My Life As a Teacher Episode 7


I woke up early the nextday..I managed to stand and head to the bathroom…I brushed my teeth before cooking breakfast..after eating breakfast,,I washed my dirtied cloth and dashed into the bathroom..after bathing..I stepped into my room and checked the time to see 9:46am..chaii..

I quickly dressed up then ran outside..I stopped a cab and describe the hotel for him..I entered and we zoomed off..on getting there,,I went straight inside and dialed miss anna’s number..she picked it immediately..

Me: am here ma

Miss anna: come to room 9

I hung up and went straight to room 9 as described..I knocked then later entered when she told me to come in..miss anna was sitting on the bed sipping a lemon juice..she was wearing only bra and a very skimpy and tight joystick already turned rock..I sat with her on the bed..

Miss anna: do you mind soft and energy drink?

Me: am okay ma..

She dropped the glass cup on the table and shifted more closer to me that I can clearly see her boobs..I felt like touching and squeezing them..

Miss anna: you like what you see?

I was just staring agape and she suddenly began loosing my belt..

Me: but…..

Miss anna: don’t say a thing..I can’t stop myself from thinking about you..I can’t let that b—h bisi steal you from me..*still loosing my belt*

She grabbed my joystick after she successfully loose my belt..

Miss anna: I didn’t know your d–k will be this wonder bisi was fast.

She removed her bra along with her skirt,,chaii..she no wear pant..I have already stripped myself naked as I have been turned on..I started caressing and squeezing her boobs while she was s—–g me..she later moved her head closer to mine and our head collided..we started kissing while I was playing with her bigboobs along the line..

”F–k me jason” she moaned..we were still doing this and that was when my phone started ringing..the caller was bisi..I picked it..

Bisi: am on my so hungry..make sure to cook something..and prepare yourself..*hang up*

*i started pretending to make anna release me*

Me: hello

Me: on my way right now..*pretended to hang up*

Miss anna: let’s continue honey..

Me: am sorry ma..another thing came father collapsed while working in the farm and has been rushed to hospital..

Miss anna: what? *almost shouted*…we should go together..

This girl too get problem..

Me: no need don’t have to worry..see you another time ma..

I gave her no chance to reply as I dashed outside after dressing..on getting home..I enter my room and quickly tidy my room and spray perfume everywhere..after 10mins..soft knocks landed on my door..I knew its bisi..I opened the door to see her smiling at me wearing a very short pink gown,,I allowed her inside..I hugged her from the body is still on..

Bisi: won’t you let me eat first?

Oh,,I have already cooked indomie for her..

Me: I have missed you *i found myself saying*

I started car5esing her boobs from the back while she let out moans..she later faced me then look into my eyes..our face met and we kissed for almost 2mins before we landed on the bed nakedly..I entered her with full force..I bleeped her really hard and later c-m inside after 3rd round..we went another two rounds when she claims she is not satisfied and we laid beside each other exhausted..

Bisi: you are the second person I’ll ever have sex with..

*she expect me to believe that?*..

Me: you mean?

Bisi: there was this guy who was my classmate when I was ss3..he is brilliant,handsome and kindhearted that I fell for him unknownly..we later started dating and we love each other,,I decided to give him my virginity..we had sex on my birthday,,and that was my first time..the guy went abroad after we graduated..

I cried for days coz I couldn’t do without him..we called each other for sometimes but he suddenly stopped calling oneday and doesn’t pick my calls again either..I felt betrayed and cried for days..I vowed to never love again but after meeting you..I think the love I have for you is in-comparable with what I felt for him back then..are you sure you won’t betray me? Coz I might die if you leave me…

Me: I wouldn’t be doing this with you if I didn’t love you..

The truth is..I felt nothing for her and am scared to tell her the truth..I hope I don’t regret this oneday..we later bath together stepped back into my room to dress..she later ate the indomie I cooked for her after dressing..we tell each other more about ourselves..that was when I realized she is the school founder heart started beating fast after hearing that..what will I do when lizzy finds out..chaii..this is a big mistake..