My Life As a Teacher Episode 13


On getting to the big duplex house after spending about 45minutes on road..jackson horned and the gatekeeper opened the door..he hailed me while jackson drove inside..we later alighted..jackson made to collect my travelling bag from me but I objected forming good guy..

I later made my way inside to see lizzy sitting on the couch with her eyes glued to the very big plasma tv..she dropped the remote control and walked to me when she saw me..we hugged and I kissed her cheek..she insisted I should kiss her lip and I did so..she collected the bag from me and led the way to my room..we climbed the stairs and later entered the big room..chaii..I even have plasma in my level don change be that..

Lizzy: you should rest..*she walked out*

I changed to a simple cloth then jumped on my big soft bed and immediately drifted to sleep..I later woke up very hungry..I checked my time to see 7:32pm..chaii..I went downstairs to see lizzy pressing her phone and smiling that she didn’t notice my presence..I felt jealous..was she chatting with another guy?..I decided to sit beside her and I can see how shock she was..she later smiled when she realise it was me..

Lizzy: you are are you feeling..did you dream about me?

Me: hell no..

Lizzy: *frown* you dream about another girl? *sounding childish*

Me: *smiled* I was just joking..

Lizzy: you mean you dream about me?..

Me: sure *lied*

Lizzy: *smiled* I love you..

Me: I love you too honey..

In no time..our lip met and we started hand gradually made it way to her boobs and I began caressing it while she was also rubbing my d–k through the knicker..I made my way to her kitty and began rubbing it while she was moaning softly..I quickly pull down my knicker and brought out my already hard big rod..I placed it at the entrance of her kitty and was about to enter when we heard knocks on the door..who the hell is that now..

”Am home guys,open the door” ada’s voice..we quickly dressed up and lizzy ran to the door..she opened it and quickly hugged ada..

Lizzy: welcome mum.. *they disengaged*

She suddenly stared at us suspiciously..I quickly greeted her to avoid more suspicion

Me: welcome ma..

Ada: oh,jason..have you rest?

Me: sure ma..

Ada: have this..

I was so suprise it was brand new lenovo laptop..chaii..ah don dey like this girl..I gladly collected it and thank her while she just smiled and walked away with lizzy as she helped her carry her bag..I ran to my room happily and quickly plugged my new laptop charger to the socket..I inserted the charger into the laptop charging port and switched it on..I waited till it booted and was moving my hand towards the mouse when soft knocks made it way to my room door..I dashed to the door and opened it to see lizzy staring at me somehow while I also stared back..

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Lizzy: can I enter?

Me: oh,am sorry..*i ushered her inside*

She sat on my bed while I sat with her..

Me: what’s with your mood?

Lizzy: is something between you and aunty ada?

Me: *shocked*..nothing..

Lizzy: looks like you still love each other,,coz she have never did this to anyone..even my dad..

Me: there is nothing between us lizzy for God sake..

Lizzy: are you sure?

Me: trust me..*i held her hand*..

She left for her room after chatting for almost an hour..I later downloaded some videos on my laptop and began watching phone suddenly beeped of incoming message..I unlocked my phone and the message was:

“Meet me in my room now” from ada..

I reluctantly stood up as am enjoying my vidoes then went to her room..I knocked her door and she told me to come in..I entered to see her sitting at the front of the big mirror in her room..she asked me to help her massage her shoulder..I later started massaging it and she suddenly let out a strange moan..what??..she grabbed my hand and moved it to her boobs..

Ada: I don’t know why,,but you always turn me on jason..

She finally stood up and untie the towel she was wearing..d–n..see fwesh body..our head collided and we started kissing..

”What if am caught by lizzy” I thought to myself..I gather all my strenght then pull myself back..

Me: its not right for us to be doing this..let’s stop this now and forever..

Ada: what did you mean?..I made lincoln trust you because I don’t want to lose you..we both know you failed the test..I’ll allow you to rest tonight..come meet me here tommorrow night..

Chaii..wahala dey oo