My Life As a Teacher Episode 19


I stared at her agape while she also stared doubt,,mr lincoln will chase me out if he finds out..

Me: are you sure its not for mr lincoln?

Ada: why are you acting childishly..the man just married me for nothing,,he have never bleep me..

Me: but how can you be so sure am responsible? *let out with scared tone*

Ada: you are the only one I have had sex with after my marriage with lincoln..

My eyes grew bigger,,my head was ringing really in trouble..she made to hold my hand but I moved away..

Me: am sorry..I can’t just accept the pregnancy without any proof or evidence*said coldly*

I turned back and was walking to the door..

Ada: you want proof..take one more step and I’ll show you the evidence by telling lincoln you forcefully raped me which results to this pregnancy..

My leg stuck to the ground..I tried to move it but I couldn’t..I knew am finished the moment I take another step..I turned back to face her..tears already filled her eyes..

Me: what do you suggest we do? *i asked calmly*

Ada: now you are talking..let’s give these people those documents and in-return ask them to pay us a life-changing cash..we will then fly off to germany after..

Me: what? can I do this?..

Ada: I know the document is with you..

Me: yes..but…(She cut in)

Ada: hand it over jason..that’s the only way we can save ourself..

I was lost in the paradice of thoughts..truly that’s the only way to save my ass..the thought of lizzy weakened me and at thesame time made me react angrily to ada’s suggestion..

Me: how can you think like this? *almost shouted*

Ada: its the only way jason..

Me: I’ll rather rot in jail than to do this sorry am not into this your stupid and cruel idea..

I stormed out not giving her any chance to talk..yes I was so angry that I was having a headache..I stormed into my room and jumped on my bed..I unlocked my phone and began viewing lizzy’s pictures..I really missed her..later in the night..I was still in my usual thoughts when soft knocks landed on my door..I thought it was ada so I angrily walked to the door but opened it to see becca smiling at me in her pyjamas..she was holding a champagne bottle with a glass cup..I was staring at her with suprise shown on my face..

Becca: can I enter?

Me: *smiled* come in *i let her in*

She sat on my bed and I sat with her..the great perfume fragrance she wear has already filled my room..

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Becca: you must be thinking of lizzy aren’t you?

Me: *smiled* I missed her..

Becca: drink some champagne..

She poured me some champagne in a glass cup and I quickly gulped it down..yes..this is what I need to forget head is full and might even explode if I kept thinking..

Me: thanks becca..

We talked while I drink alongside..I noticed she wasn’t drinking..

Me: you should drink some too..

Becca: I don’t drink champagne,,it makes my tommy hot..

I just smiled and continued drinking..I wish its all ends here,,I wish I couldn’t remember anything again..the glass cup suddenly fell from my hand and it shaltered to eyes began force-closing till I finally slept eyes opened to meet the rays of light that entered my room through the window,,everything that happened yesterday night kept replaying in my head..

I hit my head trying to remember everything..I knew am missing something..I checked my time to see 10:21am..chaii..I dashed downstairs hungrily to see becca sitting watching her cartoon again..

Becca: morning handsome..

Me: thanks for yesterday night..

She smiled while I just patted her shoulder and was about leaving when someone pushed the door opened..I looked at the direction so scared to see two red eyes giant policemen..what are they here for?..

Policeman 1: are you mr jason? *smirked*

Me: yes..*stammered*

Policeman 2: *staring murderously* youngman you are under arrest for the murder and for conspiring to take down….*rolled the handcuff*