Whatever It Takes-Episode 27


It was Sunday. Boat and Esenam were in the backyard. Boat was washing and Esenam was tending to his mini garden. The house phone rang. Boat ran inside to get it. It was Elder Asare. He told Boat that they were not able to get through to Esenam’s father. He also told him about contacting Naana for Esenam. He mentioned that Naana said she would be thrilled to host Esenam if only she would forgive her for hurting her the last time.

“Do you have any idea what Naana was talking about? I mean how did Naana hurt Esenam?” Elder Asare asked.

“I would rather not get into that right now, Dad. I’ll give Esenam the news.” Boat answered.

“Kindly inform Esenam that her Dad asked to see her alone in their house at noon today.” Elder Asare added.

“I will do that, Dad. I’ll see you later and tell you what happened with Naana.” Boat placed the handset in its holder and felt sad immediately. He stood in the living-room in deep thought.

“God, why do I feel like something is being taken away from me? I know she’s been here for a short time but I’ve grown used to seeing her first thing in the morning and I want that to continue till eternity. Have I fallen in love with her? God, is this real love? I have to let her go for now. I’ll sure win her love and heart. I think I love her and I know I can’t live without her.” Boat said to himself.

Esenam walked in to find Boat talking to himself and wondered what might have caused it. She thought she heard the phone ring a while ago. She asked him if there was a problem. Boat answered in the negative.

“Elder Asare called. There was no breakthroughs with your Dad yesterday. I’m so sorry Esenam.” Esenam was speechless. She had hoped they would make a headway with her Dad and she could finally go home. Living apart from her family was really telling on her. She did not feel like going to Church but Boat encouraged her to go. Boat’s heart went to her when he saw her sadness and despair. He saw the tears in her eyes and pulled her towards him to comfort her. Esenam’s tears wet his T-shirt in the shoulder area.

“Elder Asare also mentioned that Naana was ready to take you in.” Boat supplied.


“Yes Esenam. I know you have mixed feelings about her but it would only be for a few weeks. I promise I’ll come and see you every day if that would make you comfortable. I love having you here but you know it is not right. We don’t want our neighbours to think bad of us, do we?”

“I guess not. I guess I have no choice now, do I? As you said it would only be for a short while. Besides, Naana would be out of the house most of the time. I just pray that this wouldn’t be a permanent arrangement. I’ll give it a try but do keep your promise; I’d love to see you every day too.”

“Yes, I will keep my promise and don’t lose faith, Esenam; it would only be for a short while. If things don’t change then we can think of getting you a place so that you could have some privacy. Tell me when you are ready to leave for Naana’s place.” Boat added.

“Okay, there is no rush, is there? I kind of like it here and left to me I would like to be here than at Naana’s; but I can’t have it like that so let’s say we leave late in the evening. If that’s okay with you.” Esenam said.

“That’s fine with me. And one more thing; your Dad asked to see you alone at noon today.”

“Really? I hope he’s changed his mind and I can go back home. That would save me the trouble of being a burden to Naana.”

“Don’t get your hopes up Esenam. It will certainly be good news if your Dad changed his mind and let you move back home but it could be otherwise too. Just be calm and let God direct things. I don’t want to see you get hurt. I care that much.”

Esenam admitted her Dad was not the type that changed his mind overnight about decisions he makes. She, however, held on to the hope that she would be going back home. She trusted God would make that happen if He wanted to. She desperately needed to go back home. She loved it when she was surrounded by her family. She loved them dearly. She missed them so much. She yearned to go back home even if it was just to listen to Elorm making fun of her or her Daddy having the final say in everything. She wondered if she should give it all up and go back home. Things would go back to how they were and there would be peace again.

She played with that thought for a while and realized she did not want to go back to Akwasi. She did not love him anymore and wondered if her Dad would ever accept that.

“I know you love your family very much. And I also know that it would be very difficult for you if you have to live apart from them. Let’s pray and keep our fingers crossed. Everything will work out perfectly. Never stop trusting in God. He always makes a way when there seem to be no way. He would never forsake you, Esenam. I want to finish up with the washing so that we can head for Church.”

“Okay, I will get some breakfast ready.”

Esenam and Naana, hmmmm

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