My Life As a Teacher Episode 2


I went back to the principal’s office and she was reading a novel this time..I used the opportunity to view her..she is a lady of about 27..with big backyard and medium boobs..she is fair in complexion and a little taller than me..

Principal: what are you staring at? *joking tone*

Me: nothing ma..

Principal: nothing?,,I caught you staring at my boobs twice..

What?..she really caught me..

Me: I was j..ust staring at the design of the cloth..

Principal: you mean louis vutton?

Me: yes ma..

Principal: pardon me,,I was thinking you have another motive,,make sure you are careful around here,coz I can’t trust handsome guy like you..have in mind you will be sacked immediately if you are caught with an unlawful act..

Me: alright ma..

*She finally stood*

Principal: I am Anna

She stretched her hand for a shake and I quickly accepted it..she showed me my office and then left for her’s..the office is air conditioned and well painted..the book shelf is filled with biology books and the office is smelling nice..

I sat on my chair to relax..a knock on my table woke me up…so I have already slept off..d–n that mtn night plan..I opened my eyes to see a very beautiful chocolate skinned girl with the biggest boobs and ass I have ever thing rise immediately..

Girl: sorry for disturbing..

Me: its nothing madam..

Girl: I am not madam,,am still a lady..*jokingly*

Me: pardon me..

Girl: *smiled* am the school secretary and am here to ask some things about you..

She asked for my name and other things,,she then recorded my name in a book(school staff book SSB)..

Girl: am Bisi by the way..nice to meet you sir.

She then walked out shaking her ass left and right..oh my God,,temptation dey here..Lord help me o..not up to 30minutes that Bisi left..another person entered and I was suprised to see its that spoilt girl from before(lizzy)..

Lizzy: hope am not disturbing?

Me: *smiled* you are why are you here?

Lizzy: there are some things I didn’t understand *she sat opposite me*

I was just staring at the beautiful innocent looking girl..she shown me those things in her textbooks and I explained them to her..

Lizzy: thank are really a genius and not as cold as our former biology teacher..I am didn’t even ask my name..

Me: I know your name before..

Lizzy: really?

Me: sure..

Lizzy: can I have your number,,I might need your help anytime..

I gave her my number and she left for her class..after the lesson..I left my office after locking it..principal offered to give me a ride but I turned her down coz I feel like just trekking..

I exited the school gate to see dupe waiting under the mango tree outside the school..she ran to me immediately she sees me..

Dupe: what took you so long?

Me: you mean what?

Dupe: I’v been waiting for you to come out since..

Me: oh,am sorry..I had to complete the book am reading..

Dupe: hmm,,mr genius..

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I sighted lizzy’s car coming our way..she was sitting at the backseat..I waved at her as her car passes beside us but she frowned and failed to wave back instead stared at me somehow bad..weytin dey do the girl..dupe bursted to laughter and I was embarrassed..

Dupe: you shouldn’t meddle with that girl..

Me: why?

Dupe: she is a psycho and too proud,,many hates her and besides she is the school founder’s daughter..

What??..that one she dey look at me like person wey weed dey high,,no b say she wan tell her father make he sack me..chaii..ah don die..I and dupe were both suprised when we realise we were living at the same area..she later went to her house and I went to mine…

On getting home,,I took my key where I used to hide it,,under my room door..I unlocked it and went straight inside..I quickly uncladed my clothes then went into the bathroom and freshen up..stepping back into my room,,I noticed my phone blinking,,unlocking it,,I saw 3missed calls all from one unknown number,,I quickly called the number back..the person picked it immedately..

Person: hello mr.jason

Me: hello..I missed your calls..

Person: its Bisi..

Me: oh sister Bisi,,how are you?

Bisi: am good o,,that’s my number..make sure you save it..

Me: no problem..

We talked about other things and she later ended the call claiming she wanted to cook coz she is hungry..I retired to bed then drifted to wonderland..I later woke up and checked my time to see 7:55pm..chaii..I slept so long..I saw three unread messages on my whatsapp..I clicked the whatsapp icon to see it was from an unsaved contacts..the messages are:
“Can I trust you?”
“What are you doing with dupe” from lizzy

Lizzy?..but what did she mean?..mtcheew..another message entered,,it was from another unsaved number..”Mr handsome” from dupe..what? am I going to reply both girls now..