My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 6


Me: Miracle!!
I shouted, i couldn’t believe she was the one. I thought it was my Stephanie dat came. But why is she here na? Me i no want problem oo.

Miracle: are you not happy to see me?

Me: of course i am happy. Infact, i am over delighted.

Hmm, waiting for this year award of who lie pass.

Miracle: good, i brought something for you.

Me: *toor she don catch me be dat oo, i no dey use food play at all* whats it?
I said.

She opened her bag. Wow, she bought many things for me ranging from suya to hollandia to milk to energy drinks and lots more.

Me: wow, thank you very much. Where will i start from now because these things are too much.

Miracle: don’t worry, start from the suya.

She said. No problem, i like am. I raised my hand to carry one but she quickly shoved my hand aside.

Me: i thought you said you bought it for me?

Miracle: yes but you can’t use your bare hand in eating it na, pepper might touch your hand and there is no water nearby.

Me: *na true oo* ok give me toothpick.

Miracle: relax Idris, i want to feed you myself.

Me: *my head exploded* huh!!

Miracle: yes na, don’t be naive.

Well no problem sha. After all, its part of the hospital treatment.

Me: ok go ahead.

She picked one and stylishly put it in my mouth. Chaiii, suya wey girl give you dey sweet pass the one wey you dey eat by yourself.

Na so she carry am near my mouth, if i want take am she go draw the suya back and we go laugh.

She kept giving me the suya while she will just take one occasionally. After we ate the suya finish, she opened one energy drink for me while i stood up to drink it..

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Me: *stretching my hand* let me take it..

Miracle: no you won’t, am going to give it to you myself.

Wetin dey worry her na, “no you won’t” i don tire for this Ajebo children self.

She came closer to me this time and while she was giving me the energy drink, she used her left hand in rubbing my head.

Now una know say drink dey sweet but the one wey dey sweet pass na the one wey girl give you but the overall sweetest na when she come dey rub your head.

I just dey busy dey gulp the bottle. Then her hand digress, she carry her hand come down to my back. First move up and second move down.

Soon she began to rub my back. Behold my brethren, that was when i know the true meaning of this una church song


Death na b—–d. So if to say i die now who for they enjoy this things. Double reloaded enjoyment at once. Suya plus head rub plus energy drink plus back rub is what we call VIP treatment.

I just dey drink when door open, Stephanie just waka enter inside. I no even hear the sound of her car. I no even know say she dey my front, i just dey drink!
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