My Life As a Teacher Episode 21


I stared agape as david walked towards me with the devilish smiled I ever seen..

Me: wha..t are you doing here *i stammered*

David: am here to get what’s mine..

Me: I d..ont understand*stammered again*

David: shut the hell one ever understand me..tell me that again and I’ll blow your head off..

Tears trickled down my cheek and I felt so betrayed..I shouldn’t have believe this guy from the start..

David: I heard you are still playing hard to get..

He walked more closer to me while his italian black shoe sounded one after the other..

Me: why are you doing this?

David: *smiled* I told get what’s mine..

Me: how do you mean?..I possess none of your things..

David: I heard from my brothers lawyer he is planning to will his properties..our parent’s properties for you and his daughters..he will die soon..and after I get the documents..all the properties will be mine and mine alone..

Me: what have you done to him?

David: just a little thing that will be killing him slowly..

Me: how sure are you that you will get the documents?

He angrily punched my face and my nose started bleeding..I wish I could retaliate but I couldn’t..the fear in me have turned to pure anger..I can’t control my anger as I angrily spit on his face..he laughed,,stepped back and cleaned his face..

David: Scapel,teach him some manner *referring to the giant guy I thought he was the kidnapper*

Scapel slowly walked to me showing murderous look..can’t describe how horrible and scary he was..the scars I bet he had gotten from gunshots showed vividly on his my suprise..he removed his sleeveless top..omo see no time..he turned my body to punching bag..he beat me till I think I stopped breathing..I woke up after another loads of water landed on my body..david was still standing at my front rolling his shirt sleeves..

David: so tell me youngman..where are the documents? *lit his cigarrete*

Me: I do..nt kn..ow *i forced out with blood coming out from every angle of my mouth*

David: you must be putting lizzy’s life on the line..

I quickly raised my head hearing the name..

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Me: where is she?

David: why do I have to answer you..well..she is safe for now..but if you are like this..I can’t guarantee her safety anymore..*blew his cigarrette smoke to my face while I coughed heavily*

Me: don’t dare touch even her hair or I’ll kill you..

David: *bursted to laughter* let’s see how you’ll do that..I can see you no longer care for the girl..scapel..tell them to finish her of..(I interrupted)

Me: wait..*i shouted*

Scapel who was about dialling a number locked his phone and put it back in his pocket..

Me: I’ll tell you where the document is..but in-return you have to release lizzy..

David: I give you my word..

Me: its in my….its under my bed..*i forced out with tears in my eyes*

David smiles then brought his phone from his pocket..he dialed a number..

David: he said the documents are under his bed..*with low voice*

I wonder who he was calling..but am sure its someone that’s living with us in the house..who could that it becca? Or ada? really confuse right this guy have been planning this all long..

Me: I have given you what you release lizzy what you want me *i stammered,.thought I don’t really mean this*

David: sure I’ll release her..but only her body..

Me: what do you mean?

David smiled and gave scapel a go ahead gesture..scapel brought out his phone then dialed a number..I was really scared wanting to know what he was really trying to do..

Scapel: finish her..

Me: what? promised to release her..

David: but I didn’t promised to release her alive..

Me: please..I beg of you *crying profusely*

David: too late man..

He stretched his hand out towards scapel and scapel gave him his pistol with smirk..he wasted no time and shot my other arm and I screamed in greatest pain..tears were not even coming out again as I have already shed all my loosing too much blood already..

David: this is for taking so long to tell me where the documents was..

He aimed the gun at my chest again..and I was just smiling fully prepared to die..oh my mum..and she warned me not to interfere in anyone’s business..

David: let’s end things here..

He gently rubbed the trigger and was about pulling it when knocks landed on the door..he handed the gun to scapel while I breathed deeply as he heads to the door..