My Life As a Teacher Episode 10


Later in the night..

I was just thinking about ada’s issue..she musnt tell about this or am finished..I was still lost in paradise of thoughts when my phone ringtone jolted me off..its my mum..I quickly picked it..

Me: hi mum

Mum: how are you doing my dear?

Me: am fine ma

Mum: I have a terrible dream about shouldn’t interfere in any one’s business..and be very careful..

Me: noted ma..

We talked for almost 10minutes before she hung up..lizzy call enter immediately she hung up..I quickly picked it..

Lizzy: hi love

Me: can’t sleep?

Lizzy: just missing you..

Me: *smiling* same here honey..

We chatted till I told her I am sleepy..after hanging up..I laid on my bed and gradually drifted to wonderland..I later woke up in the morning and checked the time to see 9:32am..though saw five missed calls,,all from bisi..I hissed..I am not going to school coz of ada..I’ll have to lie am sick..I dialled miss anna’s number and she picked it immediately..

Miss anna: where are you jason?

Me: I won’t be coming today ma..

Miss anna: why?

Me: I have a terrible headache..I think I over-stressed myself..

Miss anna: you have to rest then..make sure you go to the hospital..

Me: alright ma..*hung up*

I later dressed and went outside..I stopped a cab and entered after describing the hotel I was going to the driver..on getting to the very big hotel..I entered then gave ada a call..she picked it after second ring..

Me: am here..

Ada: come to room 1

I went to room 1 as decribed by the receptionist..on getting there,,I decided to not knock and just entered..but I was suprise when I saw ada tieing a white towel which reveals her massive boobs and ass..she sat on the bed smiling at me..I later sat beside her on the bed while my joystick already turned rock..

Ada: you really love see you come here this early..

I just fake smiling when I felt a hand on my lap..

Ada: there is only one way to save yourself..

Me: that? *stammered*

Ada: I want you to bleep me very hard..its been 3months now that I haven’t sex..the man just married me and never greased my hole..

She began rubbing my stick through the jean placing my hands on her boobs..I was turned on..I began squeezing her boobs roughly while she was moaning loudly..I later slip my big stick in her tight hole while she moans letting out different tones..we went 6rounds and collapsed on each other exhausted..

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Ada: I have missed your big stick..why don’t we continue our relationship jason *placing her hand on my chest*

Me: *stylishly removed the hand* are married now..and to my boss..

Ada: its not a big deal..I still love you you can see,,this hotel is made me the ceo after our wedding..I can also make you my PA and later make you the ceo after wedding..I don’t want to lose you again jason..

Me: am sorry ada..I can’t do this..*now dressing*

Ada: are you rejecting me now? sure you won’t regret it?..

Is she threatening me now….I was just staring at her agape while she walked towards where I was standing and held my hand..

Ada: see,,you can’t talk..I know you still love me..

Me: *removed my hand* in love with someone sor..ry ada..*i stammered*

Ada: really?..and am sure that person is lizzy?

I just stared at her as “yes” clearly shown on my did she know..

Ada: I can tell she is the the girl I never saw with a guy allow you to bleep her..she must also loves you..but have it in mind you will be in trouble if you were found doing anything funny with the girl again..she is my daughter and I can’t allow a stupid guy like you near her again.. come this girl was created to be my problem..I was just staring at her with flames of anger burning inside me..

Ada: did you still want to go againt me?

Lizzy is my life..I can’t do without her..and going against ada means I would never see her again..I was still trapped in my thoughts when my phone began ringing..its bisi..I then picked it..

Bisi: I heard from principal you are sick..have you taken drug?

Me: yes..

Bisi: I just don’t know what am doing anymore..I can’t wait to see even on my way to your house right now..

Chaii..sick person in a hotel?..I bade ada farewell not giving her any reply then dashed outside..