My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 17


I laid on my bed on Saturday morning whistling to the cold weather and smiling all by myself..yes,, I’ll be carrying out my plan today as I have already collected the small powdery substance from val the previous day..he is truly a friend…i remember calling Cynthia the previous night..following conversations ensued..

Cynthia: hi love.. This one that you call..hope am safe..

Me: *angry but quickly controlled my anger*..i was just missing you hon

Cynthia: am I really speaking with Jason..the Jason I knew can never miss me..

Me: you are so wrong baby..i realise lately am in love with you..yes we can start all over again baby..

Cynthia: really? *she shouted*

“is that him? ” I heard a thick voice which I recognised as her father’s immediately.

.”yes dad” she replied..

”tell him I want to see him as soon as possible so we could talk about the traditional wedding”…

” dad” she stammered..chaii..see me see wahala..

Cynthia: you heard that right?

Me: sure,,it’s nothing.. I’ll visit him very soon..*smiled to myself*

Cynthia: Eeerm..should I come and spend the night with know,,so you won’t be lonely..

“God forbid” I almost said..spend night for where..

Me: friend is will be spending the night here..he was chased out by landlord..

Cynthia: oh,, that’s cruel..

Me: yes it is..eerrm..can you come over tomorrow then

“and get your f—–g pregnancy aborted” I didn’t say that though…

Cynthia: I’ll be busy tomorrow but dont worry.. I’ll try and make time for you.. I’ll call you when am coming..

Me: okay..thank you baby..*kisses the phone and hung up*

I smiled to myself as I scrolled to the next page of the story book I was reading,,so Mesef get sense like this..all thanks to phone started ringing about 2hrs later..the number was an unsaved number..that must be Cynthia..i quickly answered the call after clearing throat several times…

”hello fool” a very thick voice said..

Me: who am I speaking with?

Person: you don’t need to know fool..So you really wanna die ugh?? took Sharon from me and now you wanna steal my Jennifer..get the hell away from her while am asking nicely.. Trust not so cool..this is your last warning…*hung up*

I dropped my phone with different thoughts running through my mind..did Marcus just called me?..i remembered his big bodyguards..chesus am dead..few seconds later,,my phone started ringing again..i slowly checked the caller to see Jenny..I stared at my phone screen for few seconds before picking..

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Me: hi jenny

Jenny: oh my God Jason..did you know how worried I am..why are you snubbing my calls..i didn’t even had a good sleep coz I thought something bad happened to you..

Me: am sorry Jenny but..

Jenny: I know marc would have threatened have nothing to worry about Jason..its so boring here..can you come over? And you know I hate NO.. Be expecting you *hung up*

Marcus warning kept ringing in my head..chaii..the dude seems dangerous..i don’t wanna die young…my phone suddenly beeped of new inbox…”am on my way love” from Cynthia..i smiled to myself as I tidied my room..

15minutes later..knocks landed on the door waking me up from my nap..

”come in” I said…cynthia entered with her sexy smile and clad in a pink-blue gown..she is beautiful to be sincere..i stood up then hugged her..

”welcome” I said calmly…we disengaged then sat together on the bed..

Me: so what shall I offer you?

Cynthia: *smiled* am not a stranger please..i can serve myself anytime..

Me: I know..i don’t want you to be stressing yourself..okay?..

Cynthia: *smiled* I can’t really believe we are back together…anyway..give me anything..

I stood up then head to the fridge..i pulled out a 5alive drink..i headed to kitchen for the glass cup..i looked everywhere to be sure am safe then brought out the white powdery thing from my pocket which I quickly spilled some in a glass cup..having same colour with the glass,,no human being will notice..i stepped in the room then pour the 5alive in the same glass cup with the substance inside for her to drink..she was about drinking when knocks landed on my door..chesus Christ..who is that..

I quickly stood then rushed to the door..i opened the door to see onyinye again..the amount of facial powder she used nearly made me blind..she showed her brown teeth then returned my charger..i quickly closed the door but before I could say anything..i saw nothing in the glass cup again..

Me: are you okay?

Cynthia: am okay..its just that I am feeling dizzy all of a sudden..

I smiled in my mind..the drug is working..”yeeh” she shouted..

Me: whats happ…ening *i stammered*

Cynthia: am in my stomach..the p..ain is too much Jason..

I was just running here and there..what to do now..i shouldn’t have done this…she suddenly lifted the glass cup staring at it..

Cynthia: *tears trickled down her face* Jason you…..*now staring at me*..

Me: ee..errm..err *stammering*

Cynthia: talk you fool*she shouted*..w..hat h..ave I done to dese..rve it a to be in *gasping for breath*…in…l..o..*she collapsed on the floor*

I stared at her while I was breathing very hard and if only my sweat could be will rain for two weeks non this is the end of me…what to do now?…