My Girl-Episode 16


Sean raises up his head when the door opens expecting to see Megan but he sees someone else instead and she happens to know who he is.. Strange! And he doesn’t know her either.

“’I am sorry, do I know you and how do you know my name?’’ he says puzzled, he looks around, this was the house and the number that Teacher Divine gave him, but who was this lady and how come she knows him, something wasn’t adding up.. he frowns.. “how did you know my name?”’

Tonia swallows “’I- I erm”” she stutters

“Uncle!!!!!!!” Kiki squeals jumping from the chair and rushing to the door, she is grinning from ear to ear and she is breathing hard from jumping’’ Did you bring the flowers, is that for mummy?”she asks dropping her voice as though trying to whisper and pointing to the bag he held

Sean smiles when he sees her, he bends to her level, he is nodding

“hmmhum! White lilies, just like you told me and something else, do you think she would forgive me for being… bad to her?’’ he asks

Kiki bends her head to the side as though thinking, folds one hand to her side and then taps her small jaw with her index finger with another hand.. “Well if you apologize from the heart and show her you are really sorry, she will. Mummy forgives me a lot when I am bad when I am trully sorry and I tell her I won’t do it again, I promise too”’ she says.. “oh,what are those?’’ she points to the others in the bag “doesn’t look like just white lilies”

“Well, they are-“’

“’Tonia, Kiki, who is at the door?” Megan calls coming out of the kitchen with the last tray of samosa

Tonia is still dumbstruck… “It’s ..its erm..Kiki’s..erm…” she trails off moving away from the door so Megan sees,

Megan freezes for a second when she sees who was there, then anger replaces her shocked expression, her eyes turning to daggers ready to throw knives

“’Mummy, he brought you white lilies, he is really sorry, can he stay? Pleaseeeee!!”’ kiki begs

“’Hello Megan Phillips” Sean says straightening up.

“GET OUT, NOW!!!!’’’Megan breaths



He wouldn’t move, why did he come here, how did he know where we stay.

Oh God, why did he come here, why are you letting the devil to come and take the only think most important in my life..

Why did he come back to town Lord, why did Sean O’çonner come back to town and why is he showing up in my face and now my house?

Why the hell was Sean here?

Megan is staring at the door… “what the hell do you want? Get out! leave now. Please I beg you”’ She says dropping the tray. Everyone turns to look at her then at the door, some even standing to peer outside

Tonia looks around… “Erm Megan”’ she began

“Look, I am so sorry Megan and if you give me a chance I’ll tell you how sorry I am. Look I messed up I know, I just want to apologize, please”

“I don’t need your apologizes, it’s a couple of years late for that”

Sean frowns, there is was again, that feeling that she is saying one thing and meaning another


Tonia coughs “Erm..Megan, guests..are waiting.”’ Tonia says indicating the curious stares

“I don’t want him here”

“Look I bought you some flowers and-”

“I don’t care what you brought, I just want you to leave, leave us alone is that hard for you to understand?” she snaps

“Mummy, he said he is sorry, he really did get you white lilies, they are your favourite, please let Uncle stay please, he is my friend and I don’t have friends please mummy, I promise to keep him out of trouble”

Kiki clasps her hands together

“Let the young man stay Megan, he looks harmless besides whatever he did I am sure he is sorry”a woman gets up walking towards the door, touching kiki’s cheeks and smiling at Sean

“’You have no idea what he has done” Megan states,her flashing

“Well, I am sure it’s not so bad… besides to forgive is divine, it’s not nice to turn away someone who came bearing gifts and an apology Megan” The woman continues

“I don’t need it I just want him out of my house and away from my daughter” Megan walks towards the door, holding kiki and trying to tug her in, Tonia moves away but the lady doesn’t

“Come on Meg, there is no harm in him staying, really, he seems sorry” another lady joins in, soon half the room, was pleading on his behalf

“You-you all don’t understand” she sounded hurt

“Talking helps” the first lady says.. “Come in young man, she won’t bite” She tells Sean, Sean doesn’t move, he is staring at Megan. It was her house, not theirs, so she should have the final say, not them, he really was sorry.

“Megan… let it be for now” Tonia says

“Please mummy” Kiki says tugging her hand

It felt as though everyone ganged up against her, if she kept at it, it would ruin the mood of everyone else, despite her being ruined. She blinks back tears threatening to fall… “Fine whatever! kiki… go wash your hands and come have a pie”’

If he has to stay, he wasn’t coming close to her daughter. She walks away into the kitchen, she heard kiki squeal in excitement as she storms back into the kitchen in anger.



Megan ignores  him throughout, yet it seemed everyone seemed to like him, especially Kiki, no matter how much she tried to separate them, they still found a way to either sit with each other, or he says something and she laughs at the corner of the room.

The flower and a bag of items he brought was on the table, she had ignored it when he gave it to her, Tonia had taken it, thanking him for being generous.

They were done with the discussion class and everyone seemed to be having fun but her, well how could she, she was in the same room with the boy turned man who denied fathering her child after college and four years later his daughter is seating next to him and he has not the darnedest idea and all she wanted to do is use her heel on his head to tell him how angry she is, for the suffering and the pain she went through alone but she couldn’t.


He would never know about kiki, never!.

They were playing “tell the act’’ Megan declined to play and let the others do so, to distract herself and not tempted to fling empty trays at him, she goes to the kitchen telling Tonia to keep her eye out on kiki and Sean and make sure they aren’t alone.

As she leaves, Sean was pressed “Hey Kiki, do you happen to know where I can visit the little boys?” she giggles

“We don’t have little boys here, just little girls” Kiki giggles

“Oh right, silly me, well can you point it to me?”’

“I’ll show you” she takes his hand and leads him to the toilet and then stands away.. “Mummy says to always flush”

“Mummy is very… precise”

“If you mean correct? Yes”

Sean smiles and gets into the toilet, he comes out later to head back out to the living room, he stops when he hears voices, it felt as though people were arguing, when he gets closer, it is Megan and the lady who happened to know him. He almost forgot, he should ask her how she knew him, or was it just a coincidence?



“I don’t care Tonia, i don’t. I can’t have him here nor close to her, what if by some mere intuition he finds out about her?’’

“That kiki is his child? He can’t, and the way you are acting is making people ask questions. Look, I think you should just tell him, he keeps showing up Meg, it should mean God is giving you a chance to say it so all wrongs can be righted”’

“’Never I will ever tell Sean O’Conner that Kiki-“’

“Tell me what?” Sean says pushing the door open… “what about Kiki? What don’t you want to tell me?” he frowns,

Tonia and Megan turn quickly in shock, Megan quickly composes herself  “it’s not enough that you report people, now you eavesdrops on their conversations too?’’ Megan says but her lips wavers.

Oh God tell me he didn’t hear! She bites her lips

“I am sorry, I was passing from the toilet but why were you both talking about kiki and me?’’

Tonia stares at Megan, who shakes her head telling her to be quiet, Tonia is talking… “That kiki is –“

“A princess!!!’’ Kiki bursts into the room…” Mummy see,Uncle bought me a tiara and a bracelet, and I will be a Cinderella” she shows her mother the items  “And a phone…wheeeee!! I never had those, thank you Uncle”  she hugs Sean’s legs, he pulls her and smiles

“Not, just kiki, but princess Kiki” he says helping her wear the bracelet and puts the tiara on her head

“Give it back Kiki”’ Megan says

“Megan, let the her have a little peace of happiness please. Look I had no right to meddle or report and I am sorry, why are you making it difficult to do that? Why do I have a feeling that you hate me from long ago and not just now? What is it?” Sean asks

“Because I do”’

“’Wow! okay why… or tell me what I did that was so bad to have you treat an apologetic man with disdain, I doubt it’s more than the social services case”’

Tonia and Megan’s eyes rests on Kiki for a second and then back at him. Tonia looks at Megan, pleading with her eyes that she telLs him. Kiki is playing, She  is happy with her gifts

“Well?” Sean asks  “Are you going to tell me what all this is about, why do you hate me?”

“Because –“’ Megan began