My Life As A Teacher Episode 1


This is PURELY 100% fictional story..

Written by: Abayomi Oluwafaith

Whatsapp: +2348165208305

“Gbrrrr” my alarm rang out loud..I was so angry that I quickly stopped it and continue my sleep..I was still sleeping happily and still enjoying it when I realise am going for an interview at 8am at one secondary school not far from my house…I quickly jumped up and unlocked my infinix hotnote to see 7:30am..whaat!!..I ran to the bathroom with usain bolt speed..after bathing that seems to last for decades..I dashed outside and quickly dressed in a nice suite and corporate shoe,,I sprayed perfume all over my body even my head as I hate my body odour…my phone began ringing..its my mum..

Mum: goodmorning my son..

Me: goodmorning ma

Mum: how you doing?

Me: am really fine ma

Mum: just wanted to hear voice..

Me: alright,,I’ll call you later late for an interview..

*i quickly hang up coz my mum be talkative*

Time is now 7:52am..chaii..I ran out of my self contained house and locked the door..I was crossing the road when I saw a yoruba okada man running towards me with great speed..thank God am so fast,,I quickly crossed while people shouted “yeeeeh” thinking I would be hit..well,,the guy cursed me really hard..coz I can hear “iya e,,oti yawere etc”..I just ignored him and continue walking..

I am jason,,21years old with wizkhalifa’s body,,am a little fair in complexion with my killer dimples..I graduated recently from a polytechnic,,I was called for an interview at the first school I wrote an application letter to..I am the only son of my mum who is also fair in complexion and my dad that is dark in complexion..I have a little sister,,abigeal,,18yr old..she looks exactly like mum though been spoilt..I sponsored myself in school coz my parent are farmers though they helped me a lot especially in terms of food..

Story continues……

On getting to my destination,,I can see some student kneeling at the front gate..I guess they were late comers..I re-dressed my cloth and re-wore my hand bag..I tried to ginger some swaggers then walked to the gate like a londoner..I can see those students kneeling staring at me and some were even laughing..

”why are those things laughing” I thought to myself..”Don’t worry let me be your teacher finish,,ah go beat that stupidity out of una” I murmured..

A car (camry 2016) suddenly packed just right at my front,,stepping out of the car is a young girl of about 18yrs with an extremely big backyard and can’t even describe how big her boobs was…she angrily slammed the door closed walking away while I can hear the driver calling her name (lizzy)..those spoilt brat..don’t worry na me go teach you lesson..

I was so suprised when she was allowed inside without any fight or argument..chaii..I finally made it to the gate and I can see a boy and a girl standing there..

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Me: hi

Boy: hello *rudely*

Me: am here to see the principal..

Firstboy: you?

The girl slapped her hand..

Girl: you can go in sir..

Spoilt kids are full of this place..chaii..but this girl seems to have respect..she is really pretty that I stared for some seconds…

Me: can you please take me to his office??

Boy: hissed..

Girl: alright sir,,no problem..

She took me to the principal office…she was eating so she asked me to sit..plasma is even in her office,,what a school..I sat for almost 20minutes before the stupid woman/lady finish her food…

Principal: how are you gentleman..

Me: am fine ma..

Principal: you are jason right?

Me: yes ma..

Principal: congratulations,,you have been employed here..

Me: what about the interview?

Principal: no need,,your cv show it all..

Me: when will I start?

Principal: you are starting now..

What??..I have not even prepared..she later took me to ss3 and promised to show me my office after the lecture..I can’t deny how my heart was pounding hard..we made our way inside and she introduced me as their biology teacher..I can see that girl that shown me the principal office and that boy that answered me rudely..they are having my period first so I decided to show them my skill..

Me: hello students..

All: hello sir..

I taught them reproductive organ and I delibrately asked that rude boy a very tough question which he surely failed to answer,,I smiled in my mind..I was about answering when that spoilt girl from before raised her hand,,I was so suprise as she got it correctly without any she a genius??

I later left the class after they all clapped for me…I started feeling myself..I suddenly heard “sir” someone called..what now..I turned back to see that girl that shown me principal’s office..

Girl: sir,,you forgot your phone..

She handed me my phone while I thank her..she walked to me and placed her mouth at the entrance of my ear..

”Your zip is loose”..whaaaat??..I quickly zipped did she know sef..

Girl: my name is Dupe by the way..

*she winked at me then walked away*