My Life As a Teacher Episode 4

Dupe: why don’t you pick the call?

Me: its my useless what’s it you don’t understand?

She showed me the topic and I was explaining the topic to her though I wasn’t concentrating as I kept glancing at her shown fresh boobs..this girl is joystick already turned rock..I suddenly felt a hand rubbing my lap..oh God..I can’t do this..I stylishly removed her hand and continued..

Dupe: I understand all this..

Me: oh,,what is it you don’t understand?

Dupe: you..I don’t understand you..why playing hard to get..its no big deal *staring at me in a lustful way*

Me: wh….a (cut in)

*she placed her finger on my lip*..our lip met immediately while grabbing hold of my joystick..I was turned on immediately..I have been turned on already..let me say turned on on…I dug my hand in her top,,d–n she was wearing no bra..I began squeezing her boobs while she was moaning really loudly..she began saying different things like “yes” “that’s why I love you” “please don’t stop”..this girl must be a real pornstar..

I helped her pull her jeans down,,oh boy she was wearing no pant..I fingered her for some minutes before placing my d–k at the entrance of her hole..I was about entering when my phone started was lizzy..this girl dey mad?..I picked it..

Me: hello

Lizzy: where are you?

Me: on my way..can’t you resend the location of your house?

Lizzy: okay..I have a suprise for you..

Me: what is that?

Lizzy: I’ll tell you when you get here…bye for now *blow kisses*

I wonder what suprise she was talking about..

Dupe: you should come and complete what you started o..

What I started or what you started..thank God lizzy saved me..I would have bleeped the girl..

Me: am so sorry dupe,,my sister called me now that my mum collapse and has been rushed to hospital..*dressing*

Dupe: what? have to hurry then..*also dressing*

We finally exited my house..I gave her 200naira for her T.fare but she rejected it..saying her house is not too far from here..she told me my neigbour showed her my house..and that’s val…she later left and I checked my time to see 5:25pm..chaii..I quickly stopped a bike..I describe the house for the okada man and he looked at me from head to toe before charging me..I hop on it not saying anything..on getting to the extremely big duplex house..I paid the okada man and he drove off..I knocked the gate and the gatekeeper later opened the door..

Entering the house,,I was amazed of what I saw..the compound was very big with expensive cars..I just stared agape until gatekeeper tapped me..he led the way to the sitting room and went back to his post..I entered the sitting room to see Mr lincoln(lizzy’s dad) sitting with lizzy and a lady of about 23-25 of age..lizzy ran and hugged me..while the lady and mr lincoln was just smiling..

Lizzy: what took you so long?

Me: its traffic *i lied*

Lizzy: dad,mum this is my teacher..and that’s my parent *referring to me*

So this lady is her mum..but how come she looks younger to me..well that’s not my concern.. hello youngman..

Me: hi sir..*now seated* my daughter told me many incredible things about you,,she even added you a genius..she said she wanted to be having extra lesson with you..

I looked at lizzy who was sitting beside me at the edge of the couch..she quickly pinch my hand and started winking at me..whaat?..which kind extra lesson..person no go rest..body no be firewood now..

Me: no problem sir.. you will be doing the lesson here,,hope its okay with you?

Me: its okay sir..

I can see how lizzy was laughing histerically..I am always happy when I see her laugh like this..wait..hope am not in love with this girl.. when are you starting?

Me: nextweek monday..

Lizzy: that’s too is thursday.. let’s do it like are starting on monday..4pm to 6pm..and 10am to 12pm on saturday..

Me: no problem sir..

I chatted with the family for almost 2hrs that I didn’t know time has gone..I later checked my time to see 7:02pm..”Haa” I almost screamed..I quickly bade them farewell but insisted his driver will drive me home..and am happy hearing that..he called a name jackson and a young guy entered the sitting room..that must be his driver..

We later exited the sitting room..lizzy who was holding my hand stylishly gave me a box..and whispered to my hear that “that’s my suprise am talking about”..I smiled then entered the car with jackson..I waved at her and she waved back..we then evacuated the house..

I kept thinking about everything we talked about..but I noticed lizzy mother said nothing throughout..she was just staring at me somehow..she must hate me..I was still thinking about this when we heard sound of gunshot from the direction we are heading..chaii..arm robbber..I don die..