My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 9


We quickly adjusted but it was too late,,naughty smirk clearly shown on val’s face made it obvious he caught us..val was a also teacher,taller than me and dark skinned,,though not so handsome..

”Uhn uhn” he clears throat..”Time for the meeting bro” he said then left not after winking at me..I followed him few minutes while sharon went to her class..

I was on my way home after the day lesson when the same rangerover passed by me heading to the school,,he had an evil smile plastered on his face when our eyes met due to the already rolled down car window..

”what’s with that marcus guy sef” I said angrily..I clenched my teeth then increased my pace..

I was reading for the nextday in my room after I have freshen up when soft knocks landed on my door which got me confused,,I checked my time to see 4:15pm..I was expecting nobody today..

I sluggishly opened the door and cynthia rushed inside and dumped her whole body on me kissing my neck took me more than samson’s strenght to get her off myself..

Me: what are you doing cynthia? *almost said angrily*

Her face fell as she drew back in shock hearing my angry tone for the first time..I watched as tears trickled down her face while I bit my lower lip now regretting my action..

Cynthia: I really missed you jason..I knew you think of me as a s– sorry but I thought we are no longer stranger..I’ll take my leave now *bursted to tears*

It breaks my heart to see someone especially a girl crying because of me..what if she tell sharon what we did?..this girl is dangerous..she was about walking out of the opened door when I held her back then closed the door while she was still crying..

Me: am sorry cynthy..I wanted to ask why you are here coz am really surprised to see you..I fell off a bike yesterday when I was coming when you jumped on me you mistakenly hit the wounded area..*i lied*

Her eyes widen when she heard my superstory and she drew closer..

Cynthia: a..m sorry..oh my God,,I really didn’t know..*with a worried face*

I was happy she bought my lies..choi..don’t know where the inspiration came from sef..

Me:*smiling* its nothing,,just know a man in his right mind can’t think of an angel like you a s–t..

She made to check the wounded area but I assured her am fine that it was just an internal injury..she suddenly drew more closer with an inch between our face..

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”oh God I know I can’t overcome this temptation but please forgive me” I thought to myself as I sheepishly stared at her..

“Oh boy release me na,you no sabi say person dey hungry,,mcheew” my rod sent the message to my brain..

Cynthia: but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves.. does it? Am so h—y sweetheart *with seductive smile*

She whispered the “am so h—y sweetheart” to my ear throwing my brain in the pit of flames,,more powerful than hell flames..I tried to say something but nothing came out of my mouth..

In no time our lip were locked and my hand raced to her big boobs squeezing them like there is no tomorrow..she suddenly withdrew her lip staring at me..

Cynthia: I love you jason..would have been better if you could hear how my heart is beating for you..I don’t know how I’ll live if you leave me..don’t you feel anything for me?..

Me: I wouldn’t have been doing this if I felt nothing for you..

Choi..where did that come from..don’t blame must have been my rod that replied..

Cynthia: really? *smiling*

She didn’t wait for me to reply as she pressed her lip to mine again and we started kissing while my hand quickly got back to its previous job..we later landed on the bed naked still short,,we went 4rounds before collapsing on the bed exhausted..

We later went to the bathroom together where we had another round of hot bleeping..she later went home and i laid on my bed with my conscience flogging me..I knew am in deep shit..shit would be understatement,,am in do I tell the girl I felt nothing for her..chaii..

I was still in my thought when my phone ringtone jolted me was amara..oh amara..I quickly picked it..

Me: hello angel..

Amara: long time jay,,I’v been extremely busy,,that’s why I wasn’t in school regularly,,an..d jason am returning to my city tomorrow *said sadly*

Me: I’ll miss you dear *for my mind,weytin concern me,go and die na*

Amara: I’ll miss you too sweetheart..I’ll be coming over to your office very much prepared *with low tone*

Chaii..we chatted more and she later hanged up..seems tomorrow will be hotter than phone suddenly made a beep sound and I quickly unlocked it to see I have an unread message..I clicked on the message icon to see..”Am missing you honey”..from cynthia..I needed no seer to tell me am in trouble..see wahala..what am I going to do now..chaii..