My Life As a Teacher Episode 14


The next day was a sunday..the day service went well..later in the night..I laid on my bed playing games when my phone began ringing..I checked the caller to see the shock of my life..the caller was bisi..I pray she don’t end my stay here..I cleared my throat two times then picked it..

Bisi: hello mr director..

Me: hello baby

Bisi: baby?..what’s lizzy then,,your child? should never call me that again..what am I even saying..this is will be our last coversation..

Me: am so sorry bisi..please understand me..

Bisi: you are my greatest regret matter how hard I tried..I seem not able to forget about you..I was so stupid that I called to hear your voice for the last time..leave that house now..before I’ll make you..*she hung up*

What?..ah don can I leave when I have finally made it..I stood up and head downstairs to drink a chilled lemon drink..I finally climbed down the stairs to see only ada sitting on the couch watching film..I sat beside her..

Me: where is lizzy?

*she looked at me somehow*

Ada: why is it you only think about lizzy..well..she’s gone to airport to pick her twin sister up..

What?..lizzy have a twin sister?

Me: sister?..she have a sister?

Ada: she didn’t tell you?..oh you might be sleeping that time..

I thank her and wanted to stand up to grab my chilled lemon when she held me back..she brought my face to her’s and we started kissing..I was about pulling back when she held my d–k..she finally knows my weak point..I can’t resist again..I placed my hand on her big boobs caressing them while she was moaning softly..knocks suddenly landed on the door..

we quickly dressed up and ada went to open the door for lizzy..lizzy walked in with a pure white skinned girl,,same age and stature with lizzy..she was wearing a short gown which reveals her fresh lap..she is extremely beautiful with big boobs but medium ass..I was suprise when she walked directly towards me..I smiled and stretched my hand for handshake..but I was suprise when she landed a hot slap on my cheek and angrily went upstairs..what??..what did she mean..ada watched covering her mouth with her palm..

Lizzy: rebecca *she shouted and ran after her*

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I stood on the same spot for awhile rubbing my red cheek..I later went to my room wondering why the girl I have never met slapped me..soft knocks later landed on my door..I stood up and finally opened it to see lizzy staring at me with a sorry face..

Lizzy: can we talk in my room please?

I bother not to ask her any question and just followed her to her room..its obvious she wanted to apologise..what’s the point of doing it in her room..we later enter her room and we sat together on her bed..

Lizzy: am so sorry for how my sister acted..she didn’t even tell me why she did that..she must have lost her mind..

Me: its nothing..

Lizzy: you must be shocked seeing I have a twin sister..we were separated at the age of 4 when our parent divorced..mum and becca went abroad and I chose to stay with dad..becca stays with mum’s sister and comes home once in a while after mum’s death..I really missed mum..*tears trickled down her face*

Me: am sorry..*i hugged her*

We later disengaged and she stood up and head to her wardrobe..she finally opened her wardrobe then brought out some big files..she then sat again..

Lizzy: I want to trust you jason..

Me: what do you me…a.n *i stammered*

She handed me the documents and I collected it..

Lizzy: that’s the documents of all my father’s properties..he told me to keep it very safe but I think will be more safer in your hand..

Me: okay..goodnight..

I was about standing up when she held me back..

Lizzy: are you still angry?

Me: am not *fake smiled*

She started rubbing my lap and I knew where she was heading..I was really not in the mood..she didn’t even care about my mood as she placed my hand on her boobs,,trying all possible ways to get me aroused..

”I need you badly inside me jason” she said placing her mouth at the entrance of my ear..

Me: am sorry honey but am not in mood right now..

I can see the suprise mixed with sadness clearly shown on her face..but I just ignored her and stormed out with the documents she gave only wondering why rebecca slapped me..