My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 16


Me: g..ood *i stammered*

Cynthia: of course,,I went to doctor yesterday after some weird symptoms..i really thought it was a malaria until the result of the test says..jason are you there?

Me: for Christ sake am hearing you madam..

Cynthia: says am pregnant..we both know you are responsible so sorry for all I’ve done Jason..we can start all over again..we have to take care of our baby..

Me: what can you be so sure I am responsible for the pregnancy a s–t like you is carrying *almost shouted*

Cynthia: *bursted to laughter* you need explanation,,then I’ll give you..the truth is I was still seeing my period the last time we had sex..i was trying to tell you,,but you were blinded by lust,,we will be hitched immediately if my dad knows,,its in our tradition not to give birth before traditional marriage or the father will die..and you know..i won’t want you to die..i can’t believe you are finally mine *chuckled*..we will only have 4 kids oo..two boys, two girls..i should give you some times to prepare..till you sweetheart *hung up*

I just stood on the same spot not able to remove my phone from my ear,,I was sweating really hard..surely I must be dreaming,,I slapped my face so I could wake up,,then I realise its really happening,,my life is now like one corner dance,,very doomed…i later slept off in my complicated situation ignoring Jenny’s messages and calls..

I woke up a little bit late the nextday…i can feel pain all over my neck..d–n!!.. I had no good sleep..i kept dreaming I married Cynthia.. chesus.. God forbid.

I quickly searched for my Yoruba Bible then muttered some prayers of not letting the dream come true..i later got to school after eating breakfast..i was marking tests in my office when I heard break time bell..chaii 0/30…

”Olodo oshi” I said to myself..i smiled as I was marking Sharon script..she was supposed to score 29..well I gave her 30/ you have anything to say concerning that?..soft knocks later landed on my door and Sharon entered smiling…

Me: what is the queen doing in my office?

Sharon: *smiled* to see her king…i have missed you so much..*sat down*

Me: same what’s up?

Sharon: I heard Marcus had a fiancee..but unfortunately she have already broke up with him…

Me: r…eally? *i stammered*

Sharon: yeah..i heard she is the governor’s daughter..

What?.. Jenny is a governor’s daughter..i better run for my dear life..break over bell was later rang..

Sharon: I’ll be going now..

Me: sure you are free..

Sharon: don’t you know what to do? *she closed her eyes*

I smiled and pecked her lip and she later left..i got home after the day lesson to see my door unlocked..chesus..but I locked my sure I locked it..or I didn’t locked it..i was still lost in thinking when I smelled an was jollofrice..i had catarrh immediately..the aroma was from my house..there is only one..oh Jesus..its Cynthia..she still have the spare key..

I rushed inside to hear her singing in the kitchen..the first song that came into my mind was Davido fia song..i don’t mean she should die oo..

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Me: cynthia*i shouted*

Cynthia: oh, he is back..*she stepped in my room*

Me: what are you doing here? *now sweating*

Cynthia: what am I doing?..ofcourse to cook for my sweetheart..

Me: thank you but I don’t need your food ma..can you leave now?

Cynthia: *smiled* this is not how to treat a wife to know..

I just stared angrily at the I wish I have a gun that time..i would,,, I would..i was just joking there is nothing I’ll do..

Cynthia: say hi to your handsome father *speaking to her stomach*

“talk and I’ll stab you” I said in my mind referring to the baby who doesn’t even know anything..

Ladies and gentlemen.. As a result of not able to do anything.. I have to leave her.. She served the food after she was done cooking.. I couldn’t even detect the taste as am so angry.. I was glad when her father called her and she left.. I picked up my phone immediately then called val.. He is my problem solver…he picked at second ring..

Val: Jay you dey na..

Me: guy am not okay at all..

Val: you Don dey another problem *he laughed*

I narrated everything..

Val: hmm..i have something that I’ll give just have to put it in a drink for her to drink..the pregnancy will be erased..

Me: chesus.. val..what if something happens to her.. I don’t want problem oo..

Val: don’t worry..i have tried it several times and it works..

Me: chaii..val the bad guy..

He later hung up after gisting for few minutes..i placed my phone on my bed very relax..”at last I’ll be free from the witch” I said to my self with a smirk…