My Life As a Teacher Episode 6


I quickly dressed up and dashed out of my office heading principal’s office..I stormed inside not bother knocking to see her sitting angrily..

Principal: you think you will just go scot free? writing your sack letter..

Me: am so sorry ma..this will never repeat itself ma..*i prostrated sweating profusely*

Principal: I trusted you,,I thought you were a good so wrong..I know handsome guy like you doesn’t deserve been trusted

Me: am really sorry won’t repeat itself again ma..if am sacked life is ruined..please ma..

Principal: you don’t want your life ruined?

Me: yes ma..

Principal: will you do anything I ask of you?

Me: anything ma..

Principal: are you sure?

Me: am very sure ma..

She dug her hand in her jacket pocket and handed me an appointment card..

Principal: meet me there tomorrow at 10am..don’t keep me waiting if you love yourself..

What??..a hotel?..what are we going to do there..I hope its not what am thinking..

Me: o…o..kay m…ma *i stammered*

Principal: now get out of my office..*she shouted*

I vacated her office then went to mine only thinking about my life..I don’t want to be really dead..I was still in this pool of thoughts when soft knocks landed on my door..

”Come in” I said..lizzy entered with smiles on her face..her beautiful face formatted my brain instantly..I can see she was holding something in a nylon bag..she later sat opposite me..

Lizzy: you hate me..didn’t you?

Me: what did you mean?

Lizzy: you cut my call at midnight..

Me: *smiling* my phone died..

Lizzy: oh,I thought you cut my it true you will be sacked?

Me: what?..why will I be sacked..

Lizzy: there is a rumour you will be sacked soon..

Me: why will I be sacked when I did nothing *thank God she didn’t know what I did*

Lizzy: what a relief..its break must be hungry so I brought you this..

She dug her hand in the black nylon and pull out a hollandia youghurt..chaii..this girl sabi die..we chat till they rang “break over” bell and she went to her class..I can’t just stop thinking about the girl..

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After the day lesson..I quickly dashed out of the school to prevent either miss anna or bisi from seeing me..I was still walking home when I heard “mr handsome” I looked back to see dupe smiling..we began walking home and chating alongside..

Dupe: wow,,I really love your wristwatch..where did you get it?

Me: *smiling* someone special gave it to me..

Dupe: you mean am not special to you? *acting childishly*

Me: not what you are are also special *i said to make her stop*

We later went our ways..I finally got home and crashed on my bed thinking about my life..what if I am sacked..I would starve to death,,I won’t see any job as good as this..above all I won’t get to see lizzy’s beautiful face anymore..this was all I was thinking when a call landed on my phone..its an unsaved number..

Me: hello

Caller: hi jason..

*i quickly recognised the voice as miss anna’s..what did she want again now*

Caller: you know who is this?

Me: I don’t *i pretended*

Caller: okay its anna..

Me: oh,miss so sorry..

Miss anna: its nothing..this is my sure to save it..hope you didn’t forget about tomorrow..

Me: I did not ma..

Miss anna: that’s my boy..I’ll give a call tomorrow *hang up*

Which problem be dis now..person no go rest..I was suprised when another landed on my phone..the caller was bisi..”Why is the b—h calling” I said hissing..I picked it..

Me: what again?

Bisi: are you still angry with me love??

Who is her say she dey crase..

Bisi: I can’t stop thinking about you..I can’t do without you all am thinking about..I think I love you..I know you feels the same,,you just scared to say angry you chose work over so sorry..

What??…dis girl dey mad?? who?..chaii..

Me: wh….(She interrupted)

Bisi: *shhh*…be expecting me tomorrow..*hung up*

I dropped my phone on the bed drown in the ocean of thought…the girl surely want me to lose my job..