My Girl-Episode 18



Megan is furious, not only has her evening being ruined, now she has to seat with Sean and his friend who is hellbent on getting her attention.

“Don’t talk to them kiki” she warns. She looks ahead, the hall was already filled, she looks behind, more people had occupied it already. She sees Sean crossing to sit on the other side, at least he wasn’t seating next to her, but now he was next to kiki who was smiling at him. And the other person is next to her, saying things she didn’t care to listen.

She stuffs popcorn into her mouth in anger… maybe she should leave with Kiki but then kiki would throw a tantrum, she had waited for this treat all week.

She sighs.

Breath Megan, just breath.

She tries to ignore them, Zachary or whatever his name was was asking her for a date and how he is this and that…

“Would you please stop talking!”she snaps

“’shhhhhhh!!!’’ someone hisses form the back, “keep your voice down””

“You ssshhhh too!!” Megan turns to where the voice is coming from… then she back around

Oh lord help that I don’t slam my fist into his face ..

“So beautiful, how about dinner?” Zachary pouts up his best charm, Megan rolls her eyes.



Sean is staring at Megan and Zachary, wondering why he seemed unsettled about Zachary trying to hit on Megan.

Well, he wasn’t interested in her but still, he knew Zachary was just interested in her body and good looks, and it shouldn’t bother him but it did.

And it didn’t make sense.

“”Uncle Sean” kiki taps his hands.

Sean turns to her “Yes Kiki?”

“Your friend talks too much” she says pinching her nose

Sean laughs “that he does” touching her nose. “So Kiki I want to ask you something about your mummy”’

“Okay” kiki’s brows furrows

“Did she throw away the flowers I got her?”’

“Well, I told aunt Tonia to help me with a vase and I put them in and she helped me set it on the table, mummy wasn’t too happy with it but I told her it made the room look and smell nice, she didn’t like it either but she didn’t throw it out ”

Sean smiles

“Uncle Sean?”

“Yes Kiki?”

“Why are you picking out the nuts from the popcorn?’’

He looks down to notice he did just that “force of habit, plus I don’t like peanuts” he says “you want them?” he says passing it to her

“No” Kiki shakes her head, showing him hers “I don’t like nuts either, it causes my throat to itch me”

“Me too” he says

“Kiki, you wanted to watch Moana, so watch Moana” Megan snaps..

Kiki turns to Sean,placing her finger to her lips “Uncle Sean,cSshhhhhhh”

He gives her a thumbs sign and settles back, he looks sideways… whatever Zachary was saying to her, Megan didn’t seem in the bit interested and for some reason he felt at ease.



Megan didn’t wait for “the end” on the screen before pulling kiki out with her, and disappearing through the crowd of people leaving the cinema, Kiki kept looking behind her

“’Kiki I told you not to talk to him,you aren’t listening to me”’

“’But mummy ,he is my friend”’

“He isn’t, He isn’t anybody’s friend okay. Please listen to mummy because all I want to do is protect and keep you safe”’

“’Is Uncle Sean a bad man, will he hurt me, is that why you don’t like him mum?”’

What could she say to make her understand, she was still too little “Don’t talk to people mummy doesn’t want you to talk to okay”’

Kiki doesn’t answer, she bows her head and walks into the car pouting as Megan shuts the door behind her and goes into the driver’s side, turning on the car. It wouldn’t start..


After ten minutes she knew it was uselesss, the bloody car wouldn’t start’’

“You need help?’’ Sean meets the scene


“Car won’t start” Kiki says from inside the car, Megan throws her a look, Kiki grows silent.

“I didn’t talk to him, I just answered a question mummy” she threw her hands up and flexes her shoulders

“I can take a look at it” Sean says stepping forward..

“Look I don’t need your help” she says turning on the ignition again, nothing.

“He knows a thing or two about cars beautiful” Zachary says coming to stand at the door

“I swear the next time you call me beautiful I will scream, it’s Megan. Just don’t talk to me please. Thank you but we are fine, we would manage”’

“But how would we go home mummy? Are we going to walk home?’’ Kiki holds her face thinking

“Kiki, relax okay, mummy will handle it”

Sean and his friend watches as she slips out of the car opens the car-hood, smoke comes out of it, choking her, she clears the smoke coughing,“Ouch!!’’ she exclaims as she touches something immediately putting her hand in her mouth, Sean and Zachary rush to her, Sean grabs her hand

“Are you okay?”’ he looks at it frowning

“Let go off me, I am fine!” she pulls her hands away, Zachary reaches for her hand and she pulls it away too. “I am fine!!!”’

“Okay!!’’ Sean turns to the car, checking “Good news is that you car isn’t fried, bad news is that you can’t use it tonight, it is hitting up, when last did you service the car?”’

“I don’t know.A while”’

“’Well, you definitely can’t drive it, come I’ll take you both home, I’ll come pick your car up tomorrow and get it fixed’’

“I don’t want you doing me favors,we would take a taxi home and I’ll come get my car”

“It’s late,you have a four year old kid, you’re a lady… you expect us to leave you both hanging here pending when you get a cab? Come on Megan, it’s about to rain, I am harmless. Please,think of kiki“’

“Really Megan,you can’t be out here with a child this late though, let‘s take you home” Zachary winks, one way or the other she would give him her number and then he can invite her for a night cap

Kiki yawns.. “Mummy, I am sleepy” she says from the car..

“Megan?” Sean pleads

“’Fine, whatever!’’ she gets to the car, picks her bag and then carries Kiki who hugs her, she locks her car, and then she walks behind Sean and Zachary who is smiling stupidly at her.



It began to rain, the main road was blocked, he follows another way and he gets to Zachary’s house first.

“Dude..first stop, really? Tell me you aren’t trying to get me out of the car so that you can strike a game with the monster kid’s hot mum?” Zachary leans to Sean whispering..

“’Dude, it isn’t like that.We are at your house so you have to drop, I take them home and I get home” he whispers back…” And I ain’t looking to score a game, dude she isn’t a game, and she ain’t one of those ladies you play with, she got a kid dude”’

“Hmmm, just saying. I mean she wouldn’t give me her number or wants to go out with me? I am super hot”

“Maybe she is super not interested. Dude, come on, I gatto go” They were whispering

Zachary sighs… “Okay”’ he turns to Megan who has Kiki on her thighs asleep “bye beautiful” he calls out, but Megan’s eyes were closed too.

“Later dude” Sean alights.

As Sean drives off, he realises that Megan and her daughter were fast asleep. When he gets to her house, he gets out and then runs to the back… using his jacket to shield from the heavy rain.. “Megan, we are here””

She stirs waking up… “oh it’s heavier”’ she says staring out

“’Yes, let me help you with Kiki and make a run for it to the house..”’

She begins to hesitate and then she realised that the front floor to her door gets slippery, she could fall with kiki, she sighs letting go of the sleeping kiki as he carries her out of the car, using his jacket to shield her and makes a run for her house, she follows.

He was dripping wet standing waiting for her to find her key as he holds kiki tight, as she opens her door, he brushes past her into the house and then stands with in the middle of the room, kiki stirs awake

“Mummy are we home?”

“’Ýes baby’’

Suddenly both Sean and Kiki sneezes the same time… then again.

Then again.

Megan exclaims “OH NO!”