My Life As a Teacher Episode 16


I gradually began opening my blurry vision later became clearer and I found myself on the hospital bed and lizzy sitting beside me crying profusely..she shouted immeditely she saw my eyes opened and hugged me..that’s when I knew,jackson and ada was also there in the hospital..we later disengaged..I then managed to sit smiling supporting my back with a pillow..

Lizzy: what really happened?

Me: its a long story..

Ada: welcome back jason *she gave a slight hug*

Jackson: welcome back boss..*i shook him*

Lizzy: you are out for 4days..I thought you are can I live without you..

Me: I can never leave me..

We kissed till the doctor walked inside..he smiled when he saw me..

Doctor: I can’t believe this..this is really a miracle..

He later tested me and confirmed I am now okay and will be discharged later walked out and ada went out with him to settle the bills..jackson gave me my phone and I told him to go prepare the car as the time already gone (5:42pm)..lizzy also followed jackson to prepare food for me as am gravely hungry..I was wondering who it was that want me dead..david call later landed on my phone and I quickly picked it..

David: jason,,is it really are alive?..thank goodness

Me: guy na my mama prayer wey dey work ontop of my head oo..

David: am really so happy..but who is it you think might want you dead?

Me: I can’t think of anyone..but it seems its those that poisoned that man..

David: that’s why I told you to becareful..I know they will be after you..

Me: I see one news wey dem talk say na me be the suspect..

David: na only rumour,no mind those petty weytin dem no see dem dey post..guy I go call you later..

Me: ok bro..

Now I finally have friend..I locked my phone then laid on my bed..later in the night..the nurses came to check on me though I can hear them saying its a miracle I survived and am handsome,,blah,blah..they later left and suddenly I began hearing sound of shoe heading towards me..I was scared,though I still hope its lizzy coz am so hungry..the person opened the door..and because the room is dark as those nurses already turned the light off..I began tracing my phone with my finger in fear and suddenly the light was turned on..I was more than suprise to see becca..she was wearing a very short skirt holding a black nylon..

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Me: you scared me..

Becca: I did that on is your body? *she sat beside me*..

Me: I would have ran away if my body is okay..

She bursted to laughter while I managed to sit resting my back on the pillow with her help..

Becca: you have become more handsome..

Me: what?..then I think I need two more bullets..

*She laughed again*

Becca: you are so funny..

She dug her hands in the polythene-bag and brought out my favourites..joll-of-rice and chicken plus lemon stomach vibrated immediately that I can’t stop licking my lips..

Becca: I know you must be hungry..

Me: but how did you know my favourite?

Becca: lizzy told me..I told you I know everything about you even the size of your..*she pointed at my stick*

What?..the size of my stick?..chaii..I made to eat myself when she insisted she will be the one to feed me..I agreed after much arguement,,she started feeding but I was really not enjoying it..coz am so hungry..the door later opened and I was shocked to see lizzy though was suprise as rebecca just continued feeding me even when she saw her twin sister..lizzy then walked towards us also holding a nylon which I surely knew if was food.

Lizzy: what ar..e you doing here becca? *she stammered*

Becca: am doing this in your stead..I think you must be tired after crying for 4days and not even sleep or eat..

Lizzy: am not tired,,thank you..

Becca: oh,am sorry if this anger you..I just thought I should help..

She stood up and lizzy satdown

Becca: I’ll be on my way now..see you tomorrow jason *she winked at me then walked outside*

Lizzy: is there something between you and becca?

Me: hell no..

She fed me her food while we kissed several times..we chatted till i fell asleep.

I called jackson to come pick her up though she insisted she will sleep with me in the hospital but I refused.. jackson later arrived..our lip met again and this time the kiss lasted longer than before..we later broke off and she left though I still can see in her eyes she don’t want to leave and I also did not want her to leave,,but I have no choice..

Jackson helped me switched the light off before they went out and I immediately drifted to deep slumber..I suddenly began hearing sound of shoe heading towards me again in a very swift motion,,its getting closer..though still closed my eyes but I was so scared..its getting really louder until it finally heart beating was louder and faster and I was not breathing properly..I suddenly felt a hand strangling my neck,,I shouted “help” with all my strenght and nurses rushed inside..they quickly turned on the light but I was suprise to see there is no one except the nurses..what?