My Life As a Teacher Episode 18


I wasted no time to explain all that’s going on to becca..we both dashed to the hospital as it was the hospital I was recently discharged from..we entered the hospital with fear clearly shown on my face,,we asked for jackson’s ward and we were allowed to enter..he laid on the bed covered with plasters even on his head while the doctor stood beside him,,he quickly recognised me when he saw me,,I wonder how many bullets he received..

Me: how is he?

Doctor: he is still breathing though haven’t open his eyes..we removed 3 bullets from his arm,2 from his chest and 1 from his head..

Chaii..I don’t know when tears started falling from my eyes..

Becca: will h..e m..ake it? *she stammered*

Doctor: its a good thing he’s still breathing..but I can’t assure you he will be okay..

I can’t lose jackson..”I am the cause of all this” I cursed in my mind..I quickly pull out my phone from my pocket then dialed david’s number..he quickly picked it like he was expecting my call before..

David: hey dude..

Me: dave am in trouble

David: what’s going on with you?..why are you in trouble?

Me: they have her..they li..zzy *i stammered*

David: what? did it happened?

*i explained to him including how jackson was brutally shooted*

David: calm down,,it will be okay..I’ll call you later *hung up*

We later left the hospital,,I entered the house with my already red and swollen eyes..I can feel my body was not mine again like am carrying the body of a troll and its feels heavy that I even managed to walk while becca also followed like a zombie..I crashed myself on the couch lost in the paradise of thoughts..becca then sat beside me holding my hands..

Me: I shouldn’t have entered this house,,all this won’t be happening..

Becca: jason its not your fault,,stop blaming yourself..

Me: what am I going to do now when your dad finds out?..

Becca: no one will tell dad and am sure uncle david will get lizzy out soon..everything will be okay here for you..

I looked into her gaze for the first time then collapsed my head on her shoulder crying phone suddenly rang..I wiped off my tears thinking it was david..but I was suprise and scared at the same time when I saw the caller’s identity was hidden..I took my phone with my shaky hand..I picked the call then changed it to loud speaker

Me: he…llo

Caller: hello must know right now we have your lover..

*i and becca both looked at each other suprisingly*

Me: what do you want sir?

Caller: *laughed* are you not the one shouting on me last time?..why don’t you shout now? have a sore throat?

Me: *heaved a sigh* am sorry sir..please what do you want?..

Caller: its simple..

Me: what’s that?

Caller: all lincoln’s properties document..

Me: what?

Caller: you can’t do it?,,should I just put a bullet in your lover’s head?

“Don’t give him” I heard lizzy’s voice..”Shut up” the man shouted at her..

Caller: I’ll give you a call after 5days..your lover will be with us till then..*hung up*

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Me: hello..hello..hello sir *i shouted*

I angrily threw my phone on the table when I realise he have already hang up..what do I do now..this is so terrible..I quickly picked up my phone and called david..I explained everything to him,,he later ended the call with “I’ll call you later” again..I later retired to my room and immediately crashed on my bed lost in the jungle of thoughts…my phone later started ringing..once again I thought it was david but it was he been told?..I am surely dead how are you my son..

Me: am ..fine sir *trying to be normal* what’s wrong with you voice? everything okay?

Me: everything?..yes sir..everything is okay sir.. alright,,I just called to tell you I’ll return 3days time..

Me: what?..*nearly shouted* is something wrong?

Me: I was just suprise sir.. okay..bye for now..wait..lizzy number was not reachable..what’s wrong?

Me: she is..I mean she is..sleeping..she said she have headache.. oh,make sure she took her drug..

Me: that’s no problem sir.. are you sure everything is okay?

Me: sure sir.. okay son..bye for now..*hung up*

I was breathing heavily holding my phone phone suddenly beeped of incoming message..I unlocked my phone then clicked on message icon with my heart beating unpatiently..the message was:

“Let’s talk” from ada..I hissed angrily then went to her room..I didn’t bother knocking and just entered to see her sitting on her bed fully dressed in a brown shiny gown and her pink lip stick is well seen..I sat beside her..

Me: why are you back early? *pretending am okay*

Ada: I heard it all from david..I came to check if you are okay..why don’t we just handed them the document?

Me: what?..I can’ not the owner of the documents..besides I don’t know where it is *i lied*

Ada: you are so close with lizzy,,how can you not know where the document is?..

Me: I really don’t know,,you called me here to tell me all this trash? *almost shouted*

Ada: no jason..calm down..I came here to tell you we have another problem..

Me: *my heart pounds* *i stammered*

Ada: am pregnant…

Me: why is that my concern?

Ada: I mean for pregnant for you jason..