My Life As a Teacher Episode 17


The nurses quickly ran to me to check me up..I told them what’s going on with me but they seems not to believe as they said I was hallucinating and that was the side effect of the injection I received..I later kept muted so they won’t think I’m mad..they gave me another sleep pills and I quickly swallowed them while they turned off the light and went outside..I later woke up in the morning feeling pain all over my body,,I seems to have a very rough sleep coz I was scared I’ll be murdered..I was still yawning when mr lincoln call landed on my phone..I quickly picked it.. hello son,,how are you feeling right now?

Me: am good sir.. I heard about it all and am deeply sorry..

Me: its nothing sir.. I’ll make sure to return home as soon as possible..but son.. becareful..

Me: okay sir *hung up*

Jackson later arrived and we went home..on getting home..we alighted..jackson helped me in walking coz I am not fully healed,,I no be superman now..we later entered the sitting room to see lizzy pacing around the sitting room probably waiting for us..jackson went back outside and I went upstairs with lizzy..we sat beside each other holding hands..

Lizzy: uncle david told me everything..what are we going to do now..coz it doesn’t seems they will stop..

Me: don’t worry honey..everything will soon be okay..*i fake smiled*

Am also scared and worried coz I don’t wanna die young..I haven’t even phone suddenly began ringing and I checked the caller to see the caller identity was hidden..I hesitated first before picking it,,my heart can’t stop pounding heavily as I gradually stick my phone to my hear..

Me: he..llo *i stammered*

Caller: bravo!!!…so you survived..*a thick male voice*

Me: w..ho ar..e yo..u *i stammered again*

Caller: don’t be scared youngman..calm yourself..I just called to warn you..leave the family now and forever if you value your life..

Me: *i summoned courage* who are you to tell me to leave?

Caller: *laughs* you are really stupid,,think about this because I won’t warn you again..take care youngman..*hang up*

My breathing wasn’t normal again while I was sweating profusely..

Lizzy: what’s happening?

Me: *fake smiled* its nothing..

Lizzy: talk to me honey,,what’s going on?

Me: I think the person called wrong number *i lied*

To prevent her from asking more questions,,I quickly kissed her hand and began telling her how much I loved her..she smiled and our lip later met..we kissed for some minutes but nothing happened between us ..she later left me to rest while I laid on my bed after freshen up and I kept thinking about the caller’s warning..what if he really kills me..chaii..”I can’t risk my life” I thought to myself..I decided to call david but he didn’t pick my calls..I was still on this when I slept off..

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Two days later(monday)..I was still in the house..nothing bad happened so I think those guys have already stopped,,my friendship with david became smoother that we tell everything about each other,I and becca are now friends..she was really interesting..

I gradually opened eyes and yawned twice before standing its morning already..I checked my time to see 9:10am..what?..I slept so long?..I later head downstairs coz i was hungry like a devil..I climbed down the stairs to see becca sitting on the couch watching cartoon..

Becca: was your night?

Me: cool..lizzy?

Becca: oh,she went to the supermarket awhile ago with jackson..

Me: okay *sat beside her*

Then I realise she was wearing a sleeveless underwear-like top that reveals her massive white boobs..I can’t just stop staring and sure she caught me as she smiled and shifted more closer to me..

Becca: did you like what you just saw?

I just stared at her not saying anything..before I knew it..her hand already found it way to my joystick and she was gently caressing it..its been long since I’v bleeped so I was turned on immediately like parsun generator..I placed my hand on her God gifted boobs,squeezing them like there is no tomorrow while kissing alongside..she have already removed her cloth while I have almost removed mine..suddenly my phone began ringing..I angrily picked it on the glass table to see the caller was jackson..I picked it..

Me: hey jack..

Person: are you the phone owner’s boss?

Me: sure..wh..y? *i stammered*

Person: he was shot by armed robbers and now in our hospital..

Me: yeeeh*i shouted*..what about the girl who was with him?

Person: I am sorry but there is no girl with him..

I was sweating profusely while my whole body trembled in fear..its obviously not armed robbers..Its those guys again..I pray nothing bad happened to lizzy..