My Life As a Teacher Episode 12


I stood on the same spot rubbing my already hot and red cheek..what have I done?..I’ll be surely sacked now..I was still lost in the jungle of thoughts when my phone ringtone jolted me off..the caller was lizzy..I cleared my throat twice then picked the call..

Me: hi liz

Lizzy: its really unfair o..why are you doing me like this..I can’t sleep all night as I kept thinking about you..I sent you a message and you still failed to reply..

Me: am so sorry love..just wake up now..

Lizzy: I thought you are with another girl..that’s why you failed to pick my call..

Me: that’s impossible…you are the love of my life,the apple of my eyes..the one I can never cheat will you now forgive me?

Lizzy: *smiling*hmm..I forgive you but don’t do that again..I don’t wanna die of heart attack..

Me: I won’t..I promise

I have finally fallen in love with lizzy..I prayed bisi don’t tell her anything..

Lizzy: my father wants to see shouldn’t be late

Me: okay..I’ll be there asap..

After two hours..I vacated my house and stopped a cab..I entered and we zoomed off..on getting to lizzy’s house..I entered and head to the sitting room..I later entered the sitting room to see mr lincoln sitting on the big couch wearing his big agbada with ada and lizzy beside him..I can see the joy clearly shown on lizzy’s face as she smiled and winked at me.. how are you son..

Me: am fine sir..*sat down* *smiled* after testing you with my wife..then I realise you can be fully trusted..I knew you and ada was once a lover..that’s why I initiated the plan..calling you to a hotel,,offering you to be her p.a was all part of the plan..but passed..

What?..why will he test me?..chaii..I stared at her(ada) so confused while she smiled.. I am travelling to canada on a business trip..I was thinking you should move here..I have already talked to the have been made the director of the school..

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I can’t keep the joy in me as I smiled histerically staring at mr lincoln not believing my ears..chaii..I finally made it..

Me: thank you sir *i prostrated* *smiling* its nothing..feel free to move in anytime..

After 30minutes of talking..we all followed to the airport..we waited till we saw him flew away..I alighted on our way back then went home happily..I entered my house then jumped on my bed..I quickly called mum and told her everything..she was also so happy..I was still thinking how my life in house will be when a call landed on my phone..the caller was hello son

Me: hi sir.. I want a favour from you jason..

Me: anything sir.. take care of lizzy for me..make sure nothing bad happen to her..

Me: I will do my best sir.. thank you son..*hang up*

Anna call entered immediately after hung up..

Anna: hello sir

Me: hi ann

Anna: congratulations sir on your promotion..

Me: thank you ann..

Anna: I just called to greet you sir,,you will be introduced to everybody on monday..tell me if you need anything from me sir..even if you need the thing under my pant..*said with low voice*

Me: *smiled* that will never happen between us again ann..thank you for calling..*hung up*

I hissed then laid on my bed to sleep..Later in the evening..I packed my luggages then called jackson to come pick me now his boss..jackson later sounded the car horn to know he is outside and I evacuated the house after calling my landlord..I entered the car and we zoomed off immediately..time to begin a new life