My Life As a Teacher Episode 9


I sprayed perfume allover my body then dashed outside..on getting to the big house..I knocked the gate and I was allowed in without questioning as the gatekeeper already knew me..I stylishly gave him 5hundred naira while he kept hailing me..I later entered the sitting room to see lizzy sitting on the couch with her eyes glued to her phone screen..she ran and hugged me immediately she sees me..we later disengaged..

Lizzy: I’v been waiting for so long

Me: am sorry..

Lizzy: apology accepted *she held my hand*

We were still standing holding hands when we saw lizzy’s mum walking towards our direction..she froze when she saw us and I quickly removed my hand from lizzy’s thinking that was the reason she froze..she later smiled..

Lizzy’s mum: how are you my dear..

Me: am fine ma..

Lizzy’s mum: you are here for the lesson right?

Me: yes ma..

Lizzy’s mum: can I see you privately?

Me: you mean I??

Lizzy’s mum: yes..

Chaii..ah don die..she caught us holding hands..she go fire me for sure..we went to a corner beside the kitchen..

Me: why did you called me here ma?

She removed the wig and glasses she wore..whaat? Ada? come I didn’t recognise her..I can’t just belief my eyes..ada was once my girlfriend back in the days when I was still in polytechnic..we broke up when I found out she was dating another guy and really loves money..but what is the b—h doing here?…

Me: a…a..da?..

Ada: you seems to recognise me now..we don’t have much time to me there tomorrow *gave me an appointment card*

Me: okay..*still staring at her agape*

She’s become more beautiful and more fatter that I didn’t recognise ada is lizzy’s mother..chaii..I went back to meet lizzy and we went to her room..her room was great and really smelling nice..I sat on the bed still thinking about ada..I should have known when she was staring at me somehow..

Lizzy: what’s wrong? *tapped me*

Me: oh,nothing..

Lizzy: I’ve been talking since morning but you failed to reply..what is it you are thinking about..wait..what did my mum and you talked about?

Me: she said not to think of harming you *i lied*

Lizzy: I really love her..she is been there for me after my mum died..

Me: you mean she is not your mum?

Lizzy: how can someone young like that be my mum..she is my step mother..

Seems gold digger ada has turned to a caring mother..but I still don’t trust the girl..well,,people can change..

Me: let’s start..

Lizzy: what?

Me: the lesson ofcourse..

We later started the lesson..I wasn’t really concentrating as I kept glancing at her beautful face and my heart kept beating while she was staring at me..

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Me: why are you staring like that?

Lizzy: *smiling* I have something I want to show you..

She stood and walked to her ward-drobe..I was suprise when she brought packs of pants and bra’s..she started removing her clothes while I was staring agape..the removal took less minutes as she was initially wearing a short joystick rise staring at her fresh body..she was wearing white bra and pant..

Lizzy: *still smiling* I want you to choose the best colour for me..

She stripped herself naked while my joystick was about tearing my boxers..she started changing the pants and suddenly she head towards me while my heart was beating like a drum..she later sat on my lap rubbing my chest..

Lizzy: I don’t know how I fell for you jason..*she called my name*..since that day I set my eyes on you..I can’t breathe properly or eat properly..I was always thinking about you and I vow to make you mine no matter what..

Me: wh…a..t..*she interrupted*

Lizzy: shhh..don’t talk..

Our head collided and we started kissing…I quickly stripped myself naked while I can see the suprise clearly shown on her face as she stared at my big hard rock stick..I later started rubbing her so tight kitty while she was moaning so loud..

”Do it now” she said..I inserted my joystick in her kitty and started f—–g her..I later removed my stick to see blood on it..then I realise she was a virgin..d–n..after the hot sex..we later satdown now dressed both staring at each other silently..

Me: am sorry *i later broke the silence*

Lizzy: its not your fault..I vowed to give my first love my virginity..besides if giving you my virginity will make you love me..then I’ll gladly give you..I love you jason..

I can’t deny I have also fallen for the girl as my heart began beating like say panel beater dey panel beat..I just don’t what to say as I kept staring at her..she later held my hand and our head collided once again..the kiss was so passionate that I did not want it to stop again..we later disengaged and we went outside holding hands..we lose our hands when we saw ada..I bade her farewell but she answered somehow..weytin be my own concern..lizzy is all I was thinking about..

On getting home..I unlocked my door then went straight inside..I decided to freshen up before cooking..I later stepped into my room after showering to see my phone blinking..I unlocked it to see a message from an unsaved says:

“You think I didn’t know what you were doing with lizzy,,meet me at the hotel tomorrow if you love youself” from ada..

Chaii..ah don did she know sef..d–n