Amanda (The President’s Wife) Episode 20


The president’s death was kept a secret as they were rigorously searching for the culprit and I kept the message I received a secret from Amanda even it was so obvious she was suspecting me but I still kept the act on,, I was in my room the next day at night thinking about what the terrorists will do to Allie after killing her father, I later made up my mind to go find them alone, I don’t want to put Amanda in danger.. I sat in my room waiting for his(kidnapper) call when Amanda stormed into my room and quickly closed the door breathing heavily..

Me: what’s happening?

Amanda: I think it’s high time I told you the truth

Me: what do you mean? *standing up*

Amanda: Jason, I think I killed the president

Me: what? *i shouted*

Amanda: I did it for us Jay, the guy I sent has been caught and it’s a matter of time before he reveals my name

Me: you shouldn’t have done that Amanda, I think you should surrender, your sentence may be minimized

Amanda: Jason I can’t go-to prison, we are in this together, I go to prison you follow me..

Me: are you threatening me?

Amanda: no I’m not sweetheart, Just think about it, I have your baby kicking in my stomach,,please do something, I’m begging you *she held my hand crying profusely*

Yes, Amanda in trouble? I’m also in trouble, I had no choice, the fact that she’s carrying my baby still stands, Chaii..

”okay grab your stuffs, let’s leave here” I said calmly..

“are you sure about this” she asked..

”now if you don’t want us in prison” I replied and she rushed outside in tears while I packed my tools and important clothes in my back pack…Amanda killed the president, and this blocked me from understanding his(kidnapper) last text,,…my phone suddenly started ringing and I quickly picked the call from an unsaved number..

“please are you Mrs Collin son?” the thin feminine voice asked on the phone…

”yes I am” I replied with a shaken voice..

“I’m calling from Baptist hospital in akure” she added..

“ok..ay” I stammered..

”she was rushed here yesterday night and we managed to remove the bullets in her body but I’m sorry she gave up the ghost” she continued…what?…phone slipped from my hand then fell on the floor as tears trickled down my eyes,,,so that was what he meant by the text, d–n..Amanda who just entered picked up my phone..

Amanda: something wrong?

Me: they killed my mother

She placed her palm over her mouth staring at me with pity,

“I’ll kill them all” I said angrily then I took my back pack and headed out while Amanda held me back then hugged me..

“I’m so sorry Jason, but you can’t go without any plan, you’ll get yourself killed” she said still hugging me.. I can’t stop the tears from flowing for some minutes, she’s too precious to me I can’t lose her but d–n I have already did,

“I’ll give them hell” I concluded in my mind..

We disengaged then quickly exited the building, we evacuated aso rock in Amanda’s bmw car with me driving.. We are still on the road when the director call came in.

Me: sir?

Director: I know you are with the First Lady, please bring her ASAP for interrogation or we assume you are in this together

Me: do what you want old man

Director: did I heard you say something?

Me: and shut the f–k up *i hung up*

“I’m so sorry, it’s my fault” Amanda who was sitting beside me said with pain all over her eyes..

“no it’s not, it’s mine for not taking you away when you first said” I patted her shoulder trying to keep her calm but the truth is she’s not really at fault, only if I did not do what I did with her,, yeah, it’s over for me and my career already..

Amanda: what do you think we do? Go-to the airport? I already have our flight booked

Me: that’s so smart of you but the airports would have been alerted and we will be caught once we make an attempt to leave the country and besides I’ll save Allison, I’m going nowhere without her..

Amanda: what do we do now?

Me: sleep in the car till morning.. Amanda the truth is they want you, the terrorist, they want you in exchange for Allison..

Amanda: so are you planning to exchange me for her?

Me: I was assigned to protect you not to exchange you for someone else or get you killed..and besides you are carrying my baby, I don’t want a kid without mother…

Amanda who was already in emotional tears hugged me tightly as I have already parked the car at the left side of a very big bridge,,I quickly rushed out of the car after we disengaged then removed the plate numbers and threw them in the river.. I quickly made my way inside the car then drove off,, a call on my phone woke me up the nextday in the drivers seat while Amanda was sleeping at the backseat in the car parked beside a very large forest in a quiet area,, the ringtone woke us both.. It’s was a hidden number calling, I smirked knowing who it was

Me: where are we meeting?

Person: I see you’ve been waiting for my call, I heard you guys killed the president, you are full of surprises *laughs*

Me: shut the hell up and text me the address *i hung up*

He immediately texted me the address and cluded to meet him at 11am,

“just wait for 3hours Allie” I thought to myself….

“jason” Amanda called my name giving me her phone,, yes it was the news about us killing the president and ran away showing vividly on her phone screen, our pictures was every where on the internet.. D–n,,

“I think saving Allison is the only choice we have, saving Allison means alot and she may help us” I said and Amanda agreed…” you don’t need to tag along Amanda” I added..

“we go together, you die, we die together” she replied rubbing my shoulder from the back seat…three hours seemed like a year and we had to leave the place to avoid been caught…

11am clocked as anticipated and we headed to the location found in Abuja surprisingly… The address took us to an uncompleted building in a new rural, houseless and a very quiet area..

We parked outside and cautiously entered the uncompleted already roofed big hall building,,, yes, tons of gunmen were inside with a guy dressed differently, about 37 with a dark shade sitting on a wooden chair with the gun men beside him , I immediately recognized the guy as Chris,,the brutal terrorist that was disturbing Nigeria, but he’s already dead, how come?..

”so you brought her” he said..

“yes I did” I replied..

He busted to laughter and ordered me to drop my gun and yes I did.. We were forced on our knees.. Chris walked to where we were kneeling with two gunmen standing right beside us and super-punched my mouth, I felt blood gushing out of my mouth and yes I smiled instead..

Chris: you remember me don’t you?

I was the agent assigned to finish him up once upon a time and yes I succeeded then,, I remembered shooting him and he fell inside the river,, I just don’t understand how he is alive

Chris: you are so stupid to come here knowing you will die

“am I?” I asked raising my eye brow as I quickly dug the knife in the foot of the gunman standing beside me and Amanda finished the one beside her while I smiled in my mind then gave Chris a sweep kick pointing my golden pistol which I have taken back on the floor to his head.. I raised him with my gun stuck to his head while he was laughing telling his men not to shoot..

“you are smart, I’ll give you that” he said..

“shut up, now where is Allie?” I asked shouting.. He busted to laughter, the sound of a fired gun and Amanda screams made me look back, yes Amanda was shot in the leg, and the shooter, Allison?..what?

Chris gave me a stomach rumbling kick which sent me flying back as I was lost in confusion..i quickly managed to stand up and rushed to where Amanda was shouting in pain.. Allison, clad in a black attire then walked to where I was helping Amanda with the pain..

Me: Allison what are you doing?

Allison: Hey jay

Me: we came to save you, why are you doing this?

Allison: no, you walked in my trap Jay, about your mother, Chris did that, he said you two have unfinished business,, I planned all these Jay, Just to get this b—h but it was so hard to get her cuz you are by her side so I thought about this plan.. I’m sorry Jay, I never loved you, Chris is my fiance. But Jay, I’ll like to give you a chance to leave..

Me: I’m not leaving without her..

Amanda: then I guess both of you will die here,, you destroyed my family, your name on all my father’s properties and yet you killed him, I’m not gonna forgive you b—h *referring to Amanda*

She aimed at Amanda and immediately pulled the trigger but I was fast to block the bullet from reaching her with my body, I groaned in pain and quickly turned back to fight when Chris fired another bullet at me, I knelt facing Allison and Chris with tears dripping down my eyes and I can see traces of tears in Allison’s eyes while Amanda was shouting my name, Chris became angrier seeing tears on Allison face and her hand shaking as she pointed the gun at me..

I straightened up my mid finger folding the others, a f–k you symbol, this got Chris more infuriated and he released another bullet yet again while I fell on the floor as everything gradually went blank…
That was not the end was it?, that was the beginning of the end..




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