My Life As a Teacher Episode 3


I later decided to reply dupe,,following conversations ensued:

Me: miss pretty

Dupe: really? really pretty?

*be asking me!!*

Me: sure you are..

Dupe: I hope your girlfriend is not there looking at our chats..

Me: girlfriend?..I have none..

Dupe: what?..liar..handsome guy like you without a girlfriend,,you expect me to believe that?

Me: that’s the truth..its upto you.. believe or not..

Dupe: am glad you have none..

Me: glad?..why?

Dupe: am just glad..

Me: anyway I want to sleep..

Dupe: so early?..hope am not the cause?

Me: not atall..I don’t want to be sleeping at school tomorrow and besides,,I want to settle my brain..

Dupe: hmm,,okay..I’ll miss you..goodnight *kiss smiley*

What did she mean?..miss who?..I hissed then lock my phone..I was about sleeping when my phone began ringing..the caller was lizzy..I quickly picked it..

Lizzy: hello mr jason..

Me: hi lizzy..

Lizzy: did I wake you?

Me: kind of..

Lizzy: you slept so early?,,lazy guy..

Me: am tired that’s why..

Lizzy: when you are walking dupe home,you didn’t are now tired,,what are you doing with that s–t sef??

Me: we live in the same area..that’s why you saw us together..

Lizzy: oh,but becareful of the girl..and am sorry for how I acted..I thought there is something between you two..

Me: its nothing..

Lizzy: I told my father about you and he said you should come see him tomorrow..


Me: really?..hope am safe?

Lizzy: you know who my father is?

Me: no I don’t..*i lied*

Lizzy: you will know tomorrow

We talked more for 30minutes before I hung up telling her I want to sleep..I later woke up in the morning and my body was aching..I have a rough night as I kept thinking about lizzy’s issue..I stood up and quickly had my bath..I claded in a blue jean and a white versace top with puma shoe..I styled my hair and evacuated my house..

I can’t trek today..I stopped a bike and hop on it..we were on our way when I saw dupe..I decided to help her..I stopped the okada man and called dupe..she greeted me smiling histerically..I was about sitting first when she held me back..

Dupe: let me sit first o..I can’t sit at the back,,am afraid of falling

Me: okay..

She sat first and I sat at her back..her big backyard was really giving me hard on..its obvious she felt it as she was just smiling…later in the school..through out my period,dupe was just winking at me..and no doubt,lizzy caught us numerous time…

Bisi came to my office and we chatted for almost two hours..she even promised to come to my house on saturday..chaii..after the day lesson..I went home immediately avoiding dupe..I got home and slept off immediately..I was woken by my phone ringtone..who is it now..I picked the call not checking the caller..

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Me: hello

Caller: dad is waiting for you..

I quickly checked the caller to see its lizzy..

Me: oh,,I’ll be right there..*about to hang up*

Lizzy: wait..

Me: what?

Lizzy: why dupe of all people

Me: you mean?

Lizzy: I caught you two winking at each expect me to believe there is nothing between you?

What’s her business now..mtcheeew..I cooked up some lies and just drop them in her ears..she later ended the call..I went into the bathroom and freshen up..I stepped back into my room tieing my phone restless and constant blinking made me unlock it to see I have a message from lizzy and two missed calls from dupe..I decided to read lizzy message first..and it was:

“I can’t wait to see you”

I hissed and angrily dropped my phone on my bed..weytin dey do the girl sef..soft knocks suddenly landed on my door..I thought it was val,my neigbour,,he is here to borrow my charger again..I took my charger and head to door..I opened the door to see the suprise of my life..dupe was standing at my door wearing a sleeveless top with a very tight jean that reveals her massive bum..its bigger than what I saw in the school uniform..she is looking really gorgeous holding a notebook and a pen..

Dupe: can I enter?

Me: oh I am sorry..*i created enough space for her to enter*

She later sat on my bed and I close the joystick have already turned rock that it was showing in the towel..I stylishly covered it but no doubt she already caught me..

Me: are you doing here? *i stammered*

Dupe: you mean in my teacher’s house? here to learn ofcourse..

Me: what should I offer you?

Dupe: water will be better..

I poured her water in a glass cup and sat beside her on the phone then started ringing..its none other person than lizzy..I quickly locked my phone to prevent dupe from seeing the caller..what will I do now..which kind gobe be dis..chaii..