My Life As a Teacher Episode 15


I woke up in the morning(monday) and managed to stand up..I checked my time to see 8:35am and three missed calls from anna..I went to the bathroom and quickly had my bath..I claded in a blue jean and a white top then dashed downstairs..I saw no one downstairs so I rushed outside and quickly called jackson..we entered the car and later zoomed off..on getting to the school..we alighted and I went straight to anna’s office..I entered without knocking to see anna making up..she quickly dropped the make up kit when she saw me..

Anna: welcome sir..

Me: how are you?

Anna: am fine sir..

Me: where is bisi?

Anna: bisi? *stared somehow*..oh,she dropped her resignation letter this morning..

Me: she resigned?

Anna: yes,,is something wrong?

Me: n..o..*i stammered*

I quickly hide the fear in me from anna and we later went out..she introduced me to all the students as their new director though I can see the suprise shown on there faces,,some were even gossiping while I just smiled..after the introduction,,we enter the car and jackson started the phone suddenly started ringing..the caller was ada…why will she call..I quickly picked it..

Ada: jason am in trouble *crying*

Me: what?

Ada: a man came to log in my hotel last night,,it was his dead body we saw this morning..*crying heavily*

Me: calm down ada..where are you right now?

Ada: in the police station..*still crying*

Me: stop crying okay,,I’ll be there as soon as possible..send me the location..

Ada: okay..

She sent the location and I told jackson what was happening..we later zoomed off heading to the police station..we entered immediately on getting there..I was directed to the dpo office..I rushed inside to see ada sitting before a young man of about 29,,dark skinned though very tall with big and dark eyebrow..ada stood and hugged me still crying..I calmed her down and sat..

Dpo: I am david..

Me: I am jason..

David: I brother told me about you..

Me: your brother?

David: mr lincoln is my blood brother..

What?..there are many things I didn’t even know about this family

David: the dead body was examined..and it was revealed the man was poisoned..seems there are people wanting the fall of my brother because all the staff has been thoroughly interrogated and no one seems to know anything about the case..the hotel should have been closed by now but due to my help its still active..but we have to find the culprit and the evidence soon..

I thank david and we exchange contact..I and ada later exited the police station,,I watched her as she enter her car..though she wanted me to follow her but I assured her everything will be okay..she later zoomed off and I called jackson..we also entered then head home while I was thinking who it might be..a call then landed on my phone and it was david..

Me: hello sir..

David: just call me david..

Me: okay,,whatsup..any news?

David: I don’t want to say this in ada’s presence..if these people are after the fall of my brother then you must be really careful..these people are dangerous..

Me: thank you david..

David: what are friends for..feel free to call me anytime..

Me: okay *hang up*

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I updated jackson and we tried to think of who it might be but we can’t think of anybody..on getting home..I alighted then went straight inside..I entered to see becca sitting on the couch pressing her phone..this is the opportunity to ask why I deserved that hot slap..I cleared my throat then sat beside her though she ignored me..

Becca: mr bleeper..*finally speaks*

Hearing this sent shock and fear to my body..what?..

Me: do you m..ean? *i stammered*

Becca: I was about knocking the door yesterday when I heard moans which I surely recognised as ada’s..thank God lizzy and jackson were arguing on who carries my luggage..I quickly knocked to prevent her from knowing,,coz I know the girl might die of heart attack..I was not so suprised when I saw its you and her alone in the sitting tell me you didn’t deserve the slap?*she shouted angrily*

What? she caught us..chaii..

Me: am so sorry

Becca: sorry?

*she stood to leave when I held her back,,she angrily removed her hand from my grasp*

Becca: I came here all the way from england because of you to see you like this..*tears fell from her eyes*

Me: what di..d y..o.u..m.ean *i stammered*

Becca: the truth is,,I am not angry because of lizzy,,I am angry because I was might be thinking I am stupid right..I fell in love with you seeing your pictures lizzy sent me..I viewed them everyday and night that I wanted to see you so badly..jason,,I love you..

She brought my head to hers and we started kissing..she was rubbing my chest while I was squeezing her very soft boobs..I gathered my strenght then pull out..

Me: am sorry..we shouldn’t be doing this and besides am in love with your sister..I can’t do this..

I gave her no chance to reply and ran upstairs..I entered my room then heaved a sigh..I changed to a simple cloth then jumped on my bed..I launch my laptop browser wanting to check the latest news to see the shock of my life..there is a latest and trending news about the man that died in mr lincoln’s hotel and the suspect is me..what?..I dialed david number but not reacheable..I ran downstairs and told becca I’ll be right back..I stormed out then entered the car not bother calling jackson..I finally exited the house..

a silver camry followed me as soon as I took off..before I could think of anything,,I was overtook and connered..two mens alighted and they both aimed at me..before I could do anything..I felt two bullets entered my body and everything went blank