My Life As a Teacher Episode 20


I was immediately cuffed..becca made to argue with them when I stopped her..I was pushed outside like a real criminal..we later made our way to their van while becca was crying following like a zombie and I can see the gatekeeper putting his hands on his head staring at us..we entered the van and zoomed off..

We were sitting opposite each other..the smirk on the first policeman never dissapear while the second one murderous look increased 20times..after 40minutes on the road..I was suprised when they began removing there uniform..the tattoos on their arm showed vividly as it was the same..a skull head..

Me: are yo..u a polic..emen? *i stammered*

They both bursted to laughter and pull out a white big sack under the seat..I began trembling in fear as they reveal two corpse which were real policemen in the sack..

Me: help *i shouted*

They quickly covered my nose with a white handkerchief and I gradually lost my breath till everything went blank..I woke up breathing heavily after loads of water found its way to my body..I was already tied to a chair in a very dark blurry vision became clearer and a deep voice which I recognised as lizzy’s kidnapper sounded from the dark..

Kidnapper: welcome to hell are putting your life on the line to save that crazy family..

Me: they are not crazy,,you are the crazy one…*i blurted out*

Kidnapper: *laughs histerically* where are the documents?

I was just staring at his dark figure already wet my pant..He lit a torch to my face and I did nothing but close my eyes in fear..his voice is not as deep as the voice that speaks to me on phone…he switched off the light and he slowly lit his cigarrette with his no time the smells of the cigarrette has already filled the room which made me cough heavily..

Me: I don’t know where it is *i replied still coughing*

Kidnapper: I won’t ask again..where are the documents?

Me: I told you I don’t know where it is? *replied with scared tone*

Kidnapper: *laughs* I’ll be here again tomorrow..tomorrow will be the last day you’ll live anyway..

I heard him opening the door and later closed it..the rest of the day seems to be like a year to me..I was hungrily..I can’t believe I still slept off in my situation..the sound of the door woke me up..I guess its another day..I hear “tick” and the light came on..there I have a clear view of the kidnapper..he is very giant and tall,,skinned head with tattoo all over his body as he was wearing sleeveless top and a crazy jean..

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Me: who are you?

Kidnapper: the one who will kill you soon..*smirked*

A thunder struck in my heart..will I really die..oh my mum..Abigail..I don’t know when tears began falling from my eyes..

Kidnapper: so jason..where are the documents?

Me: I d..on’t know *i stammered*

He angrily pull out his pistol from his back pocket..he cocked it and aim it at me..

Kidnapper: tell me where it is and I’ll spare you..

I just kept muted staring at him with loads of sweat dripping down my neck..he was about pulling the trigger when my phone began ringing in my back pocket..the guy brought it out and immediately smiled staring at the caller..

Kidnapper: its lincoln..tell him you’ve betrayed him and have ran away..if you say anything else..I’ll *gestures to kill me by swiping his hand round his neck*

He picked the call then put it on loudspeaker..

Lincoln: you this ingrate you are planning to take me down…where is my daughter?..where is lizzy..*he shouted*

Me: I didn’t ki..dnap her sir *i cried*

The man pointed the gun at my head staring murderously..

Me: am sorry I betrayed you sir..

Lincoln: where are you hiding bastard?

Me: I…*the man cut the call*

Kidnapper: perfect..*he laughs histerically* beginning to like you..

His phone suddenly rang out loud and he picked it immediately..

Kidnapper: can come in..

About 12minutes later..the door opened..staring agape at the person that entered with a devilish smile sent electric shock round my body and I was paralysed not able to move any of the parts of my body….

David: hello jason