My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 8


I hurriedly stood up and quickly wore my knicker while cynthia laid on the bed covering herself with a blanket to my surprise,,chaii,this girl don finally kobalise(implicate) me..the knocks came again and this time increased the flame of thoughts that was burning inside hand was shaking as I was holding the door knob while I felt my heart pounding very hard..

I finally opened the door and the set of rainbow coloured teeth flashed to my eyes..the fat cheek has became fatter due to something stuff in was onyinye my neigbour that came to return my was obvious she saw cynthia as she winked at me..I quickly closed my door,,cynthia was now fully dressed as she sat on the bed full of smiles while I sat with her..

Me: *breaking the silence* so what shall I offer you??

Cynthia: *smiled* anything…

Me: I hope angel takes lemon drink??

She bursted to laughter then slapped my arm playfully while I just smiled and later poured her the lemon drink in a glass cup..she suddenly collected my phone and flashed her phone..

”My sweetheart” she murmured as she was saving my number..what??

Cynthia: that’s my number,,save it *giving me my phone*

We started chatting,,i got to know that she is 21..I taught her some things in biology and she later left when her father called her..I crashed on my bed immediately I entered my room after I have accompanied her with different thoughts..

The strange odour from my armpit made me realise I haven’t taken my bath,,with flash speed,I have fetched water and I quickly entered the bathroom,,after many minutes of bathing,,I finally stepped in my room..

My phone constant led blinking made me unlock it to see 15missed calls..what??..all from cynthia..cheii..I hissed then ignored it,,I was about locking my phone when her call came in again,,weytin dey do this girl sef..I hissed loudly then picked it..

Me: hi angel…(No be me dey hiss now?)

Cynthia: its unfair jason..its really unfair..I knew you delibrately ignored my calls..I knew you were planning on dumping me after what we did..but believe me you had a wrong….*sniffing like she has been crying*

Chaii,,weytin I don cause oo..for a moment I regretted being too handsome..”What have I put myself into now and its you idiot” I cursed in my mind referring to my rod that stood attention,,judging how hard it was,,can be used as sword,,samurai sword to be precise..chaii..

Me: (cut in….) Its not what you thinking cynthy..I was in the bathroom,,that’s why I couldn’t answer know I can’t snub an angel’s call..God will be even more angrier with so sorry..

I knew she will be blushing as silence took over the phone for few seconds before I heard her said “really?” Amidst chuckles..but we are not dating are we?..chaii..I said some sweet words to her and later hang up..

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She didn’t failed to send many messages at night,,some were how she loved me and can never do without me and how she can’t wait to feel me inside her again,,she even revealed she fell for me the firstday she saw me at her house..then it dawned on me am in serious trouble,,it would have been better if psquare featured me in their “danger” song..

I was in my office on monday when mrs vivian walked in with her too fat body..mrs vivian have been acting weird since the day I was employed to the school,,she will delibrately touch her flat boobs,winked and licked her big black lip whenever she was talking to me.

Even though my rod is shameless,,it still have taste..I always reciprocated her winks with cold stares even though she hasn’t given up yet..

Mrs vivian: mr handsome jay..

Me: goodmorning ma..

She later gave me some files to sign and I quickly did..she then walked out not after winking which I just ignored..knocks later landed on my door and I frowned thinking it was mrs vivian again,,but she will never knock now..”Come in” I said..sharon walked inside with the smile I think I am never gonna get tired brain suddenly stopped working staring at the epitome of beauty before me..

Sharon: goodmorning sir..

Me: *i stammered trying to take my eyes off*..

Sharon: *sat* something wrong?

Me: oh,, who was that guy that you followed the other day..

Sharon: *smiling* prince marcus?

Prince?..chaii..that’s why he got so much money..

Me: *with my eyes opened wide* a prince?..but..wh..ats your relationship with him??..

It was like I asked a question I shouldn’t have asked as she faced down and I can see tears trickled down her face..what??..

Me: wha..ats happening??,,its okay if you don’t want to tell me..

Sharon: *wiped her tears* no I want to tell father was a low ranked chief,,it was great for him when prince marcus showed interest in me,,he saw it as an opportunity to climb to a higher position neglecting my own feelings..I have to marry him after finishing secondary school,,he travelled to canada before but he is back now..I don’t love him jason..I really don’t..*tears like river flowing down her cheek*

That was the first time she will be calling me with my name and yes its sounds cool like she was the one that gave me the name..

Sharon: I mean uncle jason *she quickly apologised*

Me: its nothing *i smiled*

Tears filled her eyes as she narrated her story..I held her hand calming her down..I can hear my heart beating like a talking drum with different sounds..we were both staring at each other with a little gap between our face..was just about colliding when someone pushed the door open..