My Life As a Teacher Episode 11


On getting home..I dashed inside my house, changed to simple cloth and quickly slept on my bed like am really sick..I was still pretending when bisi suddenly barged inside..she closed the door and rushed to me..

Bisi: honey how are you doing?

Me: I’ll be fine

She quickly pulled out a hollandia youghurt from her bag..woah..after gulping it down..I thank her then sat on the bed while she sat with me holding my hand..

Bisi: honey are you really okay now?

Me: am fine now that I have seen you..

She smiled and began squeezing my hand..then I realise how short the gown she was wearing was as it reveals her fresh lap which did nothing but turned me on eventually..I started kissing her while rubbing her boobs..she dug her hand in my knicker stroking my hard rock d– this girl was h—y before..we later stripped ourselves naked and I slipped my rod in her holes..we went many rounds and I cumed inside her for the first time and then collapsed beside each other..

Bisi: didn’t know you could be this strong even when you are sick..

Who told you say am sick..I just smiled..later in the evening..I was waiting for bisi to go but doesn’t look like she is ready I decided to ask her..

Me: you are not going?

Bisi: are you sending me have someone else you are waiting for don’t you?

Me: its not what you thinking about..I just asked out of curiosity..

Bisi: okay,am sleeping here with my honey..

Am so happy hearing this..the night will be so hot..chaii..later in the night..we both freshen up and laid beside each other on my bed to sleep..

Bisi: I wish we could be together like this in the future..

What?..Kolewerk..I really have no feelings for her..just don’t know how to tell her..we had two hot rounds of sex before sleeping..I later opened my eyes to see its morning already..I checked everywhere but can’t find bisi,,maybe she have gone without telling me..I switched on my phone to see miss anna’s message says:

“Let’s meet at our usual spot today”

I later bath and set off to meet anna..on getting to the hotel,,I went straight to the usual room and I opened the door to see anna naked..she rushed to where I was standing and started kissing me..

Anna: I just can’t wait to feel your big rod inside me jason..

In no time,we are on the bed both naked..I began f—–g her hard while she was moaning softly giving me more energy..the door suddenly pushed open..I angrily looked at the direction to see the suprise of my life..three soldiers with a man that seems to be their commander staring at me murderously..what the f–k are they doing here..

Anna: h..oney *referring to the commander* so her husband is a soldier..

Her husband: shut only out for two years and you are like this..and I’ll make sure to teach you a great lesson today *referring to me*

They were rushing towards me when I woke up breathing heavily..

”Thank God its a dream” I murmured..bisi was still sleeping like a new born baby..I muttered some prayer and later slept off..I woke in the morning(saturday) hearing splashing of water in the bathroom..I managed to stand up..

Me: bisi..

Bisi: honey you are awake? still sleeping..will I be calling your name from sleep..mtcheeew..

Me: sure..

Bisi: am coming..I’ll join you asap..

No join me and die for bathroom now..I hissed silently..I am so hungry..I wore my knicker and a black top then went outside to get indomie..after 5minutes..I later entered my room to see bisi staring at my phone screen and tears rolling down her eyes..she faced me staring muderously..

Bisi: is this how you want to repay me *tears trickled down her face*

Me: I don’t..und..*she interrupted*

Bisi: come on shut up..

She threw my phone to me and I catched it..I was so suprised to see lizzy’s message..says:
“I’v been trying to reach you honey,but your number is not available,you clearly knows I can’t do without you,,I heard you are sick and am scared something might have happened to you,,you didn’t pick my call that’s why am sending you this message,,love you” from lizzy..

I just stared agape that saliva almost fell from my mouth..the flame of anger was burning in bisi’s eyes as she stared at me angrily..d–n..before I could say anything..two hottest slaps landed on my cheek and I felt my brain disconnected..

Bisi: I trusted you,,I loved you with all I have..and you dare stabbed me at the back by dating my uncle’s daughter..

Me: baby…
*she made to slap me again and I held her hand*
Me: the truth is I don’t love you bisi..*i forced out breathing heavily*

She stared into my eyes with loads of tears dropping from her eyes..she suddenly bursted to laughter while I stared at her confused.

Bisi: you think you will go scot free?..I’ll make you regret ever doing this to me..

She angrily removed her hand from my grasp then stormed outside..chaii