My Life As a Teacher Episode 8


Later in the night..I laid on my bed playing games on my phone,,I wasn’t really concentrating as what bisi said kept replaying in my head..what if bisi tells her..I was still on this when miss anna call came in..

Me: hello ma

Miss anna: you should stop using ma for is your father?

Me: what father?..oh he is now okay…

Miss anna: can we meet tomorrow?

Me: I’ll be staying with my father in the hospital *i lied*

Miss anna: alright,,you should come to my office on monday then..can’t wait to feel you inside me..

Me: but..where is your husband?

Miss anna: *sighed* he is out there fighting for our nation..its been a year since I set my eyes on him..

Me: you mean?

Miss anna: don’t have no problem..

Me: expecting me on monday..make sure to not wear pant *i tease*

Miss anna: *laugh* I’ve heard you..naughty guy..see you on monday then *hung up*

Lizzy call enter immediately miss anna hung up..

Me: hi liz

Lizzy: I thought you won’t pick my call..I called you in the morning but fail to pick my call..

Chaii..I remember seeing her calls when I was bleeping bisi..I forgot to call her back..

Me: am sorry..I was about calling back when my phone died..

Lizzy: I am not myself since morning..

Me: what happened?

Lizzy: didn’t you caused it? always like that if I haven’t heard your voice..

Me: *smiled* am sorry..

Lizzy: apology missing you *with calm voice*

Me: same here..*i found myself saying*

I think I have fallen for the girl..I can’t deny am also missing her..we chatted like lover for almost 30minutes before she wished me goodnight and hang up..I dropped my phone on the bed thinking about the girl..I was still doing this when I drifted to wonderland..the nextday was sunday..chaii..I really hate sunday..bisi came after church and we went many rounds of hotsex though she won’t stop describing how much she loves me till she left..

Later on monday..I woke up very tired..I later went to the bathroom and had my bath..I dressed up after bathing then went to school..during break time..I collapsed on my chair, working like a devil since morning, soft knock landed on my door..

”Come in” I said..I was suprised when a little girl enter..

Girl: principal said to come to her office..*she left*

I hope am safe..I dashed outside my office..I knocked at her door on getting to her office..

Miss anna: come in..

I entered with a smile on my face..

Miss anna: you sure know how to keep someone waiting..

Me: am sorry ann..

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She stood from her seat removing her cloth one after the other..she locked the door from behind and stared into my eyes for 30sec..

Miss anna: I don’t know why..but I just can’t stop myself from loving you.

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I was just staring at her and in no time our lips met..we started kissing roughly till she made me sit on the visitor’s chair..she brought out my hard rock joystick after loosing my belt..she s—-d and caressed it and later sat on me placing my joystick in her hole..she rode me like a horse and she collapse on me after 5rounds..I later went to my office after dressing up..another knocks landed on my door..who is it again now…

”Come in” I said..dupe entered with a very sad face and later sat opposite me..

Me: what happened?..

Dupe: we are leaving the area tomorrow and am changing school..I can’t see you again..*she bursted to tears*

Am left with no other choice than to stood and hug her..though am so glad..we later disengaged..

Dupe: this is all I could give you before going..

She grabbed my joystick kissing me be say dis girls wan kill person..I gather myself and pull out staring inside her eyes after remembering how principal caught me that day..

Me: its not right to be doing this here..

Dupe: you clearly know better than anyone that we won’t be able to do this again if we didn’t now..

Its really the truth..we continued our romancing..we were doing 3rd round when knocks landed on my so dead..thank God I locked my door..we quickly dressed..

”Open the door jason” bisi’s voice..chaii..I later opened the door for her and she entered staring at us suspiciously..dupe greeted her and dashed outside..

Me: welcome *fake smiling*

Bisi: what’s this smell..what has happened here..don’t tell me you and dupe…

Me: what do you mean I am having sex with that little you don’t even trust me *said angrily*

I sat down angrily ignoring her presence..

Bisi: that’s not what I mean my really sorry..

Me: sorry for yourself *still pretending to be angry*

Bisi: I don’t know what will happen to me if you keep showing me that so sorry love..*she pecked my lip while I let out a smile*

Thank God say inspiration come that time..she for don catch me..she later left and after the day lesson,,I went home straight away..I laid on my bed after freshen up chatting with my friends..I was still chatting when a message from lizzy entered my says:

“Don’t be late..I can’t wait to see you honey” from lizzy..

I smiled to myself and stood up preparing to go her house..