My Girl-Episode 17



Sean stares from Tonia and then to Megan… his eyebrows raised.

“Look I just don’t like you, and I don’t like that you seem to be showing up at my daughter’s school-”

“My company supplies her school and other schools uniforms among other things my company does. So that’s not creepy” he cuts her off

“And reporting me and then showing up at my house, who gave you my address? And you think this is not creepy? It’s not scream-worthy?” Megan points at him

“I came to apologize, I had to go all out to find out but that’s not the point, I came to apologize… that is all. I am not a creep, nor someone harmful. I am just a guy who knows he went too far, messed up and am trying to make things right… that’s all. But I keep feeling this vibe like.. like there is something more to this but I don’t know what,’s Tonia right? How come she knows me?’’ he points to Tonia

Tonia blinks, she stammers “Megan told me about the asshole who reported her to child services and all” she looks at Kiki who is staring up at her

“Close your ears Kiki” Megan says, Kiki obeys

“The asshole! wow okay. I get I deserve that but how did you know I was the one, not like she had a picture of me on her wall or something to throw darts at for you to see to put a name and a face together, something doesn’t fit”’ he says

Megan and Tonia exchange looks

“’Well I erm”’ Megan began

“I was there. I had come to pick Megan that day, because she called me so I saw you leaving and then she pointed to you, that is why“’

“Look it doesn’t matter, you said you came to apologize right, okay fine now you can leave and you don’t ever need to come back here” Megan stated

“Wow, you do hate me a lot don’t you?”’

“You have no idea how I feel, you don’t, I don’t like you Sean O’Conner, I don’t and the more I see you the more anger fills me and I don’t want that negative vibe close to my daughter… its only right that I ask that you don’t come close to her… or I will have to go to the police”

Sean opens his eyes and then closes it..

“Fine, whatever you say”’ he sighs

“Mummy, can I take my hands off my ears now?” Megan nods..

Sean nods and steps away from the room, heading out..

“Mummy,is he leaving?”

“yes baby”’ she says to kiki “I hope forever” more to Tonia than to kiki



“Well?” Zachary slid into the car as Sean puts the car on drive. His suit was thrown to the back of the car

“It was a disaster. It felt like she was going to fling a stool my way. I don’t get it you know” Sean runs his hands through his hair

“Oh well, that woman doesn’t want no apology, don’t want you near her kid. Dude, just stay away. Why does it bother you?”’

“Really, I don’t know okay. It doesn’t make any sense. Yes I overstepped but it was an honest mistake and I wanted to apologize but she was spitting fire. I just want to know what’s wrong okay. She says she hates me”

“With good reason, it was her daughter dude, any parent would hate someone who takes her case to child services”

“’Zach, look this feels more than that but that’s fine, it doesn’t matter”

“Yes, good we agree that it doesn’t matter”’

“’No I mean, I will change that”’

“Is this the part where you do something dumb Sean O’conner?”’

“’No no, I am a charmer Zachary, a charmer, if she hates me, I just have to make her like me”

Zachary shakes head “To what end?”

“None actually. Everyone wins. I don’t get to walk down the street and meet her one day and she turns her nose, we get to be civil towards each other and I must admit, her daughter kiki is a pretty little girl. Something warm and innocent about her, she’s funny too and smart”’

“Kids are easily bought” Zachary laughs

“I wasn’t buying the kid, I was being nice and she did tell me what her mother’s favorite flower was, and stood up for me by telling her mum that I was he is my friend”

“Awww…. if I didn’t know better I would say Sean likes the little girl, see how you are smiling””

“I love kids and she looks like a great kid” Sean smiles

“Just don’t fall for her mother, is she hot? I know you said she fine but she hot… like hot?’’

Sean screws up his face as they pull into the mall “Well…I think she is better than hot. I’ll say beautiful if she drops all those raw bitter atitude and resentments towards me, I think we could be friends” he says coming down and locking the car.

“hmm” Zachary walks into the mall as they are suddenly engulfed by a dozen other people “so what movie are we seeing?Fantastic beast and where you find them ? Allied? Or Moana?’’ he says getting to the stand where the fliers was placed for the movies, where a few people were in already. A group of guys leaves the stand leaving a few people staring at the flies

“Erm… Fantastic beast and where you find them maybe.”

“Allied!!’’ Zachary picks



“Mummy, can we watch Moana?” Kiki takes the flier and peers inside they were in front while a couple of guys covered them, they stepped away making room for them as they leave

“Sure kiki! Let’s go get a ticket and then popcorn okay..” Megan took her daughter’s hands turning. Kiki had been talking about the movies all week, today she decided to give her a treat

“yay!!’’ kiki jumps clapping, then as they turn, kiki squeals letting go of her hands

“Kiki, what wait!!’’ Megan stops quickly to hold on to her daughter but she quickly runs going to stand, tugging at a stranger’s jacket

“Kiki!!!’’Megan calls out

Kiki tugs the strangers jacket again,smiling.



“Erm, Sean you have a little monster tugging at the helm of your jacket” Zachary turns to see a little girl behind Sean

Sean frowns turning when he felt the tug again, then when he sees her, his face breaks into a smile, he goes to her level “hello princes Kiki” he says

“You left, am not happy with you” she folds her arms and pouts, shaking from side to side

“Sorry, your mummy wasn’t so happy with me so I had to leave.Forgive me?’’

She nods

“Let’s shake on it” he gives her his hands she places her small hand in it.

“Where is your mother?”

“Kiki!!’’ Megan is behind her, her face a mask of anger

“Kiki, come here” she stretches her hand out to kiki,

“Mummy is still angry with you” she says turning to go to her mother, Sean straightens up, Zachary whistles .

“The little monster’s mother is hella sexy fine..Sean” he whispers to Sean

“’You jerk, you didn’t tell me how fine she was, damn!!’’

“Shut up Zachary” Sean nudges him

“You keep showing up don’t you?”  Megan voices to Sean

“’Coincidence Megan’’

“’Hi, I am Zachary Spiff, my friend lacks proper home training to introduce me to a beautiful lady such as yourself, nice to meet you. You have such a beautiful amazing little daughter” Zachary touches kiki’s hair and pulls her cheeks

Sean stares at him “You said she was a little monster just now and now you are gushing over her?”

“Shut up” Zachary says nudging Sean away, Kiki giggles

“Anyways, you are totally beautiful, a perfect creation of God, I am happy to meet you” he stretches his hands towards Megan who stares ignores it

“Come kiki, let’s go get our tickets” She pulls kiki along with her

“We are going to watch Moana, see you Uncle Sean” she waves, Sean waves back

“Damn!!! She fine, after one kid and she looks like that? I would marry her man” Zavhary stares at them leaving

Sean slaps his head “Get your head out your ass Zachary. Let’s go get our tickets, action is this way, Allied starts soon” Sean says turning, staring one last time at Megan and kiki.. he begins to walk the opposite way

“’Nonsense!!! I pick Moana”’ Zachary says going after Megan and Kiki

“What??’’ Sean turns around to see Zachary already heading towards Megan and kiki, he sighs.



“Can I watch Moana and have Popcorn?” kiki screams from the floor

The lady at the counter had to bend to see her, she laughs…” Right away kiddo, how many?

“Two!!’’ kiki screams,she laughs


Megan smiles fishing for her wallet.

“We’ll have two more tickets and three large popcorns, drinks in that order” Zachary comes beside them, smiling down at kiki who stares at him funny, Megan ignores Zachary. He turns to Sean who is appears behind him, whispering “give me your credit card”’

“what?” Sean whispers “Why?’’

“’Dude, just give it, what’s the code?”’



“Sir, Madam?” the lady hands them their order

“’Wait, I will handle the bill” Zachary tells Megan as she hands the lady cash, he swipes Sean’s card and punches in the number “What’s the total bill?”’ he asks the lady

“About $48 Sir”’

“I can pay my bill” Megan snaps handing the money to the lady

“Oops, too late” Zachary punches in the sum bill and then waited as a receipt is printed…” Already paid for”’ he says smiling as the lady tears out the receipt handing it to him,he felt mighty proud of himself,

“Here ma’ám” the woman smiles apologetically at Megan and hands her back her money

“Thank you!” Kiki says holding onto her mother, they walk away

“What are you doing?” Sean nudges Zachary as they enter into the cinema room

“What do you think?”” he hands him back his card “Making a move” He says,

“You can’t’”

“’Why not? Not like you are interested are you? I mean you aren’t right?’’

“No but… dude come on, don’t. She don’t need some un-serious dude, she is a single mum, don’t you think she deserves someone who is ready to commit not you who jumps from skirt to skirt!”

“Ouch! That hurts but I can be serious for that body and all, even like the little monster, she’s pretty. We would have pretty kids” Zachary slid’s besides Megan as she takes a sit causing Sean to be quiet.