need him *said calmly*

David: *thought for awhile* I don’t think so..get rid of him..seeing his face gives me goosebumps..

What’s that am hearing?..scapel also put down his gun..I think he was also hearing the same sound I was was police siren sound..the sound gradually got louder and david who was frowning at scapel started runnning helter and skelter..

Scapel: boss..its the police..what do we do?

David: shut up and let me did the..y know our hide out?..

He faced ada who was shaking as she kept looking at the floor..she noticed david was coming for her and she made to run outside when david held her back and pushed her to the wall..

David: you dare betray me?

Ada: I can’t let you kill innocents, david..your revenge is going too far..

David: who are you to talk to me like this?..I saved your life and all you do is stabbed me at the back..

He angrily pulled out a small knife from his pocket and stabbed ada as much as he could..I watched as ada slide down from the wall to the floor..david tasted her blood like a vampire and was heading towards me with mean face when scapel grabbed him..

Scapel: boss..we have to escape now..

David: no..not until I kill him *he shouted*

He angrily snatched the pistol from scapel and a gunshot was finally heard..I opened my eyes to see david on the floor in the pool of his blood while scapel knelt raising his hand..the police stormed inside and in no time they rushed ada outside..I was quickly untied and was helped up by two a result of loosing too much blood,,I fainted immediately..

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A computer was beeping from afar,,the sound was getting louder and clearer and suddenly I opened my eyes to see myself on the hospital bed with the person I never belief to be alive beside me..

Me: lizzy? You are alive?

Lizzy: yes,,aunt ada saved sorry you had to go through all that because of my family..

I touched her cheek to be more sure then quickly hugged her..

Me: am so glad you are alive..

Lizzy: me too..I can’t live without you..

Someone clears his throat,,then I realise,,becca,,jackson and bisi was there looking at the drama we are acting since..I felt a little embarrased then let out a smile but kind of scared to see bisi..but seeing her laughing reduced my fear and worriedness..

Me: where is a..da?

I watched as they all kept muted..I knew something terrible has happened to her..or the worst..lizzy later revealed to me she didn’t make it and I was so sad but what to goes on..

Two months later..I and lizzy went to a beach..I am now a millonaire and lizzy is my wife to be..we sat down beside each other laughing and gisting..

Lizzy: close your eyes..

I did so without wasting time..her lip met with mine and we were still kissing when rain started falling..I was enjoying the kiss when a slap landed on my cheek..what?..I opened my eyes to find myself on our bed(I and my younger brother ben)..the slap was from ben when he was sleep-walking..

I can’t described how disgusting it was to see me kissing ben’s butt and the rain I thought was falling in my dream was ben’s cloth already be his fault now..if no be me wey don dey house dey search for job for two years..I can’t believe I was felt so lizzy,ada,becca etc no real..I tried to sleep countless time to continue the dream..but sleep no come..chaii..its morning already..

my phone suddenly beeped..I began searching for it till I realise I was sleeping on it..I unlocked it to see I have two unreaded message..I hissed then clicked on message icon to see one from mtn and the other..oh the other from Kings International School which was one of the best school in nigeria..I quickly checked the message and it says:

“Congratulations,,you have been employed,report back on monday for more informations”..

Woah..finally..I began wondering how my life as a teacher will be in that great school that I ignored ben who was farting jacking his butt around on the bed like a troll..